Blackthorn Morgana Feedback (PLEASE, FIX THE SKIN!)

Hello! Like everyone else in here I have been waiting for the Kayle & Morgana rework for quite some time now, especially Morgana. Everything looks nice and all but I have huge problems with the Blackthorn Morgana skin. Hello! Like everyone else in here I have been waiting for the Kayle & Morgana rework for quite some time now, especially Morgana. Everything looks nice and all but I have huge problems with the Blackthorn Morgana skin. This skin has been always special to me and I have always wanted this skin to get an update. I just can't describe how much I care for this skin. Like, IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME. I mean yeah, I guess it always looked a little bad I mean it was an old skin but I love the theme. I liked what it could be rather than what it was I guess. I knew that one day she would get a rework and this skin would end up being the best one. I always believed in this skin lol. So, when I saw the new splash art I was amazed. Was not disappointed at all. But when I saw it in-game... It wasn’t what I had seen in the splash art.[/img] The skin looks beautiful but way different in the splash art. The skin's theme seems to have changed. It has more spring vibes than autumn now.[/img] And this is how it looks in-game. The colors are totally off. They're similar to the old. Definitely not the same colors as the splash art.[/img] lolol So I tried editing for the very first time so very very sorry, but if it's going to match the splash art it should look something similar to this one up here. I even tried to tweak the skin color a little, it was too green. I know the old one had a similar skin color but that doesn't mean it was good. It looks like she has plague. (The red hair is accidental. That is the only part I couldn’t really match the splash so I left it that way and I really don’t know how to fix it ksjdkd.)[/img] And here is a side by side comparison of all three. The in-game model doesn't look like the splash at all. And like I said, I don't know how to edit really but I tried my best. You just can't let this skin go live like this. I had so many expectations for such a long time for it. There has to be something you can do. * In the splash art the skin looks like an Elderwood skin which was exactly what I wanted this skin to be. But in-game it looks more like an Infernal or Dragon Sorceress skin. It's way too orange. Color wise the skin looks like the old one, yes. But the old, pre-rework version of the skin looked better with those branch like wings with leaves everywhere and with her old big dress that had thorns all over it. This new one doesn’t look like the old one at all. It looks too dragon-y with her new upper wings, and her new “tail” looking bottom wings don’t really help the situation neither. They look like a dragon tail. Viridian Kayle looks amazing both in-game and splash like a fairy or a forest spirit, and so should Morgana. Make the colors the same as in the splash or let the colors stay but give her the old wings back. Either the splash or the in-game model must be tweaked to match the other. * The skin seems to have lost all its autumn look. You guys removed the leaves on her wings and made them look like dragon wings. The leaves on her abilities are removed as well. Those leaves would even fall from her wings, giving her an amazing atmosphere. But like I said, the skin looks more spring-like now. If that's what it's supposed to be than match her colors to the splash. If not than give her the old wings back. This is how they looked:[/img] * It's a 1350rp skin, is it not? Then why the lack of effects. Nowadays even reworked cheap skins get incredible effects like Infernal Akali or Crabgot. Change the effect colors to pink-purple like in the splash art and add MORE leaves/pedals. Like make her W and E full of leaves and add black-dark brown thorns. The skin is literally called Blackthorn but they are nowhere to be seen. Effect wise the skin is worse than its pre-rework. It had more effects (leaves/pedals, thorns, roots) than now. It had leaves/pedals on E. The roots on R were bigger and more apparent. Now the glow effect is too much and it makes it hard to see the thorns. The old W was way better with those big, dark thorns around it. Effect wise the skin is a downgrade. If you guys are not going to make new effects than bring the old ones back because this is not what I paid for years ago. You guys just removed everything cool about the skin. * What happened to her death animation!?? That was the best thing about the skin. She would turn into leaves and fade away. You guys didn't even add the most important thing!!![/img] Apparently it has chromas now. (Yay!) You can actually see how good the skin looks in chromas like the blue one which I think looks like Elderwood LeBlanc. She looks like a beautiful fairy or a forest spirit. Maybe you could even make a red one similar to the current base model or the old one with the autumn theme for people who liked it as well, if the in-game colors are to change of course, and they are perfect. Overall what I am saying is that bring her old look (the wings/the dress) and theme back. There is an inconsistency with the in-game model and splash art. The in-game colors are incredibly off and make her look like some dragon lady, especially with her new wings and “tail”. They might be the old colors but those colors worked with her old look with all those leaves and thorns on her big dress and wings. Especially her old wings. They need to come back. The skin seem to be in a dilemma. Is she a dragon or a forest mage? Is her theme spring or autumn? Her looks say spring but the colors say autumn. If it's not going to look like the original one at least make it match the splash art and make her fit a theme. Her hair, dress and wings. All of them need a change in color to match the splash because right now the splash art is really deceiving. Either the in-game model or the splash art should be tweaked to match the other. And so are her ability colors. They also need MORE and BIGGER leaves/pedals, thorns and roots. The old ones were better. You could tell that there were at least actual forest effects. And I still can not believe you removed her death animation! It's like everything about the skin just downgraded. The skin is incredibly underwhelming in-game and it's saddening me. I am begging you at this point. PLEASE, FIX THE SKIN... Thanks. {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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