: > [{quoted}](name=Lunar Revel,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=jQxTEIqk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-04-18T06:08:53.670+0000) > > Let me quess, Teemo jungle, Karma jungle, Nunu top, Teemo support, Renekton mid, Malzahar jungle, Syndra support, Ahri ADC, Tristana mid, Twitch jungle, Zyra jungle are all troll picks too? Well, they are not. > > META is not a rule which tells how to play this game. Players are supposed to break the META and try new things every patch. If what I say wasn't true, then Blitzcrank or Taric wouldn't be supports, no one would play Nidalee in the jungle, Kog'maw and Corki wouldn't be AD carries, Quinn would never be played at all. I see teemo jg/support and nunu top all the time? and I'm willing to bet if you had a darius support and soraka jg on your team for **a ranked promo game **your opinion would be different. so stop bullshiting.
The percentage of picks you can ever consider "Troll" is really not even worth noting really cause it's so low. This is pbe and everyone is playing to enjoy the new game whether it's new champions in a role or items. I played Ap Xin mid on live and got to silver 1 with it. You shouldnt be so hard just because a pick was considered "troll" in your own opinion
: Draft Pick Is Unnecessary
Draft q is much better than blind, as people more averagely get what role and lane they want without having to do something they'd hate. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Could we make it so you won't get a dodge time if someone picks a troll pick?
That's kind of illegitimate cause they cant really process what is a troll pick or not. You are also the one who leaves if you dodge {{item:3070}}
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: PBE Unavailable (But no talk of maintence or ANYTHING from the alert spot)
The server is actually down, until november 3rd i assume for the new pbe. I have no clue if we need too resign up for pbe or if we get first dibs on it. Just a little heads up tho. They're reselecting players for pbe{{item:3070}}
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: [Nasus] - Siphoning Strike damage is not blocked by a Spell Shield
I mean but this i assume can be different scaling from farming rather than items more
: it is now fixed for me :D i pressed reconnect and it went to main page
i guess for some only?
: [BUG] Xin Zhao Q doesn't knock up
Yea, has been happening in Other servers as well as pbe i assume. Was pretty pissy about it just forgot to really report.
: It says I left a game but I didn't???
Everyone is having this problem, or more than you'd think. I assume rito is plannign to fix soon cause nobody can try pbe atm.
: Summoners, Thanks for the report. We have just been able to fix the issue. Please try again now. Riot Chesties {{champion:21}}
Im still not able to fix my client, do i need to repair? Says i need to reconnect to a ended game. {{item:3070}}
: Getting a "reconnect to game" when i never left one before i closed my client
: stuck at reconnect screen
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