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: Can't buy bonus
I have the same problem. I already reported it, I saw other users complaining but it seems that it is never neat
: Heya! I'll forward this report along. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I have the same problem. This happened days ago, I reported the bug, but it has not been resolved yet. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: When creating your account, RIOT specifically said that the PBE is a testing ground, not a live open gaming server. So all the optional work made on this platform should be kept as minimal as possible. It is made to test new stuff before sending it to the live servers, so they can't spend time making a whole page just for Portuguese players. If we go that way, then we should also have a German page, a Spanish page, and that would just be time wasting. Please read the posts RIOT makes before posting requests such as this.
I understand what you mean but we are talking about a translated web page not one served only BR, and something that can be done without much work. And we're talking about the biggest Moba of today that has a huge team behind. I think it's possible everyone has their "Bug Bug" pages translated into their respective languages, not just BR, and something that would help us and them in receiving player feedback
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