: I don't even know what this so-called "Feedback Thread" was supposed to be. Frankly I felt let down after you refused to hear us out, but I still hoped it could still be changed, well now it's going live. Thanks a lot. For nothing. I can't even tell you how disappointed i am in you, Morde needed some love, that much is for sure, but you butchered him! And put what's left of him into a pile of useless scrapmetal. I can not fathom how you even got that absurd idea to make a complete solo laner into a duo laner. You say he is still viable in a solo lane, but clearly he won't with a missing spell, even if q and e get buffed. I see many people enjoying this rework, but they never gave a damn about Mordekaiser anyway, I as a Morde main can say for sure that you have killed my favorite champion. You are probably too conceited to admit your mistakes, whatever, but at least take notice of the community when you are killing off the next champ.
> [{quoted}](name=SwishFish,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KhcvQBlG,comment-id=0098,timestamp=2015-08-19T22:32:06.010+0000) > > I don't even know what this so-called "Feedback Thread" was supposed to be. > Frankly I felt let down after you refused to hear us out, but I still hoped it could still be changed, > well now it's going live. Thanks a lot. For nothing. > I can't even tell you how disappointed i am in you, Morde needed some love, that much is for sure, > but you butchered him! And put what's left of him into a pile of useless scrapmetal. > I can not fathom how you even got that absurd idea to make a complete solo laner into a duo laner. > You say he is still viable in a solo lane, but clearly he won't with a missing spell, even if q and e get buffed. > I see many people enjoying this rework, but they never gave a damn about Mordekaiser anyway, I as a Morde main > can say for sure that you have killed my favorite champion. > You are probably too conceited to admit your mistakes, whatever, but at least take notice of the community when you are killing off the next champ. Thanks. It makes me wonder as well what this feedback thread is for. It's completely ignored. It's really disappointing and sad. The people enjoying the rework never knew how he worked before. In addition to that, they probably have never played against an actual good adc on the opposing team which led to them actually enjoying it and not realizing how terrible it is. If you look at the latest patch note from Riot, you'll see that they have taken noticed of us but chose to whole heartedly ignore us. I'll quote the specific words that they said that gives us a big screw you. > Mordekaiser’s update may not be for everyone So they have clearly read that we hate this update but they were just like "oh forget the actual ~2.5% of people who play Mordekaiser." This is really insulting. >We’ll let y’all feel out how he plays in a duo lane, but don’t be afraid if you never want to go back to traditional lanes again. This is the one that ticks me off the most. They also said that he is still viable in solo lane. Bull. They know dang well themselves that he's not. This quote clearly states that he is "best" played in a duo lane. I don't know how to feel. I am so ticked off that this is going live. I seriously lost quite a lot of respect for Riot for MESSING UP a champion for their little "let's shake up the freaking meta by putting a completely kitable, slow, not-tanky champion against a mobile, kiting, high damage enemy." Seriously. I AM SO TICKED OFF. Ugh.
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: Zed chroma pack
They most likely took it down due to either a bug or just because it got released on PBE too early?
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Wanted to update everyone that Morde solo is DEFINITELY NOT as good as before. I went Mordekaiser top (as I usually have since Morde is my main) and got absolutely wrecked. I lost against a Tryndamere. This is shocking to me, because I am usually capable of handling Tryndamere expecially early game where he can't just "Undying Rage" my damage; my shield would be up for the most part thanks to my "W" on a front line minion and my W on me attacking Tryndamere so my shield absorbs all the damage Tryndamere gives to me early on. So what happened was I could not build my shield up so I was easily bursted down while I did not do lot of damage to Tryndamere. The Q is powerful within three hits, so in this sense Tryndamere is a melee and I can hit him three times right? Not really. Before I can even hit him a third time, I was already taken down. My E doesn't do a lot of damage to Tryndamere, so that doesn't help either. Once Tryndamere hit 6, it was all over. He wasn't even afraid to get close to me because any damage that I do is laughable and he could always just use "Undying Rage" on me to take me out if he got too low. Before you say anything, even my ult's initial burst doesn't heal me or do damage enough to Tryndamere to do anything significant. He is very powerful when with a team mate however. I was able to land a triple kill with a dragon and a team mate that died a little bit early. So in this sense, the only way Mordekaiser can be played now is if I am with a team mate. The burst on Mordekaiser's ult is not as good and the added extras for the ghost are nerfed, and the range is nerfed. On to another point, I went Mordekaiser bot with an Alistar against a Caitlyn and a Braum. We got decimated. I couldn't get close enough to the minions to where I can farm anything. Why? Caitlyn just pokes me non-stop with her range. Before my shield can even go back up after getting taken out, Braum is already on me and I've already burned my flash out to safety. Now, this doesn't mean that Mordekaiser is not playable bot against traditional marksmen. What I'm saying is that in order for him to work, he seriously needs a proper support. I'm sure this is not completely possible if on LIVE League of Legends. Not every one plays these "proper" supports for Mordekaiser. This is not a very good way to go bot lane. Mordekaiser's play rate of about 2.5% on lolking would probably get a spike on the release of this Mordekaiser on live, but will quickly go down lower to what it is due to OLD Mordekaiser MAINS (like myself) stop playing as him and the new players that play him will realize how unreliable and picky he is to play at bot. Take these points to heart. He is very strong under the proper conditions and will most likely be subject to a balance, but let's not let it reach that far. Let's fix the issues and such now to make sure old and new players would be satisfied with the changes to Mordekaiser. Let's make this work CertainlyT.
: > [{quoted}](name=Matezoide,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KhcvQBlG,comment-id=0089,timestamp=2015-08-13T07:22:02.726+0000) > > Man...i really dont feel tanky as new Mord at all. Even when i am ahead. Even when i am building HP so i can have a passive, i am exploding way too quickly. > > > Really, old Mord felt more like a Juggernaut than this new one. I could tank for way more time due to my passive, W's resistances and better base stats. Is it possible to upvote this multiple times???
I tried to upvote it several times. It won't work. :( Seriously though, Morde became very squishy with this. His ult's life steal isn't even that good anymore with this new one.
: Hello CertainlyT. I'd consider myself to be a pretty relaxed individual, but in this instance I feel that it's necessary for my voice to be heard. Mordekaiser is a great champion as he is today. I have played at least 80 percent of his matchups in top and mid lane, as well as a full from the jungle and support perspective. There is no scenario where game knowledge and skill cannot be applied to defeat this champion. It's really hard for me to swallow when your reasoning for this change revolves around the notion that he's either violently raging out of control in his lane or he's completely useless. Morde is a balanced champion who has an amplified weakness to ganks, even when ahead. Lets get specific: Scenario 1 - Top Lane - Morde vs Melee dps How to win the lane (passively): start boots + 4 pots or flask + 3 pots, build hex drinker, merc treads, spectres cowl, or any combination you like if you want to play passively until 6 and try to all in. How to win the lane (aggressively): start boots + 4 pots and zone morde from the wave at lvl 1 and freeze it there. Morde can't duel anything that typically finds itself in top lane. Not even the other weaklings like vladimir and poppy. Every champion you'd find in top lane has a way to shut morde down, alone, as long as they're willing to utilize the information properly. Morde is one of the few champions who has an ability that only deals damage, his e. It's stats aren't amazing, his autos aren't damaging, and the shield gained from a single e at lvl 1 is laughable. Zoning him is childsplay. Scenario 2 - Top Lane - Morde vs Ranged champions How to win lane (passively): start boots + 4 pots, build abyssal scepter, hex drinker, merc scimitar, vamp scepter, let him push so you can freeze near tower and just farm until you're stronger. He's melee, are you kidding me? If you're taking a ranged champ top and you can't buy 1 mr item, you shouldn't be top. Top is for champs that can at least provide some tankiness to the team right? 1 item is enough. Buy it and congratulations, you've shut down morde until he has 3 items, the first is revolver, the third is void staff, the second is either zhonyas, death cap, ludens, or something defensive, depending on who you are and what he's trying to accomplish. How to win lane (aggressively): boots + 4 pots, kill the back 3 lane minions as quickly as possible and then harass him with autos until the end of the world. He's melee, he can't hit you back, if you can't win this trade, i don't know what to say. No further explanation necessary. He's weak early, take advantage of it. There are a few things that makes champions toxic to play against. Imbalances in range, Imbalances in cooldown durations, imbalances in damage output per unit of time, and imbalances in mobility. You allow champions to excel in each of these areas without considering them to be a problem. You like xeraths range, but you give him a reward for approaching enemies. You like karthus, cass, and ryze's sustained damage output from spells, even give them low mana costs and sustain abilities to allow them to capitalize on it..., you allow things like annie to blow up anything as long as she can get a death cap by 20 minutes, leblanc is seen as a healthy assassin, nevermind her ability to juke 4 times on low cooldown, not counting flash. You allow fizz to exist, period (have you seen how he level 2 cheeses EVERYTHING?). Yet Morde's e poke is excessive? Consider the issues this champion has INHERENTLY keeping him in check as it is. 1. You don't have to harass him to push him out of lane, he does that to himself JUST FINE. 2. He's forced to either weaken his early game defenses/offenses from runes/masteries to stack spell vamp, or he has to buy a revolver first item to stay in lane. This makes him the easiest champion to counter IN THE ENTIRE GAME. If he's stacking spell vamp quints/masteries, just kill him LITERALLY JUST KILL HIM. He has support statistics...and he's weak early as it is! If he goes for revolver first, get a freakin mr item, problem solved. Do you have any idea how hard it is to trade against A FIORA OR A ZED with a hex drinker? Imagine trading against a renekton with a spectres cowl or hex drinker, this is what he has to put up with in top lane. Even teemo can out trade him. Swain is a bigger top lane bully than mordekaiser. I need to touch the topic of magic resistance again. You have a champion that only deals damage, is highly kitable, and has 1 ranged spell. Please tell me why you think merc treads + any other mr item is not enough of a counter against a champion who can't rush mpen without killing himself passively? His matchup's are not toxic, when i win a lane on morde, i shake my head at the other guy for making poor build choices. There is no reason anyone should get bullied by morde. You wanna see a lane bully? See riven. See darius. See yorick. See teemo. See quinn. These champions will kill you before first B. Morde just gets to poke you if you come near the wave. His kill pressure without flash is non-existant. This is completely absurd. Morde is hard to kill 1 versus 1 because of his shield? Surely that argument will come up eventually. This is completely false. Morde is hard to kill 1 vs 1 because of his shield when you have no cc and he has a lane full of minions helping him. Take a morde into the jungle with pretty much any champion and tell me if you lose that fight. Morde is only strong against people who disrespect him. Go ahead, don't build any magic resistance against a champion that's advertised to ONLY DEAL DAMAGE. You deserve to die. Mr counters him so hard it's not even funny. He needs buffs to become viable, i get that. This change does nothing to help him. He will not see more play because you changed some things around. You're not addressing his issues at all. Your reasoning is too strict. You want him to retain his title as the only champion in the game with no cc? Why is that even a thing? You wanna fix morde, give him a slow like trundle has on his q. It's tiny, but it would help. It wouldn't break the game, but it would help. What you're doing is taking a perfectly good champion who has an awesome ultimate that's useful if you are able to get ahead BEFORE late game, cuz late game it's useless as everyone has mr and probably an aegis, and turning him into a pile of crap. I don't want to play morde bot lane with a support, noone does. Noone wants to sign up to play a melee against a ranged champion 100 percent of the time. It's stressful, it's really hard to do correctly. Noone wants to say "if i'm playing this champion, my buddy has to play leona because this is a really bad champion and i need the cc that only a rediculous cc bot like leona can provide". Kalista can be played with damn near any support and THRIVE. Even throwing janna serves it's purpose. Put morde in lane with a janna. Do you see how stupid that is? Now let me be clear. I don't care about you screwing with his stats. I don't care about you screwing with his abilities. Experiment, whatever. But your basis is wrong. Morde is an okay top, he's not out of control. Mid lane, I won't even discuss mid lane, there are so many champions that destroy him there it's not even worth mentioning. Surely you weren't talking about mid lane when you said he had a polarizing effect. Cho'gath has a polarizing effect. Balance that... Do not make morde a duo lane champion. You are not helping if you do this. This one change is all i'm asking for. I've put too much time into learning his nuances in every role EXCEPT adc, for you to make him an adc. Do it with something new. You are literally ruining my league of legends life with this one. I will PAY YOU MONEY to have a sit down session with you, to brainstorm this topic. Name your price. This change is bizarre, unfounded, and completely unacceptable. Please give this more thought, I don't care if it takes another 5 years to figure out how to balance him. We'll keep buying your content. You have time. I've spent alot of money on this game, more than any other online game I've ever played. I know that doesn't count for much, but I love this game. I love this champion more. If you make this change, he's done. Think harder, please.
Thank bud. I read your whole post and I completely agree. As a Mordekaiser main for a long time, I have learned the ins and outs of this champion, and your rebuttal to CertainlyT's reasoning is great. In addition, CertainlyT has said himself something like "Find yourself a good support and you'll surely win the game!" That's pure bull. Obviously he thinks EVERYBODY that plays support WANTS to play something like Leona. What if the support didn't want Leona? Then bot is already over? I'm glad you talked about that whole support thing. It just makes me sad that he still hasn't responded to us or done anything recently. Here's me hoping that before this hits live, we get the Mordekaiser that we actually love.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I like the new passive "scaling" off of Mordekaiser's max health. That gives Mordekaiser more options as to whether Mordekaiser should build tanky or not. An option as to whether Mordekaiser should build more towards sustain, or become a fragile glass. The decay is a tad bit too fast though. Getting it up is hard now. You can't even use his Q to help you out with this anymore since the Q doesn't "explode" anymore. In addition, his W lost the ability to gain "shield" anymore. With that difficulty, the reward is nothing. The shield is gone even before you can even reach your enemy to deal damage. Q is OP if you hit the enemy champ within 3 hits. (It's really OP with the dmg output. I like that.). Can you hit em that much though (Hit them 3 times)? No way. With a new base MS of 325, he can barely even catch up without an ally with the W. That ally also is required to have some speed boost spell or item. This means that Morde also needs more speed items that he previously had to. A really good kiting champ would take me down a lot easier than before. (I used to be able to poke enemies with this Q before. While they are running away, I hit the closest minion and the separate mace explodes to the enemy champion.) W is literally an ally specific ability. Useless without an ally. This is a definite nerf to Mordekaiser. Except for the heal and the MS. The heal is pretty good. Probably OP might I add. The MS is something already on LIVE that I have been able to use quite well. The only real problem with this is the fact that you can only use it when there is an ally with you. This includes the damage that it doesn't do anymore (unless you are side by side with an ally with the W) that helps with the shield (as stated earlier). I might actually like and adapt to this if it wasn't so specific to only being usable with an ally. His E dmg is nerfed. Same E, but nerfed in terms of damage. Increased range is unnecessary honestly. The LIVE version right now works wonders honestly. It's the bread and butter of my Mordekaiser. The thing that scares the enemy champions away from me unless they are brave enough to just kite me which I am completely susceptible to before and even more now with the MS (stated earlier as well). The PBE version right now is significantly weaker. That whole new AD + AP thing is confusing me whether I should build him up AD or AP. R has reduced power to the ghost. Reduced life steal of health while it is on an enemy as well. This is further reinforced as to whether or not he should be better built as AD or AP. Or a weird hybrid. Go AD and the life steal is further reduced to where it doesn't pose a big threat to the enemy. Before, I place COTG on the enemy and it scares them. Why? They see their life going down quite significantly. This either forces them to retreat or their teammates to heal them. Now, it is no longer a threat. The initial burst damage is a problem with the same issues as the life steal one that I've already stated. The Ghost gets lesser stats now too. The AD added is reduced and this makes the ghost less devastating as well and makes it less of a threat once again. The dragon addition is very nice though. People say that it is not good, but I beg to differ. I tried the dragon and it was something else. It forced pushes towards the enemy base. It became a really strong tank with an okay damage. The longer time on the ghost made this whole push possible. So not everything is bad on this. Lesser range is a big no as well. It makes this an immediate cast as soon as you get close in contrast to before where I use it as a last resort when the enemy is running away. But honestly, Mordekaiser is NOT viable at bot at all. I can see any good adc kite him out before Morde can even do much damage to the enemy. Even with a good support to help him, a better enemy bot duo would just take him out fast. It's not very good. Going solo with Mordekaiser is also dead. The reasons I stated are because I've tried him out on PBE and felt completely awkward playing as Morde. Playing Mordekaiser in ranked would not be a smart choice if this were to go live. Keep in mind, I am a hardcore Mordekaiser fan. I main Mordekaiser like there is no tomorrow. I play almost all of my ranked games as Mordekaiser. Same with normals. Mordekaiser is my guy. If these changes were to go live, I'll have to lay him to rest and probably lose one of my reasons why I play League of Legends. Time to find a new main if all of this goes live. EDIT: My first thought when I played Morde was that he felt like a completely new, different champ. He did not feel very familiar at all. He just lost his identity like this. Maybe make these changes with a new champ. We might accept it better. I'm open to changing up the lanes, but changing up an already established champion is something else. EDIT 2: I tried him with a Leona support, and it worked quite well down at bot. It only worked with the proper support. Apart from that, it is next to impossible to survive without an ally next to me. I'm taken down faster than I can even blink if I am trying to defeat a champ 1v1. Because of this, doing the 1v(X amount of champs) with Mordekaiser is dead. I don't think that can work as well anymore (I remember stealing dragon and getting a triple kill before). The rework as a whole is not as bad as I said. It's just that what made Mordekaiser, Mordekaiser is gone. The one I played at bot is a completely different champion that works well under the right circumstances. If you give us back the SOLO Mordekaiser that us Mordekaiser mains love and know, we might accept this rework much better. In addition to all of this, why not just introduce a new champion with these kind of stuff that you are forcing on Mordekaiser? I think it'll be a champion that I'll adjust to and play at times while I keep my champion main Mordekaiser when I'm really serious about my playing. Seriously. Please. Listen to us CertainlyT. I respect you, that's why I believe that you will listen to our plea.


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