: (ARURF) Suggestions
here is my "suggestion" for arurf: remove it
: AR URF was never meant to "fix" OP champions. Like you said, it's impossible. AR URF was meant to add variety and it was heavily demanded.
then it came out and we all went "well this is no where near as fun as we thought"
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: Why can't we just get 1 week of ARURF and 1 week of normal URF?
: Remove the "random" from URF
urf was better when we were able to pick our favorite champs
: It happens every now and then, probably just an issue while deploying it. This is one of the reasons why PBE exists. Unscheduled, unreliable maintenance.
yes but it had to be today of all days where i had all the time in the world until about an hour from now and it is still down......
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: Sooo... is no one going to talk about how Rengar is the most disgusting rework I have ever seen?
: Shaco has MASSIVELY reduced invis duration at early ranks of Q. Something like 1.5 seconds now. that, coupled with the changes to his Q dmg (now donus dmg, not crit) means that unless he ranks Q early, his ganking potential falls through the floor. Issue here is, Shaco like to rank E early. Especially now that it has per-level execute scaling it is vital that E get ranked quickly. The changes definitely made shaco better at dueling people that walk into his traps, but it nerfed his ganking by quite a bit.
witch is something that did not need to be done shaco as is, is hard enough to take care of before this change. i do not need this, shaco mains do not need this, no one needs this
: A) Why did you need to employ clickbait here? B) They are very short duration boxes that provide light CC. C) Consider where they REMOVED power from his kit to allow for the 3 boxes.
click bait was not my intention just needed something in there short duration yes but long enough to kill something that didn't die by the clones aftermath witch is completely unfair, if you servive the original clone bs you shouldn't have to worry about toy boxes killing you wtf "removed power" where because his kit has not changed unless some number was nerfed to a ton, i don't ever want to see this hit live other wise im banning shaco till it is taken off live
: You havnt played it have you? He's by far the strongest assassin only 2nd to kha both ad and ap function quite strongly. Passive- Is more ad sure but ap shaco doesn't need it to be strong. Q- they had to nerf it due to ward and stealth changes just put 2 points in it early and practice that W- hyper buff to both AD can finally place them properly when ganking too E- sure rank one still don't know why it's 5 but you max it first amyways idk why people dont think q is a 2 or 3 point wonder are you srsly mismanaging stealth that bad? R- hyper buff to both. Overall Ap tend to protobelt start(which made it viable live in the first place) the changes are an overall buff to it. While AD you really didn't need all that stealth early game and E finally executes plus better ganks due to w range It's far more synergistic than live shaco's kit plus they finally fixed some ulti AI issues.
: Please Riot I beg you.
kat is fine its shaco im worried about
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: Definitely Not Dominion Is a Quality Mode with 1 Problem
good cuz there are people that want to play this game but cant, do to time. what better way to get those people to play the game then the highly awaited game modes that next too the whole community have been wanting to play
: PBE's Equalize Function should go to Live URF Mode
no this is a bad idea, why not? well why not just add equalize to norms if we add it to live everyone will want it everywhere and that would not be health for the game plz think about it
: Taliyah Bug Thread
i think the problem with her right would be better taken care of with a hotfix rather then waiting for the next update
: [URF] Give Illaoi Passive CDR in URF
that is a good point i have played her so much as of late and i still didn't i see that ty gj dude
: Cant run PBE
unfortunately the only solution i can give is reinstall sorry man
the problem i have is that urf only had four and a half days of testing there was probably so much more to find still so wtf riot?
the last game mode got a full week why did urf only get four and a half days?
: Maybe someone is testing out the death/victory mechanics. You don't understand this game do you? There are three objectives: > Kill > Gold > Turret You can't Try-Hard on this game. Try-hard isn't even a word, it's a term made up by losers and people who are playing the game for fun in the first place rather than testing it.
you didn't understand kill was/is the **only** thing they did/do was/is kill its not just a term only losers use anymore you don't see this kind of play on the main server. and death/victory mechanics? really? don't you think in that case its has been tested a little much sense oh i don't the beginning of pbe.
: No it's just part of playing the game. What are you supposed to do, not kill someone? I think you generally misunderstand how this game works. Try-Harding is something 2nd-graders use to refer to actually playing a game well.
yes but that is all they are doing kill kill kill no cs no ward just kill kill kill that is what try harding is first your doing it on the pbe second your doing it on urf WHY
: when you're testing the game it isn't about "try harding" it's about testing the game.
yeah i'm sure that going straight for kill is not testing its try harding
: There is absolutely nothing different about the gamemode this year. There have been nerfs to champions who were deemed to strong to keep ingame cooldowns, but that is it.
no but what has changed is that trolls and assholes are found/seen in urf where they where not before.
: stop crying dont act like youve never wanted to win before lmao
wins are secondary objective in urf fun comes first try-hards need to stay in ranked
: A-FREAKING-MEN Start testing the game people.
its not for you to try hard either so yeah start testing to you to
: The only thing more annoying than people who flame in URF, is people who complain about other people winning the game. Just because somebody is doing better than you, and they are beating you every time you try to fight them, doesn't mean they are tryharding. The PBE is for testing, not for you to come and whine about people "Trying to hard".
its not for you to try hard either so yeah
: Tryharding in URF
it is unfortunate but i don't think anyone can do a thing about it
: Guess I got hit by a Kog'Maw main. Carry on fellow PBE people.
i'm a vi main {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} but ok i shall do so. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: > [{quoted}](name=zacktootall,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=eXzG7lwL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-11T07:36:36.657+0000) > > that just sounds like someone complaining about URF again its always one person good god It was on normals and before URF even came on PBE.
: A bug where the passive has no downtime. It was reported at the start of the patch
that just sounds like someone complaining about URF again its always one person good god
: [URF] How about you get given random champions?
all random all URF i like this {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Does riot not understand URF is so good?
i agree until you said your list of only those modes granted i love urf but there is more then just URF, Doombots, and Ascension and a lot of people like other game modes as well.
: No. They have already said that they won't do this. This is an overload of a year's wait of people wanting to play URF. So a majority of them dust off their lonely PBE accounts so that they can play URF more. If the gamemode was constant, people would only play a meta and it would get boring. URF usually died out a week and a half into its runtime anyway. The best option Riot has to give us more URF, is with the Rotating Queue.
: Not trying to hate on Kog'Maw.
HATE just from the first sentence alone
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: [Riot] Please DISABLE URF On The PBE (Context Within)
first off good luck getting riots attention cuz riot dont care riot dont listen second are you for real who in their right mind would pass up pbe for one week for a patch that will come out in at least two weeks if not more
: A set of urf bugs:
downvote for everything except sound why cuz its urf and your a moron. -_-
: ..But Ali Mao and Poppy perma CCing you is fine. Eve instabusting u is fine and Lulu perma polying you is fine.. Its URF. Everything is supposed to be BS.
: purchasing things in store resets the screen (slightly annoying to me)
well to my knowledge you have come to the right place secondly your not alone this particular annoyance hits a lot of people self included.
: Just because you're unable to have fun unless the enemy team is unhappy has no bearing on the need for lower surrender times. "its a crime if you actually ff before the you get finished off." No, it's not. Having a match being dragged on for an extra 5-10 minutes is, most of the time, terrible. "would you surrender you might as well not play if your just going to surrender in urf mode" That's where you're wrong. There already is the ability to surrender, except it's only available at the 20 minute mark. This isn't about adding the ability to surrender, it's about lowering the time at which a team can surrender.
but why i know you said just for this game mode but why because when your losing your not having fun?! you dont play urf to win and for the win alone no you play urf to see what you can do with the champs you love so (famous meme time) just do it and by all means win if you can that just makes things that much better but i digress. no we should lower the surrender timer we have no reason to and if you still think we should then i think we should bring the surrender timer up to 25 min how about that if you think there is no reason for it then hey now your thinking
: [Gameplay Ideas] Advanced Pings!
OK plus first this looks amazing i hope riot put something like this into affect OK now for bad "i hate ping spammers" anyway this is really awesome props {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Thank you.
we may kick and scream but in the end we still love this game gj riot gj
: That has nothing to do with what I'm suggesting. As stated, 15 minutes is about all that is needed to see that further playing is pointless. Being stomped is not fun for those who are being stomped, and all it does is frustrate players. You're free to "spam your abilities", but again, that has nothing to do with lowering the timer.
that has everything to do with it the more times i can spam my abilities in a single match the better urf is where you finish or get finished and its a crime if you actually ff before the you get finished off. so why would you surrender you might as well not play if your just going to surrender in urf mode
: No mana cost is a benefit to everyone, and less so for these champs who otherwise would just have an item that just lets them ignore its existence. They are basically casting the same effective amount of spells and spending the same effective amount of mana while others aren't.
ok again i dont want to two ticked then die much like a hell of a lot of other people dont want that so it looks like you shit out of luck bud
: Very mature response. However, if it's 20 minutes in and the snowball is huge why would you want to continue at that point?
as i said its URF where else in the world can i go to spam my abilities when in any other mode a can't
: Surrender
its URF why in the world would you surrender if you dont want to play anymore then leave so i can report you
: Before the riot reopened signups on pbe everything was peaceful and calm,but it all changed when retard nation attacked
uh its league retard nation was already there
: PBE URF Balance Concerns
balance? its URF good god people ask yourself before the community reks you
: Excuse me? I can give you plenty of examples of them caring about their community.
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