: Now we need to talk about fervor
The rune press the attack is a "thunderlord" for aa. Although it aplies a debuff like bc({{item:3071}} ) doing %more dmg of all dmg to the marked champion. I think characters with strong dps with aas are better with this rune because after 3 attacks you do a burst dmg and you aply the debuff too, doing more dps. There is another rune that causes more problems (dark harvest). It is made for champions with a strong aa being assasins (or at least riot thoght that before nerfs because i went off-tank and that rune did 5000dmg 10000dmg and 4000dmg in 3 games). It could be like more offensive gameplay because of it needs a bit snowball.
: Greetings! This is a known issue. Since masteries will only be available for two/three more days, Riot probably won't be fixing this.
So will runes be back for the next patch?
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: RIOT may I have your attention please. Dark Harvest keystone gonna ruin the game !
Dont forget once you get 100 or more souls the time you can use this rune is 300 seconds instead of 20 seconds, making that rune stronger than the new thunderlord. I know riot made thunderlord for early game but dark harvest has a extremely powerful mid and late game. First of all I think they have to nerf the time you can use it and how many souls can you recieve with champs, monsters and cannons.


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