: I have a probable solution to your problem. In in-game Options menu, Go to Video and under Advanced, find the Frame Rate Cap. Check to see if it's Uncapped and cap it to 60 or 80 FPS (my usual settings). If your computer isn't strong enough, 30 FPS should be your cap. My computer can run on 144 FPS without a problem but Uncapped poses a big problem not for my computer but for my monitor. Most monitors have a refresh rate of 60Hz and that means (mine as well) if the FPS is too high, it will start to skip frames, leading to teleporting and jitters (called screen tearing) which isn't related to internet connection at all but it looks like that. 60 Hz monitors with Vertical Sync on will cap your frame rate to 60 FPS (60 Hz means the monitor refreshes 60 times/s and that translates to 60 frames per second). Also, disable Vertical Sync if you think your computer isn't a strong machine. It stabilizes the image at the cost of performance (eliminates screen tearing) and on higher end computers, this shouldn't pose a problem while turned on. League doesn't need big resources to run but there are a few options that eat up resources (i always turn off Shadows) and reduce your FPS.
Thanks, that fixed the problem. I just set it to cap at 144, it's running fine now. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} It is still weird because on live I have the fps uncapped and it runs fine without the problem i have on PBE
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: Update LOL Files Scanned 99%
are you sure it resolves on its own because I have the same problem and I've been stuck on 99% for over 5 hours .{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Keybinding issue
Had the same problem on one of my games They only I fixed was to pressed default settings and manually put in all of my changed setting back to how I like it but that was really annoying. :|
: Login Error
Bump. I'm having this issue as well
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: [Elise] - Q extreme damage and duration bug
Please just disable elise too many people will exploit this bug Riot always does this look at what happen to the lux and nami bug it took them days to just disable it like really.
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: Fiora Feedback Thread
I just really want you guys to fix her walking animation :)
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: Fiora Run Animation
It really does look extremely weird, i hope they change it tbh


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