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: Testing out new Particle Rendering Optimizations on PBE
So we can expect less FPS spikes in large teamfights with a lot of particles?
: We're launching an experimental, PBE-only, modified version of Draft Pick!
I am a big fan of this for PBE, it speeds up the process and people won't ban the new/tweaked champions because it could be OP. Not sure if you guys considered this or if this is your decision to even make but I think this would be a great alternative to blind pick normals. Compared to draft the amount of champions required to 10 instead of 20 which makes it more appealing to lower level players and it introduces the draft mode so players aren't overwhelmed when they step into ranked for the first time. My main issue with blind pick is the mirror match ups and not knowing what champion I am playing against to adjust my runes for (MR Glyphs if against rumble, cdr if against riven, etc). Runes are being reworked but lane matchups can change the runes that you might want to take. Maybe have blind mode only available until level 30 and then banless draft unlocks. It's probably safe to assume that people know about the different roles in the game and are able to select one for themselves.
: Fairly sure its not a bug and is intended so you have runes when going into a game, they should change it as I did have a problem myself with it where the page changed while creating a new one, that was frustrating.
Yeah a bug probably isn't the best way to describe it. It's more of an unwanted feature that could cause you to pick the wrong runes. If it does it at 0 seconds then it might be ok.
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