: I'm stuck in the Queue too :(
Out of curiosity, how many total users does the pbe have registered right now?
: Hey guys! Ekko should be good to go now. Sorry for the delay!
I'm assuming the long login queue is because of the sheer amount of people trying to play Ekko, correct? there's an extremely large queue and i made the mistake of quitting out of the PBE, so i'm stuck
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: Leaverbuster warning on a game i didnt leave.
were you afk for a period of time? i believe that that can trigger it
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: Holy Hell, PBE has been down for quite some time
they also might have run into some sort of gamebreaking or serverbreaking bug that needs to be rectified,
: Wow, I'm really excited to try these out! I love it when there's humour added to new skins. On a side note, are any of these skins going to be legacy? Edit: Not legacy :)
: Confirmed urf is coming
It's been basically confirmed since last year.
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: Yeah, and that's why i mention it here. Because they forgot it. I had the impression that's the reason this board exists, to report bugs :)
it is, but i'm pretty sure it's a known thing at this point because it's happened before. they've fixed it next deploy every time.
: [Summoner's Rift] - Victory and Defeat graphics missing (MAC)
i think they are doing some tweaking with the end of game graphics (if you listen carefully, there's some new sfx playing) and they might be occasionally forgetting to put the normal graphics in when they push the update.
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
So, i've played one game (against bots) and only came across a bug that might not be a bug in that after using an ability (i don't remember which one) one of the Ais (i think it was a jarvan maybe?) would not do anything untill i killed him. this was on the far left of the map a decent amount of time into the game. I also specated a game, and i thought that the chimes were not visible enough in that mode, as in they were basically invisible until they were picked up. idk if that's a bug
: I feel like Bard's meep benefits should be laid out clearer. Obviously, the more chimes you collect, the more meeps you can hold and the stronger they'll be, but by how much? The buff always said something like "Bard needs to collect this many more meeps before unlocking...etc." but unlocking what? I feel like explaining his passive better, even if it's just in the buff icon, would help a lot and make collecting chimes even more fun.
if i remember correctly, it says what he unlocks next in the actual passive in the bar at the very bottom of the page.
: Two bugs on Sona da DJ
To get the icons, you just need to refund the skin and buy it again, i believe.
: Lock-in Greyed out
Yea, i've had a similar problem, although it happens with several champions and only in the last 10 seconds of champion select.
: From the rumors I've heard/seen, the new champion will be some kind of dragon. But will differ greatly from {{champion:102}}. Oh, and he/she will not have a knock-up.
There is a rumor that it's Ao Shin that they're teasing, who is a dragon. idk. i hope so.
: New Champion?
of course it's a new champ, it says "champion preview" in the url. when? i dunno. i was hoping today, but idk if that iwll be the case
: Text Glitch
i've had the same problem!
: [PBE Bugs & Feedback] DJ Sona - Feature Highlights
Not sure if any rioters are still reading this post, but i have a suggestion about DJ Sona: i feel like the autoattack projectiles don't differ enough between the skins. They only differ in their shape. i feel like it would be a lot better if they took on the color of whatever form they are in (i.e. kinetic would be red, ethereal would be whatever color it is, and concussive would stay the same because it's already in that color)
: [PBE Bugs & Feedback] DJ Sona - Feature Highlights
So i've played one game with her on Crystal Scar, and she's AWESOME! However, the one problem i had is that the music was too quiet compared to the rest of the sound (i.e. i had it at 100% and had to strain a little to hear it). i think it'd much better if the base volume for the music was slightly higher. just my two cents. Great skin though, it's very pretty and epic.
: [PBE Bugs & Feedback] DJ Sona - Feature Highlights
It just occurred to me that theoretically, this could contribute to a decrease in the amount of time waiting for supports in team builder because of all the people wanting to play sona.
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Are you sure that the number you're looking at isn't your ping? 300 is not a reasonable number for frames per second.
: Nemesis Draft
i think the point is that if you wanted to give your opponents a crappy lineup, you could, and they would just have to figure out how to play with it and win, which is part of the intended fun of the mode.
: Can we get next year full Recall animation pack for all champions who dont have a recall?
I've been thinking of suggesting this for awhile, thank you for doing it first!
: Stuck on reconnect RIOT HELP!!!!!!!!!!
: Stuck on reconnect RIOT HELP!!!!!!!!!!
I'm pretty sure half the PBE is having this issue
: Map Vision Bug
actually, i remember seeing this bug awhile back. i seem to remember that there was no accompanying actual vision and one could tell because people would just appear on the minimap where there appeared to be vision, but there was none.
: Kalista Passive and Relic Shield
You know why it doesn't proc? If i remember correctly, it says somewhere (on the spotlight maybe?) that if the damage from the w passive would kill a unit, even if she didn't trigger it, Kalista is the one who gets the credit, not the soulbound. Therefore, since Relic shield only procs on last hits from the player who owns it (in this case Thresh), this is no bug.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Reaper Soraka
i've only seen on instance of this skin so far, but to me the equinox effect is a little lacking to me. I don't know what it is, but it just seems like it's missing something.
: Hey, for people who dont know (me for example) what is HUD
: Sion, Loss of Identity
I believe i saw somewhere that his new passive gives him Life steal when it triggers, so as to keep him alive long enough to kill everyone before he himself dies.
: User Unitdata : xxxxxxxx [Bug] on PBE and LIVE servers also. [Chat bug]
I play Shen quite a lot on Live and i see this every time i taunt. i haven't tested multiple people at once, but i'll get around to it
: Re-post How do i re login to the PBE?
I believe you have to make sure that you're using the actual PBE launcher to get in to it.
: > His skin looks extremely easy to abuse. The size difference between large Gnar is unbelievable (at least in the videos I've seen on Youtube) from the splash art. The skin looks complicated to tell which form he's in as well. Could be a game-breaking visual if it's no addressed. from the looks of it the skin doesn't seem to be complete right now, as in there is no actual model for his big form. So I don't think you need to worry about anything. You can see here [here](http://youtu.be/sSHoWbWlcYw?t=1m5s) that when he does go into his big form it's just the normal dino gnar with blue over his face (and that's because the big version of the model isn't complete yet).
The mega gnar model is a thing now
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dino Gnar!
I really love this skin. it really gives off the vibe of cute champion who then turns into a hulk even better than the classic skin. The only problem i have so far is that the roof for the boulder doesn't really look like one while it is moving through the air. It looks a bit more grey and almost unfinished. Other than that, i think it looks really good
: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
Not sure if this was brought up already, but since the update, whenever I Purchase an item, move an item, use an item, recall, or maybe upgrade a skill, it comes up with "Purchased !" in the chat. this is with any item on any champ, and at least on both SR's. my other teammates reported this as well.
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: Doom bots + URF?
My suggestion would be to not add this to all of the doom queues, but have as sort of a bonus after the 5-bomb queue, giving somewhat extra incentive to beating 5. Great idea, though.
: [Xerath] No Basic attack
Just tested him, he now works!
: Intro Bots Enabled on PBE
I thought you said you disabled beginner bots, because right now we (or at least I) have the options of Beginner and Intro, not intro and intermediate. Just thought i'd point it out.
: Turret attacks flash blue rectangular boxes on hit on the New SR Map
Rioter Comments
: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
I am not at and in need of level 30 as well, but i have the IP/RP. If it helps, i made my account a few days ago and was invited for the Doom Bots. Thanks for getting back to the community somewhat quickly after all the threads (and probably emails)that were made!
: Idea: Super Duper EXP Boost.
I love this idea, but what would be slightly better is if the boost was just for sale in the store for 1ip or something, that way, the game wouldn't have to automatically assign anything beyond the RP/IP.
: Ive noticed one bug which kind of weird. the level i finished was one bomb, we won that game by back door (shame T.T) after the nexus exploded, there should be a victory screen appear just like what we have in normal game, however, it didnt appear at that time. I did wait for 20 sec, but still no appear on mine. Plz check if this is a bug. On our team: Jayce {{champion:126}} (regular skin)-----renekton{{champion:58}} (scorched Earth)-----Soraka{{champion:16}} (regular)-----Varus{{champion:110}} (Arctic ops)-----Orianna{{champion:61}} (Bladecraft) Doombots: Ezreal{{champion:81}} (Pulsefire)-----Cho' gath{{champion:31}} (Nightmare)-----Lux{{champion:99}} (Imperial)-----Veigar{{champion:45}} (Super Villain)-----Morgana{{champion:25}} (Blade Mistress) Client system: OS mavericks 10.9.3, model: macbook pro with RETINA (mid 2012)
I've been having the same problem except in all the games i've played, even normal ones. I also use OS mavericks.
: BUG! {{champion:101}} is not Auto-attacking in Doom of Bots.
He's not attacking in any mode, actually.
: Pls Let me Level 30
As far as i can tell, no one else who got invited for the Doom Bots has leveled up either, including myself. I'm sure they'll do it eventually, because yesterday was the 4th of July. I've heard everything from a few days to a week from some people (non-rioters).
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing This Week!
I found that when using Karthus, whenever he turned his book, the book would be about 2-5 times louder then any words he's saying. This happened specifically with his taunt and recall animations on normal Rift Co-op vs AI.
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