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: Vel'koz support, can it work ?
As support, your job is to protect the ADC and dish out CC to secure kills. Damage on the side is nice. As Vel'koz, you have one hard-to-hit knockup and a moderate slow that is blocked by all enemy units. That's pretty bad. Annie support is okay because of her guaranteed stun, as well as her AOE initiate. Playing Vel'koz as support is no different than playing Brand or Ziggs support, really. I would not recommend it to anyone, ever.
: [Feedback] Battlecast Vel'Koz
I agree, it does seem like his movement is clunky. I also think they should completely redo his color scheme.
: Delay on Vel'Koz Q (second cast)?
Noticed this on day one. I'd like to be able to press Q twice to have it split immediately on cast.
: @Riot About Vel'koz Mana costs
Totally agree. He's got better waveclear than Ziggs and a bottomless manapool. If anything, keep the Q's low mana cost but raise the cost of his W (void rift).
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: Fiddlesticks keeps draining if enemy walks into brush
This is how his drain has always worked. He can even keep draining and dealing damage to an Elise who has E'd into the air.
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: I don't really agree with this because I usually start with the ward trinket as support, but once I get a sightstone (Thank heavens for the no CD on those -_-), I switch my ward trinket into the one that reveals/disables invisible units.
: [Suggestion] "Champion Sets"
You can use the search filter, but I'd like to see this too. I'd have a class called "Vs. Katarina" that's all disruptions ^.^
: Warwick Visual Upgrade
I've never played him, but the guy's definitely due for an overhaul imo.
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