: Mystery Gift as Birthday present from Riot?
That is a very interesting idea, but for it to be fair it could be ranged from the prices of 240 RP (Not sure if any skin is priced at 240 RP) to 520 RP or if they're feeling generous up to 975 RP. Also a good idea could be within chance: Low priced Skins: 240 RP 50% Mid Priced Skins: 520 RP 40% High Priced Skins: 975 RP 5% Legendary Skins: 2.5% Ultimate Skins: 2.5% Edit: Also if they want they can exclude Legendary, Ultimate and Legacy skins if they want. It's a very good thing to do.
: Galatic Renekton
It doesn't really work, how his old model before TU and the new TU from 9/2/14 looks very awkward, it doesn't make him look menacing at all. His white look with a plain red eye made it look like it glowed and the new one looks to cartoony. The old TU from 8/26/14 just looks WAY BETTER, it makes him look like a brutal sanguine alien. While the new one doesn't fit at all.
: [Renekton's Model/Texture Update]
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: Cant attack inhibs/nexus and other bugs.
The only way i could hit the inhibitor or nexus with {{champion:75}} was while my utli was active.


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