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: So little beta boy, as you already know there are more than 795 skins that one can own on the pbe right now, and even if you did own all, you still dont have the over 600 icons and all the wards skins etc.. and even if you did, you still didnt achieve anything but buy skins on the pbe with a currency which is free. Keep trying to impress someone But this is the pbe which is used for testing so noone gives a shizzle suq {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Keep trying to impress someone with that braggy attitude, I was just trying to show something that I thought was interesting.
: Limited skins are unable to be purchased or received through hextech/mystery. It's the point of limited skins. You had to buy or win them in a very limited time frame.
You can also get them through honor capsules.
: Still not every Skin. It misses Grey Warwick, Medival Twitch and Urfwick. I've already got Grey Warwick and soon Urfwick. The only Skin that misses for is Medival Twitch.
Oh, i thought they weren't obtainable :0, how'd you get them? i can't either from mystery chests or hextech. =/
: I totally agree with you. There's nothing to brag about buying skins with free daily RP. I'd like to see someone collect all 800 skins on live. Plus this is PBE boards, for feature feedback and bugs. So please refrain from posting this kind of stuff.
I'm not bragging, and I'm not gonna stop doing it just because you and someone who comments on every PBE board post says it, i just wanted to show something i achieved.
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