: Fighter Items on PBE for 8.12
I like the concept of Spear of Shojin a lot but I feel like 800g for health which is pretty useless on almost any fighter is a issue. Its not like 200 health is going to increase the survivability in a remarkable way Thought about swapping Kindlegem with a Warhammers and compensating it with either less base stats or higher cost?
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: Dont forget the other part of Stormrazor, which gives attack speed when crit. Really, Tryndamere can just build Stormrazor, Guinsoo and IE (not in that order) and he'll wreck shit, since IE boosts his crit chance at max fury to 70%
Means Stormrazors Gold Efficiency is lower on Trynd because he only makes use of one of the two passives. Either way its not even close as good as the mobility you get from current Essence Reaver IE only doubles crit, means you have 0% crit at 0 Fury. You find yourself in situations as Trynd where u have to fight with a smal amount of fury and in these you wont crit at all
: Marksman and AD Itemization Changes coming to PBE shortly
Those changes are really reeeeallly bad for Tryndamere Shiv used to be his core item before the nerf in 8.6, now its PD and its cost is getting increased. On top of that his other core item Essence Reaver isnt going to be good on him to build anymore because of obvious reasons. IE passive is bad on Trynd because hes going to overcap on crit with his passive + PD + IE (130% Crit in total) and the true damage doesent synergises well with Conqueror. I also think 10% total armor pen on Last Whisper is to low to be good to rush as an answer to armor stacking = stonewalling the lane in toplane (Dont know if you intended to stop this issue with this change) Another big thing that bothers me is the overall synergy with those changes and Conqueror. Stormrazor isnt going to be viable on any champ who takes Conqueror. You have to attack a champion for it to proc and have to wait out 2.5 of the 3sec to make use of the Stormrazor passive
: RIP spellthief’s supports lmao, dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time giving them no mana when they relying on using abilities to be useful in lane + get gold Might as well just play another adc as support if that’s gonna be the case
Youre seriously not realizing how low 25% base mana regen is and how its not going to make any big difference dont you?
: > [{quoted}](name=Sailor Mint,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Yj1lE6To,comment-id=000800000000000000000001,timestamp=2018-04-18T03:52:43.320+0000) > > You are freaking out about losing 36 mana per minute. Lets use Xerath as an example. Live Lvl 18 = 1115 mana This change Lvl 18 = 833 mana _That is a 282 base mana difference. **It adds up**_ **EDIT:** I did the math. From every champion that has a change to their base mana pool, on average, they lose 335.16 mana at level 18. More than a sapphire crystal.
Lexanomical Unit was talking about mana regen early in the game, not at level 18 Even if it adds up, it doesent changes anything early levels
: You are freaking out about losing 36 mana per minute. That's one less cast every 2 minutes.
Dont you dare use actual facts combined with using your brain in this matter
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
You really shouldnt have made this post in the PBE boards... The best thing about the normal boards is you can see the players whole match history, what they play and especially what rank they are to better understand their opinions. Obviously, nobody in here is going to give you an objective opinion and miss the bright side about those big changes. Like look at the most upvoted post for example. They make it as if the decrease of the base mana regen for Frostfang is as a HUGE change... Did someone in here even try answering the questions you asked in your post?
: They won't because it will literally make marksmen into brain dead press this button for no counterplay that can't even be played around with minions or wards.. Next you will ask for in game scripts to play for you if you pay 500 RP or something with that mentality.
Wait what Its not like the Target Champions only Function isnt already in the game, its just uncomfortable to use lol
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