: RP reseting is still not working
Please read Update on PBE RP and BE Granting and the accompanying Rioter Rundown, which can be found stickied on the PBE boards homepage. Riot no longer gives BE or RP. Only content that needs testing (i.e.: is new) is available for 1BE. All other content will not be purchasable. I recommend you read the Rioter Rundown from the link above as well. Riot explains why they cannot give RP anymore. Next time, please use the search function or scroll through boards to see if your issue has already been posted/addressed: this will avoid clutter on the boards.
Rioter Comments
: cant play a game if press play
i click in play and takes much time to create a party
: Nunu's R shield doesn't make sense.
because is the shield has AP it would be broken with{{item:3135}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3041}} {{item:3907}}
: did my pbe account got reset?
: Va a estar "tu tienda" en el pbe?
estaba en la version 8.16 pero estamos en la 8.17
: Feedback about Nexus Blitz from LAN
no they can't put ban, if they will put ban this champs have permaban{{champion:31}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:99}} and the tanks take adventage
: Send a ticket to Riot support and they should be able to provide you with some RP while they make a replacement system for RP grants. Also, please check for similar threads before posting, really helps to avoid clutter.
: pls nerf force of nature !
I know you, you play with brand, veigar or karthus and you get Deathfire Grasp
: All modes locked
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} waiting to play
: Can we get Nunu skins for 1BE?
NOPE riot is fixing the rp
: rp not received
Pls stop reporting rp bug {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} , riot is trying to fix it
: because that would be broken
i think the same is broken if you can't escape
: Problem in delivering rp
pls stop reporting rp bug, we have 1 month reporting rp bug
: Draven
why nerf draven q?, for what you need nerf draven to give it a worst early and late?
: Dark Harvest bugs [NEXUS BLİTZ] (TR-ENG)
: For People With RP Problem (How To Get RP)
: Opinion of Skins for the community and content creators,
: why i didn't get rp in Pbe? :'(
riot it's trying to fix it
: Por dios
amigo aguantese que todo aqui es gratis asi que ellos no te daran muchas cosas de una vez
: Can't use RP on PBE
Please STOP reporting RP bug, we has several weeks reporting RP bug , riot it's working to fix it
: Sin RP
Amigo riot esta trabajando resolver el problema tomara unas cuantas semanas mas, Por favor dejen de estar reportando esto
STOP REPORTING RP BUG, RIOT it's working to fix it
: No tengo Rp despues de iniciar Sesion, aparece y desaparece instantaneamente cuando reinicio
Por favor dejen de reportar esto ya tenemos semanas que reportamos esto, riot ya esta trabajando en esto
RP has a bug riot is trying to fix it
: Nose otros disen que no dan ase que un mess
Por eso mismo, yo contacte con el servicio del soporte y me dijeron que durariamos unas cuantas semanas para tener rp y poder comprar campeones
: Split game servers / parallel games (Weird bug/glitch)
: Same I have the same issue when I was playing One For All too. I was playing with my duo and we both can't connect to the game. I'll send a picture if I can Edit: this is one of my games https://puu.sh/AZWHJ/f1b673dcf1.png (everyone connected in the enemy team but no one connected in our team including me and my duo except one)
i have the same problem
: Help i am in game about 1hours and 40minutes
Me too have the same problem i have 1 hour i can't play
: Can't connect to client.
Me too have the same problem


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