: Eternals Feedback
If only they did read this. Even if they did, they won't do squat.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jiso,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=PLO1UfUV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-20T20:58:13.394+0000) > > Black background Hmm still a bit vague but I will try to see if I can find them using your tip. Thanks!
When you choose in the play area, the ones with black background are usually legendary
: > [{quoted}](name=Jiso,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=PLO1UfUV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-20T20:58:13.394+0000) > > Black background I dont really see any with a black backround. Can you tell me which rams are legendary?
For penguin is the black one, same for bird, and ghost which is called shadow. For ram its pink and for rock its orange. Miner is blue i think
: What is the point on giving priority on queue times to streamer that have not even played the game?
Riot listens to only people with influence and themselves. So they probably won't read 90% of this forum.
: How to see which little legend is legendary?
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: No worries, glad you found it helpful!
But it isn't helpful, you already took long enough to answer and you're just telling us the obvious and what we already know. And it has already been one month and nothing has happened yet again! Cx
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: My account was registered in like season 2. I had all champions, and then new skins released i was buying them and testing without problems. After i have to go to army, and then i backed, i dont have any champions. It was reseted? Yeah ofc they all free but, i can't buy any skin which is new. I get all ecxept ones start releasing like in season 4. I never prefered playing on pbe, but it was really nice then i can play where to test some new champions or skins. Dont really want to spend a lot time to farm BE, but still kinda wanted sometimes to log in for patch and test new changes. I dont understand why on pbe is not everything free. I dont think people of it will more play PBE. Its still high ping and lagging server for most regions. What is the issue, can someone explain it? I wont quit playing pbe just because i dont have skins, still playing here to test patch changes, but then you can buy new skins or new champion its pretty good actually.
That's a lie, all new things in the shop are 1 BE.
: Akali W and Ultimate Bug
I said this earlier and riot doesn't do shit as always.
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: We might have trouble purchasing clash-tickets due to the recent problems so please implement one into our accounts.
: Workshop Nunu Feedback
Make bell noise as Willump wobbles please.
: Why call them High Noon when they are clearly Infernal/Nightbringer Skins?
: Please change the death animation Nunu, there is no need for it to be that way.
: You'll Be Able To Earn Mastery Points As Soon As Nexus Blitz Hits The Live Servers - That's What I've Been Told About Your Questions But The Rioter Was Assigned As A Part Of The Balancing Team So The Answer Is Not Much Reliable.
Wasn't talking about Mastery Points which you already earn, I'm talking about the Tokens for M6 and M7.
: Most eays way to shop don't overheart servers and make them down is to give everybody all content from game free and pop a message with new content added into accounts + MAYBE a short news section about changes. Contents: Champions, Skins, Icons, Wards, Emoticons, Borders... I see no point to buy them if PBE is just for testing.
Go and code that then. :)
: I think what he wants is the same as me, we dont own the champion because we are new and they cost a lot, A.Sol costs 6300 BE and you start level 30 so its harder to level up and buy the champion then buy the skin to try him out, its frustrating to go through all of this, we need at least some BE to buy some champs so that we can try the new skins, the dude is actually on point with this thread, maybe some guys can help? instead of being selfish because now you own all champs since you started earlier!! Board needs to be more helpful!!
You start off with 20k BE. Plus it's not like a champion is needed to be tested right now. They want Blitz and the skins to be tested not the champs really.
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: It's all recycled assets for now. That's what we'll be shipping with to live for our experimental run. We would likely do a ton of theming and visual work if it is successful and will be made into a permanent mode.
I'd actually prefer it over ARURF. This is really good fun, hope others think so too. Good luck on it.
: Nexus Blitz Temporarily Down *BACK UP NOW*
Hope the final look, look more original. Than just a smaller SR.
: Nexus Blitz Bug
Because maybe they're fixing it? Meaning it's not even a bug.
: Please Riot, help us.
All new things are worth 1 BE, nice try.
: I fail to see the correlation between this and my comment?
And I fail to see what recycle assets do with my post.
: I think he means things like sion being the payload. (Or starting items just being shaded certain colors)
FPS lag was due to riot, before that patch everything was fine. Now the bug is d/cing every game, again due to riot.
: They use recycled assets and while it is a bit annoying atm it will obviously be fixed once they replace the placeholder assets.
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: 3x Stacks, pretty sure its 3x (9 per small minion)
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: Suggestions for Bloodmoon Akali
BRING BACK OLD BLOOD MOON. You replaced a piece art for a piece of clown lookin' ass.
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: Can't buy any of the new icons recently added
Nothing is wrong, not everything is released on PBE right away. Deal with it. c=
: > [{quoted}](name=Sarah,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=y2uZdN8G,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-01T23:53:19.489+0000) > > Did you even get the joke or sarcasm? Your reply results into insulting and questioning my intelligence. Now that is more saddening. And you can't tell someone to post something just because you don't like it. They can post whatever they want. Its a forum not Belial Lucifer forum. Free speech! c= > > {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Yea... You confirm my suspicions. This is a forum for reporting "bugs" and giving "feature feedback". If you're not doing either of those, you're just clogging the boards. And no I don't get your sarcasm, because that is text, with no emotes whatsoever. Anyway all I gotta say is grow up a bit, if you behave this childish there's no need for you to be around here. Don't bother replying too, not gonna be reading it anyway, this ends here, thank you for understanding, in hopes of seeing you in better circumstances.
"I'm a big boi I don't mess with kids. Fear me!"
: > [{quoted}](name=Sarah,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=y2uZdN8G,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-01T23:01:12.390+0000) > > I don't like it. Did you even read what I wrote ? If not I'm not gonna bother, what can I say, what I explained isn't all that hard to comprehend, if you didn't understand that then further explaining this is just a waste of time. I hope you have a bigger brain than I think you do, because this is saddening.
Did you even get the joke or sarcasm? Your reply results into insulting and questioning my intelligence. Now that is more saddening. And you can't tell someone to post something just because you don't like it. They can post whatever they want. Its a forum not Belial Lucifer forum. Free speech! c= {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Error 004 pbe
: why do you not like it ? what's bad/good about it ? If you're gonna leave a post for RIOT, make constructive criticism, don't just complain like you did here. If you don't like it just like that, then you shouldn't bother posting as you're not helping anyone.
I don't like it.
You can make replay's if you do it on the end game screen after each game. Like I did. https://gfycat.com/PlumpBewitchedHorsefly
: Azir W in arurf needs 45 soldiers
ARURF is here till Sunday, they not testing anything. So they won't listen to feedback.
: Hextec Crafting BUGGED
but try and make the testing experience less inconvenient for the people who are willing to test your content for free. lol.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sarah,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=mkrFwpRA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-10T19:30:51.369+0000) > > Its been removed anyway. its being reverted.
Nimbus Cloak (S2) [Removed/reverted, expect it back in 8.11 for more testing!] I was right the first time. Nice try! c=
: nimbus cloak's too weak
Its been removed anyway.
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: [Store - Skins] Skins disappear
Beemo doesn't need testing.
: Orrn items recommended in the shop/not marked as disabled
If its not a problem and just an annoyance then what's the problem? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Cant buy any new skin from store after patch 8.9
Doesn't matter, those skins don't need testing. c= Have a good day.
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