: Leavers in every game
yeah. i've played 3 games with at least 1 afk in each of them. one of the games the enemy team said that 2 guys were afk and someone from my team said 'well, its pbe...' it seem that people think that it is just ok to leave the game just because it's pbe..
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: [Gangplank] Possible Tear bug?
manamune stacks with spells and autoattacks
: [BUG] Indefined name 4321
same happens to me, [screen shot](http://puu.sh/5ljmw.jpg)
: [Client] No character or announcer sounds
I think it is happening to everybody indeed. i asked during game and no one had sounds
: I was playing as {{champion:29}} and was in range of nexus with mid inhib down i turned on ult for style points and nexus didn't take damage.
this actually happened to me, outside of beta, I found that if i activated twitch ulti he wouldn't deal damage to nexus but i never thought about reporting it
: I agree, the cooldown needs to be shorter, Or grant vision of sighted units for a period of time, and the range should be semi global, close to 5000 range at maxed rank. IMO, it should be *Scrying Orb(Trinket): Active: Reveal a 300 Radius Area within 1500 Units for 1 second granting vision of revealed enemy champions for 3 seconds. 90 Second cooldown *Greater Orb(trinket) Active: Reveal a 500 Radius Area within 3000 units for 3 seconds granting vision of revealed enemy champions for 5 seconds. 90 second cooldown *Farsight Orb(trinket): Active: Reveal a 700 Radius Area within 4500 Units for 5 seconds granting vision of revealed enemy champions for 7 seconds. 75 Second Cooldown. IMO, that would actually cause the Blue Trinket to be taken on Mids or supports or Junglers to track the enemy jungler. or the check the status of Dragon without face checking.
agree, like you said, i dont feel theres any reason to pick it over any other trinket.
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: Oracles does not exist anymore.
oh, i didn't notice that. should have played more i guess
: [BUG] 2 Wriggle's Lanterns!?
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
I liked this game mode a lot but here are some of my thoughts: -I prefer this mode on SR than on HA because it allows for strategies but since it is supposed to be for fun it should be more fast paced like ARAM. Maybe more start gold and lvl 3 skills. -10 of the same champ could be better so that the match up is not dependent on the picks (it's not always the case but it can be sometimes) -maybe create a queue mode where you pick a champ and then get matched with people that also want to play that champs. it's annoying sometimes takes ages to start a game because someone leaves because they got a champion that they dont want or dont know how to play. ~~-why is teemo permabanned? oracles are not that expensive. 5 karthus can be a problem lol~~ -give numbers or colors to player names because it gets very confusing. --------- about bugs, i think i saw a team mate (riven) use flash while inside nami's bubble but i'm not sure. i asked him about it but he didnt answer.

wow much name

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