: About Transcendence rune in Snow URF
I dont think its optimal to build cdr items on urf
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: Fist Bump Ward
I think one can get it from mistery ward box?
: Suggestion: add capability to import custom item sets from a plain text string in item sets section
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: Extreme PBE Ping Issues
give them a break probably they need another 2 hour maintainance window
: Collecting Dark Harvest Souls cancels whatever you are inputting at that moment
I guess that was what happened when varus was charging his q and released it for no reason
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: Who is Zoe?
why I feel like everytime this game is turning more kiddy
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: Dark Harvester needs to be reworked to be the Death Fire Touch replacment
I think that scorch is the deathfire touch replacementm though if by any reason they want to bring a dft replacement on the new runes, I think that it would need a little tweak in the aoe vs single target damage, in example if an aoe ability hits a single target the burn damage or effect should count as single target
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: Fiddle Drain...bug?
thats normal I think vladimir pool was patched to make him no longer invulnerable
: Blitzcrank Epilepsy warning
how about the kayn transformation
: Purchasing Rune Pages doesn't increase number of pages
: Which are the runes that are used with azir?
magic penetration marks, scaling seal seals, scaling cooldown reduction glyphs, ability power quintessences
: This skin of katarina
to me looks like so rushed or so the concept just developed cheaply
: Riot ward costs 99999 rp
It seems like trolling with these prices
: From what i remember from older patchnotes, this isn't a bug. They fixed the skill redirecting with flash. It doesn't work on Cassiopeia ult or any other directional skill anymore. I may be wrong tho.
I tried cassiopeia ult flash in an aram game once like a month ago and it worked
: Death Sworn Katarina - Too Quiet
I noticed this too with project skin
: PSA: Putting More than 30 points in Your Mastery Page will remove your access to your Mastery Page
I never spent more than 30 mastery points ever, what happened is that I entered in an aram lobby tried to edit and save masteries, it said there was an error and couldnt edit masteries in lobby anymore, someone dodged and now it wont save masteries anymore no matter what I do
: So I spent like 4 hours opening capsules and then disenchanting 100+ champion shards into blue essence. Rito, you said you wouldnt change the blue essence and that i would keep it forever but now you have reset my 144 000 blue essence to only 20 000? im very sad and disappointed. could you revert it back to the old value please? heres the announcement for reference: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/6KrtEEwg-1018-pbe-status-faq?comment=0032 and he specifically said "We will not change your Blue Essence (or IP) amount. You can keep collecting that forever." Which is why I spent so much time opening capsules and disenchanting to collect essence for the future...
thank god I spent all my blue essence before that happened
: Use only 30 points, more than 30 points will result in failure.
tried that, doesnt work for me
: solution for the mastery page bug
I tried saving from 1 to 30 mastery points employed and deleting creating mastery pages, and ddin't work, the only way I can think of is to repairing the pbe installation it seems like a bug on server side
: After winning a match, won over 25 pages of rewards.
it happened to me after leveling from level 30 to 31, I wonder its gonna happen too on live once the reforged runes patch comes out
: 100+ Honor Capsules + I jumped to level 36
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: in have this problem too
I choose the second english setting language on launcher and now looks like it fixed it
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