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: 110% only? I honestly don't understand the reasons why people do this.. I asked a lot of people about this, and the only explanation is: She's boring, she is broken, I already played her bla bla.. I mean I'm not complaining cause I had the chance to play her several times until now, but theres a lot of people that didn't and it's pretty hard to get that oportunity.. In one for all, like my comerades said, it's banned permanently.. leaving no chance to play her.. In normals, the first to pick her wins, but theres a lot of people that doesn't accept that, if they don't get her.. they dodge.. I can tell you, by my experience trying to play her in normals, 6/10 games are dodges.. even Pyke wasn't that difficult to get.
its more then the chance to play we need to know if she is actually not working properly. the heavy bans happened with kayn too and he was on the live server able to removed kench from the play area like he wasnt working and he got banned alot on pbe
: > [{quoted}](name=i didnt hack lol,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=f39kWuoA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-25T20:35:18.423+0000) > > do u really think that they are working on it x) this bug happend over 1week and still not fixed so propablly this is their last problemme{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Surely they're working on it, but it's very likely that it's a low priority. Understandably so; the issue only affects a small amount of people while Riot is on a short schedule to get all the bugs that *would* carry over to live out of the game.
no its most likely very low priority the stuff that needs to be tested costs 1 ip and akali costs ip also im sure they care but it has to be low priority {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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: yeah i had the same issue, shes trying to sound girly and cute when it just doesn't call for it.... i would prefer a more deeper slightly serious tone of voice if you wanted a rouge assasin try to convey that to the voice actor instead of assuming that everything even serious champions should have a "kawaii" voice no matter how unfitting it is i don't like hearing her saying in a "cute" voice "there are over 300 pressure points in the body cant protect them all :)" i would rather her say that in maybe something like Katarina's voice like "there are over 300 pressure points in the body no one can protect them all..." in sort of a smug tone not in a silly way shes not akali the silly assassin. i never got this about riot, it creates more personality when you give that character a deeper tone like she sounds like this serious assassin but she says stuff that make her seem light-hearted she presents herself as this serious skilled assassin but still says shes not in it purely for the killing, i don't know it just seems annoying and unfitting.
yeah you are 100% the muscular murder machine ninja sounds like {{champion:142}} come on rito
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: Hey! Currently Wolf stops hunting monsters once you reach 6 stacks. The passive is meant to reward you for doing risky things and invading the enemy jungle to poach specific camps. Past a certain point in the game the jungle really opens up and becomes a lot less dangerous to invade, especially as you being tearing through camps super quickly. I will update the tooltip to reflect this, it will be at the bottom. Thank you and please keep the feedback coming!
the enemy team really should be able to see what camp you are going to. its too risky as kindred they aren't a strong enough early game champ to just walk in the enemy jungle nor are they good enough at escaping to do so either having to counter jungle for it is fine but it being announced where you need to go becomes to big of a risk and will surely lose more games then 1.25% damage will win
: Kindred Passive
if you are strong enough to counter jungle with out worry as kindred you are probably passed the 6 stack limit for monsters its too risky to counter jungle when they know where you are going
: Thoughts On PROJECT Yasuo Retexture To Go With The Other PROJECT Skins?
i think Yasuo all the project skins are clearly based off of metal gear cyborgs and Yasuo is meant too look like jet stream Sam how is less robot and likes way different from all the rest even is ally's and i mean the all look like some one from the metal gear series if you want side by sides ill be happy to give them to you although I am sure some one beat me to it


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