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: This should already be a given, I cannot even comprehend why this must be told every single time a champ or a group of champions receive changes... This obviously needs to be re-stated over and over again; the whole reason the PBE exists is to test champions and game play (to an extent) not allowing people test those champions essentially makes PBE a waste of resources quite frankly. Honestly, none of the mages/supports should be banned since we should also be looking at item synergy between them.
To be fair that last part is like saying that no champions should be banned because we want to see how the interactions between them and the reworked champions/items work out.
: fatal pbe error
I got the same message, I repaired and it didn't go away. :( Do I need to fresh install?
: Question: Do the Assassin Mastery and Double Edged Sword Multiply Thunderlord's Damage?
: Missing Asset
: 1. The Q has a hit radius around Poppy herself precisely for that reason (so you would still hit someone you stunned even if you aimed backwards). However you are right in that due to the abrupt movement in positioning aiming the Q precisely after the E is rather difficult. I'm not too sure how to resolve this, because the direction you would want to lay Q would differ each time. 2. There is a light (and sound) that concentrates on Poppy's buckler as it is to come online for this, tell me if it gets better with more playthroughs and you know what cues to look (and hear) for 3. BUG, will be fixed tomorrow 4. I'll look into that, thanks for the pointer!
Maybe increase the Q to slightly behind her as well. I find it really clunky to hit anything with her e-q currently.
: Mordekaiser can hurt and kill himself with Sated Devourer, and it gives him the kill.
: Red floating circle
You do realize that's to show where an enemy ward was at one point? They added that into the game now.
: Zeke's is dependent on a second champion unless you want to forgo half of the item's effective uses. Maw needs the lifesteal removed so it's not a band aid vs AP champs and Merc needs to be a situation item rather than a 1 size fits all item it's becoming.
You only asked for another AP+Armor item :P In all seriousness though, they should revert Merc back to what it was. The maw changes needed to happen as it was an item that only Bruisers would ever pick up and ADC's would never touch, but i can see removing the 10% spellvamp on the lifeline. Also, while they should consider making another AP+Armor item, Moonflair Spellblade {{item:3170}} should be added to SR. Although they might need to remove the tenacity from it considering that merc treads is the only source of it now.
: "Done" button in champ select says "**Done" instead
It's probably because you can still change your mind on your skin.
: Except most AP Casters are based around CC, in which case any AD can purchase a QSS and call it a day. Show me more than 1 item that's AP + Armor aside from Zhonyas. Now look at all the items that afford AD / MR.
Zeke's and Zhonya's, vs, Maw and Merc. Same Number of items.
: In all other instances of items giving health, besides life steal, it is read as either "heals" or "restores health". Doran's Shield, for example, says "Restores 6 Health every 5 seconds". Maybe it should work like Armor Penetration and use a flat number, like "+5.0 Life Steal". If Riot wants to try something new, that's fine. I would just prefer better consistency when it's only 1 item in question.
They could say "+5 health restored per basic attack hit" but it doesn't need to be that complicated. You also can't say "+5.0 lifesteal" because life-steal by it's very definition is a percentage of damage done by your autoattack. Probably the biggest reason they say life on "+x life on hit" is that the only other mechanic which is similar on items, is called "lifesteal".
: Stop banning the champions that got updated/changed
I'm also going to point out that the item changes affect all ad's, so don't ban anyone with an auto-attack. This makes it so that we can see how the item's also affect characters (Old AP YI, when he was always intended to be AD). Edit: Also if you're a person who dodges when a new champ gets banned. Stop it. I hate having 1.5 hour queue times due to dodging.
: Cull Life On Hit
Because life is the representation of how much health you currently have. If it said +5 health on hit, that would mean that your max health is increasing by 5 with each hit (machine gun tank kog mwahahahhahaha). Where as when you gain 5 life on hit, your champions current health is increased by 5 up to it's maximum value.
: [PBE - 5.22] Adjustments to Killstreak Bounty Rules and Bounty Displays
On the opposite side of the bounty changes, are there any changes to gold value reset of champions who get behind, or is it still the same as live?
: is server online ?? No it's not online, patcher is bugged though.
: Herald and Baron buff together
They do not. Baron overrides herald buff.
: In early: yes, you can overcome damage with pots but in late: 50% ability power/20% bonus AD is gonna hurt over these 3 seconds. EDIT: and 5 seconds less won't fix the keystone, it has be low cooldown (like I said, Deathfire Touch has 0 cd but it's DOT). Either make it engage tool (weak slow) or make it 10-15secondish (more burst potential).
The biggest issue with giveing TL Decree 0 CD is all attack speed adc's are gonna want it (especially kog), as it also procs off of attacks. Whereas deathfire only procs off of spells which helps to gate it. It could use a slight increase in ratios, but with low cooldowns it will be better for adc's than mages. Personally I'd rather see it replaced with a better keystone as it simply seems like it's trying to fill 2 niches at once (fervor is for autoattacks, bloodlust is for crit based attackers, Deathfire is for casters, and thunderlord is for attack/casters) which is why it's so weak. Maybe something like "every 30 secs, your next auto attack marks an enemy champion increasing all damage your spells do to them by ?%", this would be more of a burst caster keystone, whereas then deathfire would be more of a DoT caster keystone. (I really need to try singed with this one, the only issue would be that i'd be going 18 into resolve instead of ferocity. But just imagine all the chasing.)
: Could the new Graves be a top laner?
He is, on PBE over the last few days, i've pretty much played exclusively top graves. He only hard loses to darius (suprise, suprise). His lane bullying is extremely strong top lane, even vs other adc's (haven't played vs a gnar yet, he might be decent against him). However his main weakness is that he pushes waves too easily leading to easier ganks, and if graves isn't good at playing him when he gets behind, he can't come back for a while. But typically i can take top tower in first 7 min as graves. Personally i feel that while his early needs to be toned down a tad, It's actually in a decent position right now.
: Cull is an inefficient purchase compared to Doran's Blade
> [{quoted}](name=Euphoem,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=ycriGlUH,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-01T23:04:08.716+0000) > > The potential gold you can get from Cull is 100+300+180= 580 - 450 = 150 G. So you get 150 G if you cs perfectly at 11 minutes and if you forsake the extra stats of the a Doran's Blade. 150 G. That's practically nothing, but that's your **potential **gain. The potential gain you get from a doran's blades is 450 - 180 = -270. Meaning you take a gold loss. Also learn math 580 - 450 = 130. meaning using only what's listed only the item's, you are up 400g from your opponent by taking cull and finishing it. > On the other hand, if you opt to start a Doran's blade instead, you get 80 HP and +3 AD and 3% lifesteal that greatly compliments the new mastery changes and can scale. These small stats that you gain by choosing Doran's Blade instead of Cull are vastly, immensely, and exponentially more valuable than the measly 150 G. Cull gives 5 AD and 3 life on hit. Now early game 3 life on hit is more effective than 3% lifesteal as you need 100 AD to break even (if they have 0 armor) for lifesteal compared to life on hit. In addition cull gives you money to set you up for the late game. Now in the bot lane it's more efficient to take doran's blade as you remain in lane longer (and thus have more gold and time to reach that 100 AD). However cull is aimed more at top and mid laner's who tend to have more farming efficiency and tend to back earlier to buy. The HP of doran's in nice, but with the fact that cull has superior early sustain, on top of the sustain that top laners normally have this makes it a better item for most ad top laners and a decent item for certain AD mid matchups. > Most people hang on to their Doran's for a long time. That's how valuable and gold efficient it is. The lane phase power that Doran's Blade offers is too much to ignore. Why would anyone want a potential +150 G when they might lose just as much or even more gold because they were denied CS in lane as a result of Cull being weaker than Doran's Blade? Another big reason most people hold on to Doran's Blade for a long time because if they sell it, they are taking a loss in money value of items. So even though they may be up by 300 gold on the other laner in terms of gold they've made, if they sell doran's blade to buy something they're just putting their actual item value at the same level as their opponents. Also they hold onto it because they tend to have room for it in their inventories and it doesn't make sense to get rid of it when it doesn't cost them anything to do so. (Same reason people hold on to cull after it's passive has finished, except you don't feel bad for selling it, unlike doran's blade) > If cull could upgrade, however, then it might actually be worth while. It makes sense for it to upgrade into Vampiric Sceptre both stat wise and visually even. So, why doesn't it? Riot's done plenty of posts of this (you can check old forums for them), the reason starting items don't build into anything is because they are extremely stat efficient at the cost of losing gold when you sell them later. Cull merely provides it's stat efficiency in the form of giving you gold. > Either do something about Cull or remove it from the game. It doesn't add any strategic diversity or a meaningful choice at all. On the contrary it opens up at least one more start for players.
: Thunderlord's Decree and its purpose in game.
Deathfire touch happens over 3 secs, this means that potion counter it. Also it means if you move under tower after hitting an enemy, you will be drawing turret aggro. However i do agree that 30 secs is a pretty long cooldown for TL, it should prob be lowered to 25-ish.
: Champ Select Bug Found
Games with kindred in them won't start
: Ekko Feedback Thread
Does his ultimate's base heal apply only to the damage done to him or will it overheal? ex: he takes 50 damage and level 1 ults back 4 secs, does his life recover the full 100 base heal + the 20%, or just 50?
: Zilean 5.4 changes (discussion and known bugs)
It sounds amazing. How long do the bombs stun for? Also when tossing the bomb what's the search priority, Enemy champs>enemy creeps>allied champs>allied creeps or champs>creeps?
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Eternum Rek'Sai!
For some reason eternum rek'sai's tunnels are indestructible, while the base skin's tunnels are destructible.
: Why is normal blind and draft pick keep getting disabled?
I refer you to this thread. AKA team builder only time on pbe.
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: Can the health bars not rapidly deplete?
It does the same for turrets as well too, just putting that out there.
: Yes it should considering the pbe server is NA based.
Actually I doubt the NA server move will also affect the PBE server. Mostly because they haven't posted anything about it when they normally would, and because there is really no reason for them to. Unlike NA servers the PBE deals with smaller amounts and updates more frequently; rather than sending the updates half the country away practically everyday when they update it, it would make more sense for them to simply leave the servers at their HQ in cali.
: Does Mercury treads and Elixir of Iron stack?
tenacity is a unique passive that reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds, polymorphs, and immobilizes by 35%. Since it is a unique passive, the tenacity buff gained from both sources would not stack. However the slow resistance would stack with {{item:3009}}.
: This is also happening to me, except for i cannot click Accept on the EULA because it is too far zoomed in, meaning i can't play on the PBE until it is fixed.
> This is also happening to me, except for i cannot click Accept on the EULA because it is too far zoomed in, meaning i can't play on the PBE until it is fixed. I can barely click accept so I guess I'm a little better off.
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: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
I feel that the {{item:3165}} changes are awesome, but there is another items that needs to be looked at {{item:3123}} Executioner's calling I understand why it is very tricky to balance it do to the worth of the grievous wounds it applies (and how they are applied), however could AD get an effective anti-heal item, any change to EC would be welcome, (maybe remove the crit chance it currently gives and replace it with something else) I also understand that it is easier to buff morello's since it's passive has a health threshhold that needs to be crossed. However you could make it so that EC has a threshhold as well. (It is an executioner's blade) Here's an idea for it. {{item:3123}} **Executioners calling** --- Phage+Longsword+315=2000 1325+360+315=2000 40 AD UNIQUE Passive - Rage: Basic attacks grant 20 Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Kills grant 60 Movement Speed instead. This Movement Speed bonus is halved for ranged champions UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks inflict Grievous Wounds on enemy champions below 40% Health for 1.5 seconds on hit. --- This kills off two birds with one stone, it makes EC a little more worthwhile to pick up, while giving phage another buildpath (it is the only part of the triforce that builds into only 1 thing, not 3) --- This is just a thought though do whatever you want with it. However please seriously consider giving it buffs or at least explain why it is okay for morello's to have decent slot efficiency but not EC.
: [Major] After destroying inhibitor turret game keeps crashing and gives Bug Splat
: Team Builder Unable to Join Group
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: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
My Swain builld liked the mana regen on the new wota though ... If vlad abuses wota again in the future, can we return back to the previous iteration of it?


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