: Yes, but a heal or shield keeps your teammate alive so you assisted them. Casting your W doesn't assist in any way.
It makes enemy change their position/positioning/playstyle/strategy
: Placing your lust dust on an enemy doesn't actually do anything until you hurt them, so you didn't actually assist in the kill, so you shouldn't get an assist right?
You take an ACTION on enemy so it should be an assist. If you HEAl teammate who take a kill you get an assist. But you didnt even do anything to enemy. And the game pushes you to wait 2.5 sec with W so it for sure must get an assist in every way.
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: They aren't telling you to always use it the way that it's made... Those who can think outside the box with their ability use will be a lot more successful, hell they even showcased just using ulti to get INTO range for the rest of her kit.... There is obviously an optimal situation but more than that there are multiple ways to use the kit.
I mean if they didnt not place % dmd on ult, but just fine scalings - you could be able to use it whenever you want to without wasting dmg and she wont become less healthy
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: FEEDBACK ON Runes Reforged and Preseason Changes from a PBE player
There were some chnges in runes yeserday or so, it seems. Resolve need some love. [GOTA, DEMOLISH, FOL are great. revitalized and second wind also fine] .IRON SKIN and MIRROR and CONDITIONING - do really feel like a joke, even if they stack they still look uninspiring. They should be a lot more powerful. .PERSEVERANCE has same problem - same as Passives that trigger after death (Kogs, previous Zyra's). So rune seems to be like supporting rune for when your summoners on cd, but in fact it pushes you to always have one on cd, which is wrong. And also Tenacity+SlowRes - really? .OVERGROTH feels underpowered. .AFTERSHOCK - replacement for Courage, but the actual shield was a lot better for you and for enemy, who could clearly see that now you shielded. WIth this adds of mres and armor this will be less cool for player and clarity will suffer. .I am quite confused with some placements of runes. Like GHOST PORO in (!)Domination(?) like ehm, aint such thing feels better in Sorcery/Inspiration trees? or PHASE RUSH in sorcery, it really feels like something from Domination. I know that ap midders use it, but what about ad laners, will they find other percs in Sorcery tree usefull? .SCORCH in Sorcery is underpowered
: Champions who can get perfect rune combinations are superior champions than those who do not.
: My thoughts on Evelynn's rework broken down
"AD Scalings I speak for a majority of the Evelynn main base when I say "I want AD Scalings on the new Evelynn back"." I am for it
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: Dare I ask that you revert the Sejuani bug fix?
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: Why would anyone want skillshot over smartcast? Skillshot is a crutch to help players learn their champions' abilities' ranges, and while it was good at the beginning, after I learned smartcast, I never went back to skillshot, because it slowed down my reaction time, which can mean life or death in trades. If anything, having champions have abilities where smartcast is the only option is even more helpful for players to pick up smartcast, and improve their game. Then again, it could just be a bug, but I don't play skillshot, so I wouldn't know if the option is still there at all, lol :P
When I play Urgot (lol) this possibility of knowing the range of ability is important for me. it is even more helpful when you start to play unknown champ
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: New HUD Feedback
The ratio of the size of the window with mana and health too contrasting to the window of kills (on the right), which is to dont let the first close my floor screen I have to endure the inability to see the icons on the right. (they are too small) There have to be an ability to open "extra menu" of stats without using keyboard. Like it was before. Also maybe ability to open Tab menu without keyboard, would be great too.
: Tahm Kench, The River King
Join to those, who liked the idea of champ. I do like the type of autoattacks, tongue? - it is gorgeous. Some ideas from me. In order _**Passive**_ - it is second consecutive champion with a passive type "3 stacks" {{champion:245}} The following one shall not be so. In fact it is not even a passive 3 stacks, it passives "3 stacks + something more" What gives problems. As stated below (above) it would be better If when you apply the third stack with Q - the aim will be stunned immediately. Then, passive (maybe) needs something else. Another extra parts. Ekko{{champion:245}} use his passive as one the best sourses of damage, but Tamh...maybe- 1) Autoattacks that slow enemy move speed. maybe just slow move speed after applying third stack? 2) Maybe he has to gain a Grey Health (E) also by attacking? 3) Gain a move speed boost? That will be bigger after landing each attack? mh? mm? _**Q**_ - kind of great, still need some more interactions (or passive part). It is supposed to be the main damage-dealling ability. However it seems to be too hard to hit (harass) enemy. Minions, champs. - I am not pro, but it is hard to hit skilled enemy by this. Too hard maybe, So thats why maybe, just maybe he needs a passive to his Q. There was an idea to let him gain a 450 more range after landing a couple of attacks, and it feels like great idea, so he would be able to harras (poke) enemy a little. And it would be better if he was able to use W while Q'ing not only minions but a champs too. _**W**_ - truly needs an UNIQUE range indicator. And maybe it would be better if throwing minions was not a skillshot, but target location. (Like Q(W,E) of Ziggs for example. So Tahm would be able too poke enemy a little. _**E**_ - maybe just a little bit more healing. _**R**_ - ~~MORE INDICATORS TO THE GOD OF INDICATORS.~~
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: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
Hi. Played a litlle with him today, and 1 idea came to my mind. What do u think about the idea of putting a little slow effect on W, when an enemy stap on it? in fact it can be like U can heal an ally, or slow an enemy.
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