: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
This looks pretty cool. Some questions: 1. Does the RR clone spawn in obviously bad locations or relatively near enemy champions? For example, does it spawn in the enemy fountain/under indestructible turrets? 2. Does the RR clone come from fog of war out of enemy vision, or just instantly appear anywhere on the map including in vision? 3. Is the functionality of R similar to Karma's current R (Mantra)? 4. What is Leblanc's Q if Sigil of Malice was moved to passive? 5. When R copies a spell, does it cast at the same target as the original? i.e. does RW have the clone W to exactly where Leblanc W'd? Does RE have the clone chain where Leblanc chained? Is 2 chainz still possible? 6. What happens if you W, then RW, then W back? Does the clone keep going somewhere? 7. Is the clone created from R still controllable? 8. Does the Sigil of Malice created from R-enhanced spells deal more damage than the regular Sigil of Malice? 9. Does the clone created from R apply or proc Sigil of Malice on targets it hits? Thanks.


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