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: I play Lulu a lot and she's my favorite champion. So first things first - Thank you for creating this skin for her! Now I don't mind the whole green theme, the color scheme is awesome, it's quite refreshening. And I don't mind the young and happy vibe I'm getting from her (instead of mysterious and trixtery) because it's supposed to fit the whole ANIMU KAWAII WEEB NYA theme. Her pix is incredibly adorable, her model face is sooooo cute, the sound effects are GLORIOUS, the recall is just full of greatness, Lovin' the Q vfx and Lovin' her w vfx, her enemy E effect is fun and fulfilling, But her shield. Her shield effect. This better not be the final form( ;3) Her basic shield is even more complex than that. Her dragon trainer shield with a green recolor could even look better, it's soo simple comparing to her other skins that cost the same price or even less! I suggest adding glowy linear texture around these stars that would seem a little transparent (clarity). Winged shapes or heart shapes like her staff with the star inside would help this shield look better. Even a few sparkles like in the base and in the winter wonder skin will help with adding depth. Heck, even adding a green wave animation (like in dragon trainer shield) will make it look sophisticated enough. I'm sorry about the way it will sound, but It's like "yay, lets just put some shinny stars over there and call it a day" Same goes with her ult. It's not as bad as the shield, but once again it seems too simple comparing to her other skins. She knocks up with a tree on her base and ult skins. A TREE . How cool is that?? She knocks up with a SAND CASTLE on pool party. IT'S AWESOME! But here it's... Just a star ladder or something... I hope it's not too late for the knock up effect tbh. I'm also talking about the effect on the floor, all of her ults are 2 circles with a swirly effect on the floor between them. The boarders could use some upgrade imo And besides.... Please don't miss the opportunity to create a magical circle out of her ult :c (like fma/Cardcaptor sakura... You know what I'm sayin :D)
: [Various minor bugs] Mordekaiser (see description)
Regarding bug #2: I'm pretty sure that it's not a bug. The ghost receive 100% of Mordekaiser's bonus AD, and 15% of Mordekaiser's health. Meanwhile, Mordekaiser that gets 25% of the enemy's bonus health and 30% of the enemy's AP.
: Guinsoo's and Vayne (and other champions)
I think their intentions with this changes are to grant you access to phantom hits, but only after a certain period of fighting. This way, champions like Xin Zhao, Jax, Vayne, etc; won't burst you down immediately thanks to Rageblade itself. I do agree that late game Vayne can access phantom hits within 3 seconds of constant aa. However, I suppose this isn't by far different from Kog Maw's strategy as a late game hyper-carry.
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: thats actually a good point, but whats sure is that if it resets the basic attack animation, it will automaticly summon a ghoul. Or at least thats how I know {{champion:83}} Q
As someone who played {{champion:83}} for a bit, the Q always reset the auto attack timer. However, it only summon the ghoul on champions, minions, and monsters - never on structures or wards, at least for as far (and long) as I played him....
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