: No. But everyone is waiting for it to come :)
Oh. Would indeed be surprising I wouldn't have seen it sooner if it really was available. Thanks :)
: This has been happening since yesterday's afternoon (worked fine in the morning and every day before that). **I cannot center the camera on my champion no matter how much I try.** I have always used F1 but no matter how much I press it, it won't work. Even putting a different hotkey would fail to center the camera. I repaired PBE and still nothing. I use spacebar as /laugh by the way. Edit: Reset'd it to default, spacebar works but F1 for some reason won't do ANYTHING. And my key works just fine in other games / applications. Actually no other key will work but spacebar. Not num 4, not +, not f1 f2 f3 f9, none of them. Just spacebar. ---------------- Here's another issue that arose after the TF line missile changes on Wild cards: It's been more than 40 days and still not fixed... http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4195077
Oh, so you're that kind of guy who goes laughing with {{champion:122}} every teamfight :3
: Replays doesn't work at the moment.
: When you open a sub-community, check on right side of the page, there are guidelines that may help you! :)
: Well, first, you posted in wrong sub-community (everything site related(even site bugs) should be posted on Site Feedback). Second, it might take some time to level up you on forums. ;)
I hesitated about the sub-community where I should post this; looks like I had one chance out of two, and got the wrong one x) Anyway, thanks for the answer :)
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: This is not a bug, they put in place holder names all the time.
: Why don't you guys make the Summoner Spells just like the Items are?
Making all spells dragable would be awesome :D Could quickly change hotkeys on the air, without need to modify settings; thus adapting to various situations.
: You too? I was starting to get worried that it was an issue with my internet. But yeah, I'm getting a lot of lag when logging in and starting games - that is, getting to the champion select page. Once I get to that part I'm fine.
: Problems with connecting to the chat
I can play, but the chat won't work x)
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: Blue Squares
Got it on huge AOEs in ARAM, on Live server though.
: Common bug in game. When I clicked tab in game to view players stats, I couldn't see anyone's summoner icons, they are all grey boxes to me, on both teams. Il create another thread so I can add a picture if you would like to see it.
There are already several threads about this :)
: [Feb 28] OS Compatibility Test
Updated pretty well, about 1.5min of waiting on 33% while calculating diff and then finished smoothly. Currently testing game features, will update if news. For info, I'm on Win7Pro SP1.
: Thank you.
Although Live community can be pretty upsetting sometimes, the job Riot has done is amazing, and the PBE community is a warm place to be ! From all my heart, thanks !
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: [patch] Latest PBE patch would not download
try relaunching the client when this happens; it solved a similar problem to me. Force close it if he's reluctant to x)
: can anyone tell me what this on minion's head mean?
just.. how did you notice these 4 pixels ? xD I've learned something today x)
: Heimer Swag Not Correctly Executed
I have to disagree with you guys; I personally really like the new walk animation speed, it synergises pretty well with his bouncing hair :D
: I can confirm this. Happened when i was going to try heimerdinger and the varus skin. The client tries to repare the game but when you go to custom game again, samething happens. The corrupted files were something about nexus, destroyed nexus and chaox nexus i believe. EDIT: after another repare it worked. I'm playing as heimerdinger now!
I validate the fact that the built-in repair worked for me !
: For me, on a recent mac, when i buy a pack, the client crash up to 3 minutes. Maybe by my internet connection, but this bug is only on the PBE client. (Sorry for my bad english x) MAJ : I find this bug only for the champion pack, not for others buys!
that happened to me too. I guess it's because of the massive data load the client gets when insta-adding ALL the champions xD I'm on Win7 btw.
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
wow, those bots avoid skillshots pretty good !!
: Game Loading
Had it in normal game with Heimer; a handful of people have experienced this with Varus, not necessarily new skin.
: [Heimerdinger - Recall]
Also have this bug; the smoke animation from the rocket's still there, but not the rocked anymore. Globally very nice VU, congrats !!
: Trying to enter a game as Arctic Ops Varus caused game to crash, forcing a re-install of the client.
Same issue with {{champion:74}}, regular skin. Ran auto-client repair, seems to have solved the issue. Looks like some files got corrupted at some point during the update.
: Why does the PBE runs better than the Live in-game?
Well, the PBE's usually a fresh install. You could try to delete all your LoL folder and reinstall it from scratch, it would probably clean things a little bit and give you similar PBE performance on "live" install. Just personal thoughts though, no guarantee it'll change a thing.
: [Item] Remove Wriggles Lantern
Hello, Wriggle's viable on Lee Sin, as he can ward-dash to go through nearly anything. Otherwise I must admit it feels pretty useless ^^
: It happened to me as well on ARAM Live. If it is caused by people dodging, the message is wrong, but I think it's a bug, because it happened to me twice in the exact moment I hit the reroll button. Moreover, **after this happened, my group got dissolved while each of us stood in the queue**, so we had to cancel the search for game, remake the group and start the search again.
Oh yeah, these problems with queue partial following after a party gets dissolved happened to me several times, only on live though. I'll try to repro. this on PBE once I find a group of people to test it :)
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
Something that happens pretty often with bots is that they hesitate, go back and forth over a very short distance, which blocks them on one place and so they become very gank-vulnerable, and practically inactive, even if it usually lasts only a few seconds.
: Vel'Koz In-Game Icon
I agree about the confusing icon on the minimap.
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