: just dont pick and you should be abstaining...
Nope it's a dodge, or at least it was 3 minutes before I made that comment
: One for All is coming to PBE
What happened to the option to abstain when voting for a champ to play?
: I think Zoe put them all to sleep.
: Zoe portrait looks really bad. Is it a placeholder?
Yes they sometimes now ship new champions to PBE with a placeholder splash (otherwise its just an empty black splash during loading). The first one to have a placeholder was Camille. This fits the art style of placeholders
If I were to hazard a layman's guess, that was there for debugging so that Riot could quickly drop one of each active and make sure they all worked right in bubble form, and then someone forgot to remove it. Complete speculation.
: Shouldn't pax skins get a special one?
: **Changes! ** **Currently on PBE!** * **Kayle **Joke > Idle1 * **Mordekaiser **Idle3 > Laugh > Idle1 * **Rumble **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Shen **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Viktor **Idle3 > Idle4 > Idle1 **On PBE tomorrow!** * **Akali **Taunt > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Alistar **Idle4 > Idle3 > Idle1 * **Ashe **Idle5 > Idle2 * **Janna **Idle2 > Joke > Idle1 * **Leona **Taunt > Idle3 > Idle1 * **Lux **Idle3 > Taunt * **Morgana **Laugh > Dance > Idle1 * **Renekton **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 **On PBE Monday!** * **LeBlanc **Joke > Idle1
> [{quoted}](name=Ququroon,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AOE2y1J5,comment-id=001f,timestamp=2017-02-24T01:18:52.145+0000) > * **Akali **Taunt > Idle2 > Idle1 Bless The first one made me so sad after I was so excited for a recall emote, because Idle3>Idle1 is basically what she does now while recalling, just reversed. Thank you!{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: and whats so important to afking in select in a blind mode?. Its gives you more time to think
If you're thinking about your pick you aren't AFK. AFK means Away From Keyboard. As in you are just out of the room. Doing something else. Not present with your team in champion select, not selecting a champion.
: lock in in modes
Because that's how the queue works now, they're trying to transition all queues over to lock-in being required. It's just a design value they have, in order to keep people from AFKing in champ select.
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
Here's my take after playing it for a bit. 1) It just feels... unsatisfying. It's very short, I barely get 4 items, and it is really just go kill someone they kill you someone else kills them... and then eventually you respawn and get out just in time to kill the last man standing from that fight. And then the next enemy up kills you. Rinse repeat. In most of my games, the teams have had nearly the same amount of kills because of the nature of assassins. They are upfront burst on a target to kill them, and then they can't do much until their admittedly not-too-long cooldowns are done. This is a problem if you blow your load to kill someone, and then another assassin walks up and blows their load on you, because you can't do anything since you've already done your thing, and everyone you see will do that to you. 2) Demon/Herald. I have a lot of problems with the herald. The rest of the game is practically irrelevant; the team that gets more heralds will almost always win. And it's not just because the better team will get more heralds, it's because getting herald gets you a full 10% of the way to winning. That would be like if killing normal Rift Herald destroyed an enemy turret and a half. That would be silly. The herald giving 30/300 points needed to win just tips the game so much because, as aforementioned, kills are pretty much equal, so both teams are moving about the same pace to winning, and then after killing herald one team just gets jumped ahead a few miles. And then they continue to go at an even pace, so they just reach 300 faster because they got the herald. 3) The ghosts are pretty much irrelevant because of the issue with heralds. Why bother going for a 3 point ghost when you can just kill some people going for yours and then take a herald. Boom you win. Need a ton of ghost kills to match it, and its not really noticeable if either team is getting more ghosts; they're really only useful for getting stacks for the super buff. I've once almost come back using the ghosts as a big help, but the problem is the other team can just go kill one or two ghosts and win if they're already close to winning, and since you can't see them, and there are so many ghosts, you can't really tell where they'll go, so you can't really stop them from taking it. (This is as opposed to ascension, with a similar objective mechanic). 4) I'd say there are a few ways of fixing this. Any combination of fixes could do, I wouldn't know. A definite must is making the game last longer, probably by increasing the point goal. Reducing Herald point value would be good, or increasing its spawn timer. Ghosts should either have their point value increased or removed. They should either feel worthwhile for winning the game or a mechanic for getting kills ready. I'm favorable to increasing value. With increased value, it would be good to make it so that any enemy nearby gets shown on map, or some other means of being able to know where to go to make a holdout to attempt a comeback Overall, I absolutely love the concept of this mode and have been really excited about it since I saw the assets go out yesterday, but it needs some adjustments to make it more satisfying and interesting. Right now it feels very repetitive. Also, and I know it's been asked a lot, but I think having a wider champion pool would be good, as defensive items are removed anyway, and due to the value of kills, only champions who could viably build hard damage would actually get play, however it would feel a bit less forced and a bit less trade killing all the time
: Where is Shen
Off in builds-full-tank land. Ninja =/= Assasssin
: It's so laggy though
Yes, however they intend to eventually make the new client the only option, which is why they are making it. It's currently a beta in order to fix issues like lag. It wouldn't make sense to spend time and resources to enable practice mode on the legacy client when they plan on disabling it in the sort-of-distant-future. When you use the new client, make sure you check the options and insure that low-spec mode is on
: Yes actually. About 1k away or so but when I proc it nothing shows up and just goes back on cooldown.
Show up in what way? It does not reveal (I had suspected it would upon reading, like his old E), so all that shows up is the blood hunt mark over the nearest champion and move speed in their direction, and a blood trail should form assuming you aren't to cluttered with blood trails already to see it. I suspect that your issues may be related to some bugs/clunkiness of the movespeed portion of his blood trail, it is very inconsistent and seems to speed you up in strange directions sometimes instead of directions it should speed you up. Personally, I haven't had any issues with the active of his W, so we shall see what happens when Riot looks into this group of bugs. If you could create a video of what you are referring, it would be massively helpful in identifying the specific bug and causes.
: When he's hit by a snare, he's able to slightly move if an enemy is within the range of his Q. He can't jump to the other side of them but he's still able to move his position slightly.
This may be a by-product of the dash on his Q (definitely when locked, need to confirm not locked) making him immune to disruption for the duration. You can see this if you aggro the dragon and time your Q correctly to jump as it does the knock back effect (similar timing to using Yi's Q to dodge it). It will say "Immune to disrupts".
: For some reason, the active on the W fails to find anyone and goes straight on cooldown without a blood hunt. Sometimes the W passive red aura pops but the movement speed isn't added. Missing ult reduces it's cooldown by ten seconds. Don't know if it's a bug or not. That's all I have currently.
Do you have any enemy champions in range (at any health) when you activate the W? Because the active is NOT global, it has a range but works for any health of champion.
: Warwick Pupdate Bug Thread!
The blood trail seems very clunky at the moment. As far as I can tell, it seems to work along the path that you would autopath if you right clicked on them from wherever you are. However, sometimes it will work only in weird directions, like away from champions, at a diagonal to them, sometimes parallel to them. For some of them, it appears it may be some sort of wraparound of the map causing it to get confused on the shortest route. Other times, there will be enemies under 150 health halfway through a game that I'm chasing who are close enough to be on screen in with a direct line of travel to them, and it won't activate the move speed even after the combat cooldown. Sometimes they won't even leave the visual trail; they are well under the tripling point. I love the blood trail mechanic, it's very thematic and leads to intriguing gameplay, but currently it's inconsistencies can make it very frustrating. I think the best way to do it is have the bonus speed whenever you are on the visual, sort of like a nocturne Q trail, but only when you are following it towards the source. Assuming the technology is there. ~Wakfi
: Akali is still weak.
They specifically haven't once touched her Q, and I like that, because its an important part of her kit, her identity, and where most of her damage comes from in her burst. I don't want to see her Q buffed because if they ever need to nerf her, that gives them more reason to nerf it. Into the ground, of course. The REAL issue, as seen on /r/akalimains and as shown by the top Akali players such as Best Akali FL is her shroud. Shroud placement had so much skill potential and is really where the skill aspect of Akali was. It's what allowed people to reach into the highest ELO's using mostly/only Akali, there was just so much skill and outplay potential just with placing it, that's how versatile it is. I, and this sentiment is echoed by a lot of other Akali mains, don't particularly want the blink if it means removal of shroud placement. Best Akali FL is actually quitting Akali over the shroud placement removal. _**It really is that big.**_ Personally, I would prefer they revert her, and just try to do the damage nerfs to equally compensate for removal of pink wards. I don't really want Riot to just half-ass update her just so that they can do an "Assassin Update" patch. Shes already on the drawing board for an eventual larger update; just leave her alone until then. She doesn't need any of this mini-game two hit passive, or tiny blink. She was in a super balanced state before 6.22; for months she had been hovering right around 50%. I loved it. In short, TL;dr, Riot Pls. We just want our champion back. If you're gonna update her, give her an actual update instead of just a set of tweaks for the sake of having "made her kit more modern". Just let her be until her actual update.
: when skaarl comes back there is a delay
Yes there is a few seconds, very clearly matched with audio queues, as skaarl comes back and you remount. This keeps you from just charging in once you lose skaarl and immediately getting all your health back after just a few autos
: Ryze bot suicide
Thats hilarious, keep as feature riot pls /s
: Yeah but those conditions are (normalized gold, last hitting) are standardized for everyone. Those are the same for everyone in a game and everyone can do that. The problem with the bandit mastery is that not everyone has it. It's something outside of the game that ya gotta turn off for only one game mode. I'm not sure if they can do that. Draven, Twisted Fate and their extra gold is easily fixed by separate balance changes, though it will kinda hurt their and I don't know what other buffs they might need to compensate for the loss of that gold income.
They've shown that they can adjust things for one game mode quite easily. [They do it for URF mode.](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ultra_Rapid_Fire#Game_Mode_Balances)
: Are you sure about that? There hasn't been any Riot response that I have seen so far saying that Stealth Wards, which in the past have always gone into stealth, don't go stealth in this mode.
Yeah exactly what I was wondering, especially since it makes them kinda suck since they get cleared out so easy. Though I could definitely see it being intended due 30 sec duration with 30 sec CD
: [Client Bug] FIX Dark Overlay on top of client.
: [Siege Mode]-Champion Visual Shadows
The way I've realized it works is, 1. You see an enemy champ 2. Enemy champ goes into fog of war. 3. Enemy champ travels to some other part of map, meanwhile you push up and gain vision of the last place you saw them (they aren't there anymore) 4. The enemy champ comes into team vision elsewhere on the map, but they are shown for 1 frame at the last place you had vision of them
: I have found a bug; I had reported it but i'd like to say it again here. It was in nexus Siege, i had backed and i couldnt teleport out side of my base again; hope you read my log on it.
Dude there is a megathread at the top of the boards on this
: [Nexus Siege] Round 1 Needs to Matter to winning
The faster you win (if attacking first), the less time you need to defend. On the flip side, defending first, the longer you stall round 1, the longer you give yourself to win in round 2.
: Bandit mastery, can give ya additional gold. You can't really simply disable a mastery for a certain game mode~ At least, it's never been done.
They've never disabled last hitting before, or HALF THE MAP either, look where we are now. What a time to be alive. The point is that gold is normalized across all players, so that it's not the focus of the game. Thus, allowing things that give additional gold kinda kills the purpose of the gamemode by letting you get around the normalized gold incomes. Which now that I think about it...... {{champion:119}} {{champion:4}} exist....
: [Nexus Siege] missing icons
Yes they haven't all been added to the PBE, last night there actually weren't any icons. The ones that are there were added today.
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: [MEGATHREAD] Can't Teleport, stuck in fountain
I'd say the easiest fix for this issue, and safeguard against it is just make it so you can buy the warp trinket from the shop. It'll still change once you use it, and you can only shop from the fountain anyway, so you can't get it while out on the map
: New "Nexus Siege" game mode coming soon to PBE for the RGM queue.
Can we report bugs for it here? Because I ran into a rather gamebreaking bug involving some members the attacking team not being given the teleport trinket partway through the game and being stuck on the fountain for the rest of the game.
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: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: El Macho Mundo!
Is it possible to have Macho Man Mundo throw coffee creamers on his Q as well? [He would be the CREEEAAAM OF THE CROP](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C4lK41SX-Q)
: Summoner's Rift Camps
It is all camps, Baron and Dragon and Herald included. Looks like the respawn command just isn't working.
: We need more RP!
I think we need more RP in order to test the snowdown shop at least since it is RP only
: Wakfi, upload the screenshot to Imgur and add the link. The attachment system is broken.
Thanks for the tip! I'm new to the PBE/Boards, anything else I should know?
: Zilean Bomb Stun
The bombs stun just on the ground, only once they are picked up by the same target before the first explodes. The stun is working fine for me, so are you sure you got them on the same target before the first explodes on its own? Sometimes you miss and if they aren't stuck on the exact same target it won't do the stun
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