: 80% of the testers have the rune bundle +2 times. Me too
The bundle makes it look like it contains one of each rune, so I bought the bundle 9 times before going into my profile to actually see what it did. I have a lot of runes now.
: So I don't fully understand it, but we have been advised not to pursue anything along this lines for legal reasons.
Because then you're "paying us" and there are all sorts of legal issues with that. So yea. I would definitely avoid giving us RP for bug reports.
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
I have to ask: Do these changes also affect the Dominion bots? These have always been really easy to bug out by standing in bushes near their tower and watching them run back and force between you and the tower, seemingly unable to decide which objective is more important.
: Lied to by riot.... no support
Got proof of said promise? Champions are released in the order they are completed in.
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
Here is a possible solution. It hinges on your ability to link new PBE accounts with their existing Live counter part. All new PBE accounts should be automatically set up with the same champs and skins they have on Live. This allows us to use the skins we want to use, without making the PBE an attraction for people who want to try out all the skins but not actually buy any of them. Really, why shouldn't I be allowed to play Headmistress Fiora when I am testing the Team Builder function? What difference does it make to you? The biggest reason I can't stick to an alt account is that I lose all the skins I purchased on my main account. I would feel the same way on PBE if I couldn't use the skins I bought already. I know, many accounts on PBE are still old ones (including this one). That's something else you'd have to address (With a proper linking system). It could be applied to new accounts, though.
: [Suggestion] Team Builder 'Fill' option.
This is something I have been bringing up every single week now. TeamBuilder is great, but it's too specific. It fills the "I want to play exactly this champion and nothing else" role, but that's about it. There are times when people want to just queue up for a specific lane, or a specific champ in a variety of lanes. Sometimes people want a very specific team layout (or just anything off-meta). Right now there is no way to do any of that.
: {Game Crashes} Probably the New PBE update
This happened to me when I died (using Battlecast Vel'Koz). I've died plenty during this match, and I'm not sure what was special about this particular death.
: Hi!
Oh fantastic! More categories! I always spend way too much time wondering where to put my general topics that have nothing to do with gameplay and aren't bugs. This will help immensely, thank you!
: [NEW CHAMPION] Support roll
Champions are released in the order that they are completed. If they happen to finish 16 ADCs in a row for some reason, that's how they get released. A support will come when they have one ready.
: Chat Is bugged
It's pretty heavily lagged right now I think. I wasn't seeing messages appear for 30+ seconds, and the Z log was always wayyyy behind.
: Team builder queue is way too long.
I just built one in about 5 minutes. Build a second in under 10. The queue isn't that bad. You can always go to Public Chat 1 and invite some people.
: Can't buy Vel'Koz!
Store is down. Some of us got in before that and managed to snag him. Everyone else just has to wait until Riot gets the store back online. I'm pretty sure that's in the alerts ticker at the top of the client.
: okay maybe like a week ago i bought 3 total packs of the runes, is there any way to undo this?
Yea, I bought 9 rune packs because it doesn't say that they come with 9 runes. The contents would appear that you get 1 of each. Should I file a 'misleading bundle contents' bug?
: Your work is indeed interesting, vsTerminus. Maybe you could try and retrieve some statistics of your most played champs in ARAM and number of times / vs total number of matches.
According to my existing spreadsheet, I have played 315 ARAMs on the Howling Abyss. Here is the complete list of champions I have played on that map, ordered by the number of games each has played: http://pastebin.com/CFWSvLat (Too big for a screenshot) Here is a list of distinct play counts, with the number of champions that have been played that many times. eg, 25 champions have been played once. Only one champion has been played 13 times. http://i.imgur.com/N90ZIH1.png Keep in mind that re-rolls and trades are both things. I will trade for the champions that I want to play every time I can. I will re-roll champions that I am not in the mood to play every time I can. Either way, that's 69 champs that have been played 4 times or less, and only 23 that have been played 5 or more times. I would need to be tracking who I got originally, and all of my trades / re-rolls if I wanted a more accurate result.
: I'm very interested in your work vsTerminus, but what information is stored in your database? Just what champion you played or the complete end-game stats? And may I ask what you're using for this? :3 In either case, I'll be waiting for more ^^
> what information is stored in your database? Everything the API can give me, and then some. The API call for recent games breaks down into three sections: game, stats, fellowPlayers. The first section gives you general information about the game. The second gives you 80 different statistics on your performance, and the third just tells you who else was in the game. Something I am doing differently from other sites that can show you your recent history is, instead of just showing you who the other 9 players in the game were, I go as far as to pull the details stats for each one of them for that game. That way you get a complete picture of the game from everyone's individual perspective. With that information I should even be able to re-create the postgame graphs you see in the client. Some rows from the games table: http://i.imgur.com/CKZzJkg.png The list of detailed stats I am storing: http://i.imgur.com/peL11y6.png > may I ask what you're using for this? :3 The back-end is written in Perl. It connects to the [Riotgames API](developer.riotgames.com) using a custom Perl Module that I also wrote (Still in progress). The information is stored in a MySQL (MariaDB) database. The front-end, which I've only barely started on, is written in PHP and runs on an Apache webserver. All of this is hosted on my Arch Linux box. The back-end is set up as a systemctl daemon, and I intend to hook it up to Munin so I can monitor, graph, and alarm on it. I probably should have written this as a standalone Java app with an embedded db so I could distribute it and let everyone run their own. However, I am using this as a learning experience for myself. I've never developed a Perl module that could actually wind up on [CPAN](http://www.cpan.org/) before, and I need more experience doing web development. I've also found that people generally don't trust executables. Even with the source code, most users can't/won't compile it themselves.
: IMPORTANT, these players should get banned.
I made a similar topic a couple weeks ago about a similarly toxic player and it got a little attention from the reds. Basically they said that the new waves of invites going out to players are based on harassment scores. This means that in theory, only positive players should be invited to the PBE currently. The problem is all of the older accounts from before they made PBE an invite-only thing. None of these accounts have been deactivated, and none of them were screened for behavior. It was just first-come-first-served. Riot doesn't want to deactivate these accounts yet because it would leave the PBE with a community that is too small to be effective.
: [BUG] Flash bug with fiora
Between Live and PBE I've played roughly 100 Fiora games in the last month or two. I've never run into this bug, but I'm definitely willing to test it out.
: It would be enyojable if you had a most played / stat thingy for aram just like you have for ranked. Maybe for other gamemodes or alltime stats too. Back on topic, I have the same case in wich I always seem to get my champs from a very select pool even though I have 60.
I'm actually building an application right now that does just this. There's not much in the tables yet because it has only been running for about 24 hours with a pool of 6 summoners (there isn't even a front-end interface to it yet). But the goal is to have a system that monitors your recent games *and stores all of it in a database* so you have a complete history of your games, regardless of mode/map. Edit: http://i.imgur.com/oRK1cXi.png Second Edit: Since January 2013, I have been tracking my games in a spreadsheet. Now that the Riot API is a thing, I don't need to keep doing this manually. Anyway, here are my last several ARAM games. I have all but 8 champs unlocked. http://i.imgur.com/RV0NeHe.png
: One of the biggest causes of toxicity I have seen
1. Riot has officially endorsed pick order over call order, partly for this very reason 2. TeamBuilder should alleviate that perfectly (though it doesn't fix the problem in ranked) It's something Riot is working on. Give them time.
Rioter Comments
: >It would be nice to see a little more information about the group you are about to join - position layout and existing party members would help. That way you can just pass on a group that doesn't match what you're looking for. I agree this would be really handy. In fact, I've written up a detailed post on a "Team Browser". Basically, the Team Browser would let you look through the teams currently looking for people which are at your skill level. For each team, you would be able to see the slots still open, and the team comp that the team leader specified they were aiming for when he created the team lobby. (like "dive" or "poke" or "lots of cc") Then, if you saw a teamcomp that interested you, with a slot open that you could play, you could pick a champ, and apply to join that team. The team leader could accept or reject you, the same way it currently works in Team Builder. This would give team leaders more appropriate champions than just blindly throwing people at them. It would also allow team leaders to run niche team comps(like "long range Ults" or "all yordles", etc...), and as long as there are enough people browsing for a team that are interested in that, you could run it. With the current Team Builder, comps like that are practically impossible to assemble. Additionally, this would allow people to "fill" to get into game faster. If you see a team with only one slot left open, you could pick an appropriate champ, apply to join, and likely get into game really quickly. Using a team browser gets around people wanting to switch their champ or role to fit the team comp, as that is something that Riot has previously stated that they want to avoid. Yet, it accomplishes the same goal: having a champion appropriate for the teamcomp. It's no fun to get accepted into a poke team when you've selected Jax as your champion. But, if you see that a team is running a poke comp, you can pick, say, Jayce, and then apply to join. Here's a post with more details on this Team Browser: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=42295736#post42295736 Let me know what you think. Would a team browser like this resolve your concerns?
Essentially what you're describing here is the Custom Games screen with some different/additional information, and only showing you games at your skill level identified by the matchmaking system. Yes, I like that a lot. That's very much what I had in mind when I initially thought of some sort of pre-lobby (an idea I even pitched to Lyte at PAX last year). I can see it being very frustrating for party leaders who want to do something unique. Someone joins, sees a non-standard meta, and immediately leaves. Repeat ad-infinitum.
: On the contrary, I think it encourages variety. Want 4 mid? Go for it! Your team knows what you want with the game and people are free to try what they want, and if the team disagrees then the person in question can go in search of another lobby. Before if I wanted to try AP tank soraka jungle I'd be flamed and have 4 people who don't want to play and are forced to dodge. With team builder I found a game in ~30 secs and everyone was on board with my goal, and there was no worries. Can't wait to see the possibilities with this one
Exactly. The meta is defined by the players, after all, and I think this will really open the doors to some new strategies. The real question will be, "How hard is it to find players willing to try my experiment?"
: Thoughts on Team Builder
> the wait time is much longer that a regular game This is something that comes with a "pre-queue" queue. Even on live, you should expect longer than normal queue times. That said, it shouldn't take an hour to put a team together like it does on PBE. As TylerMichael mentioned, the system could use a little more flexibility once you've created a lobby. There is no way to adjust the role filter, and no way for people to switch roles/positions/champions. Some sort of system to allow these changes (with Captain approval!) would be helpful. I also feel like the current iteration of TeamBuilder actually goes further than a lot of people actually want it to. It's great as a Blind Pick replacement, but it would be nice to see a simplified version compatible with Draft Pick. Such a system would let players select their position and optionally their role, but not their champion. Then, once a team is put together, they go through the usual draft picks and bans phase.
: I understand that it's a little negative, but playing with toxic people just isn't productive/fun for anyone. Sometimes, you need to spank the child to get him/her to know what's wrong. Along with this, the honors system has flaws; I see many "honorable opponents" who act rude and demeaning, and people who really are nice that don't have a banner at all!
What you're proposing isn't just spanking the child, it's hanging him on the flagpole by his underwear for all to see. What do you think is going to happen when someone sees the 'negative player badge'? They're going to refuse to let him join TeamBuilder parties, or they're going to belittle him for getting the badge in the first place. Either way, it's going to turn other neutral/positive players into negative players because they don't want to deal with someone who is already branded. You're heart's in the right place, but this isn't the right way to go about it.
: Team Builder is an amazing Idea
> Perfect for ranked. Aaaand I get to be the one to shit in your cheerios. To my knowledge, the plan is to use TeamBuidler for Normals only, for the time being.
: (Suggestion) "Negative Player" Icon in Team Builder
This is negative reinforcement, and something Riot has said they want to stay away from. They would rather encourage the positive behavior than spotlight the negative.
: ........ \>.> Translated into not borderline-offensive speak, our primary strategy over the past few months has been to enforce the tenets of the new PBE system by frequently admitting large batches of positive, qualified testers. Behavior, we hypothesized, would naturally improve based on the population changes we're encouraging. This seems to have held true based on the tone that the community (read: you guys) has taken, and we're of course observing data as well to make sure we don't jump to conclusions based on self-reported anecdotes. As an FYI, I don't think we'd advertise our ban sweeps . You guys have done a tremendous job changing the tone of the PBE through encouraging and exhibiting positive behavior and we'd rather let you be the heroes of the PBE than focus on whatever disciplinary measures we add on.
> Translated into not borderline-offensive speak I dunno, I kind of enjoyed it. > As an FYI, I don't think we'd advertise our ban sweeps That's fine, but sometimes it's nice to know that the report button is actually doing something.
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (1/27) and Tuesday (1/28) from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST!
So it took me roughly an hour to start a game with TeamBuilder today. Whether I was joining a party or creating my own, it just seemed that we could never find a jungler (and when they did, they left right away). I finally got my party together when I queued as the jungler instead. Anyways, I got a pretty good chance to talk with other people waiting in the queue and I gathered some feedback from those players and myself. These are just rough thoughts, with the goal of highlighting areas where we feel some kind of change may be warranted. **When searching for a party:** - It would be nice to see a little more information about the group you are about to join - position layout and existing party members would help. That way you can just pass on a group that doesn't match what you're looking for. - More flexibility in how you queue up. Being able to tick off multiple roles that you are willing to fulfill, for example, would help people who aren't so picky find a match a little faster. For example, someone might be willing to play their champion as a Tank, Bruiser, or Assassin and doesn't care which one. **When building a party:** - Some positions can be tough to fill, especially if you specifically want a specific role. It would be helpful if you could change the Role requirements during the queue to open it up to Any Roll, or change the roll you want. - Once you have a lobby, whether full or partial, there isn't any flexibility. Nobody can really make any changes. - As mentioned above, some positions can be hard to fill. Sometimes a player in your lobby is willing to switch to that role instead of the one they originally chose (but keep the same champ), but there is no way for them to do so. - Another one that comes up frequently is the ability to change your champion once you find a party. Some people suggest starting with a pool of three when you queue. I like the idea of allowing anyone to change their champion, but having it be approved or denied by the party leader. I think that's all for now. TeamBuilder has a lot of potential to be amazing. Like many others here have said, I wouldn't mind if it were available more often or for longer periods of time.
: Wait Time for Team Builder?
Depends on your role. You have to remember that for a good chunk of NA it's still business hours and people are at work. Right now it seems like Jungle is the hardest role to find.
: What is toxic? (Baby don't hurt me)
Playing a new champion, or one that you are unfamiliar with, is not toxic behavior. Anyone who tells you that is probably a toxic player themselves. Toxic behavior can include a wide array of actions beyond just running your mouth. The common trait is the ill intent behind it. Anything that is reportable and punishable should be considered toxic behavior. (I realize that "Unskilled" is a reportable option, but it is not punishable. Riot only uses those reports to improve their matchmaking system.) So go ahead, keep playing new champions. After all, how else are you supposed to learn?
: Team Builder role selection issue
Seems like we're all having issues finding junglers at the moment. I'd best it's mostly due to the low PBE population and the role limitation. Being able to change it on the fly would be convenient for sure.
: Howdy y'all. I don't know why but this post started out pretty Texan so I reckon I'll keep it that way. Right now there are still some old accounts on PBE that have been around since before we started screening players based on their Live account behaviour. All the new players on PBE were chosen specifically because they are level 30 and have a very low harassment score so currently the average PBE player should be pretty friendly. If ya'll keep playin on the PBE we should be able to run those old outlaws out of town soon. But what we don't want on our hands is a ghost town so we need to wait until we're sure all these new folks are gonna stick around. I'll keep you updated. Yee haw.
> there are still some old accounts on PBE that have been around since before we started screening players based on their Live account behaviour. And here I thought this account had been disabled, along with all but a select few (RoG, S@20, etc). Guess I don't need to use that new account anymore then!


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