: There's an upcoming change (may have already been implemented, I don't remember) where toxic players - if they get enough reports - will actually be unable to join ranked queues until they show an improvement in normal games. Personally I've yet to experience to the "5 ghetto problem" - there's also a difference between trolling and people who legitimately don't understand the game. For example a friend of mine was in his promo series (for Gold), playing support, and he had to coach the adc player on things like last-hitting and kiting *while playing*. On another occasion I was spectating one of my Bronze V friends and she had a Master Yi that was going full tank. In another game, the enemy jungler bought no items except 6 BF swords. Some people just have no idea what they're doing and they need some slight help. But I do know that sometimes matchmaking feels unbalanced. In some games I'll be 10/0/10 and in the next game I'll be 0/10/0. Stomps seem common at every level of play and can easily be for either side.
While I am talking about legitimate trolling in terms of the bad behavior with my 'trolls/game' count(leaving the game for various reasons, spending the whole game insulting other players in preference to playing, AFKing, etc.), rather than just bad play, the 5 ghetto problem is also exacerbated greatly by the issue that players who don't know what they are doing collect at the bottom of each tier and can't drop. So when you have 1 actual troll, you further have 1-2 players who don't know what they are doing and thus can't help compensate for the troll. The bottom of each rank thus becomes a perfect storm of a combination of people on the way down and stuck for trolling and people on the way down and stuck for needing to rank down to get to skill appropriate ranking. It's into this environment that a player who is on the way up steps, and often becomes stuck.
: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
Since we are in preseason any chance you guys will be taking any action to fix the '5 ghetto' problem in ranked? Right now it is very depressing being in rank 5 in any bracket because even though demotion is now possible, it happens very rarely, so many of the games at this level are very unbalanced and tend to be complete stomps in one direction or the other. This is not fun, and I know large numbers of people who have outright quit the game because they felt punished for finally reaching the next tier and suddenly becoming mired in this environment. I know I've basically stopped playing seriously because of the shear level of trolling I have experienced AFTER being promoted (before promotion: average 1-2 trolls/10 games, after promotion: average 1-2 trolls/2 games); the frustration was turning my fun competitive game into a test of perseverance.
: We've done a lot of Mallet experimentation - but the result keeps coming back to - Why is this item in the game - whenever it's not fringe, the game sucks. We're more inclined to delete the item entirely at this point.
I use it all the time for my builds for Shyvanna, Mundo, Riven and Rengar. It really helps them stick to target and the health and damage are useful too. None of these characters can really use phage since Trinity Force is not a good option due to being manaless and there is no other build path for it. If you get rid of mallet you need to give phage a good build path that doesn't involve useless stats for manaless champs.
: [Planned 4.5 or 4.6] Summoner Spell and Enchantment Changes
Are we ever going to get updated icons for Heal and Exhaust? They look really out of place among all the other updated icons.
: The rules between this map and Magma Chamber are the same, save Magma Chamber was a direct copy of the mid-lane layout for SR. Is that the feedback then, that you prefer SR's layout to this?
We wanted magma chamber for more map variety. The fire theme is cool, especially in contrast to the howling abyss.
: Voices disappeared again after the last maintenance
The game is so quiet without the announcer. It's weird...
: The problem has been confirmed to be an issue with putting a specific point into the offensive mastery tree. I believe it is the point under "Butcher", can't remember what its called. If you put a point in that mastery on any of your mastery pages, your pbe account is broken and unusable.
Once again, since the problem is that we cannot log in and the only way to fix it is to log in and change masteries, knowing what the issue is is useless. Only RIOT can fix it, and they do not seem inclined to bother judging by how long the issue has been going on.
: It sucks when the platform is down. It sucks more when the platform is down and you don't get any useful feedback, just a cryptic error message.
Come on wth is going on. This is still happening, nothing has changed. PBE is completely inaccessible for a large number of people. Some people are saying ti has to do with having a certain point in the new masteries, but since we can't get in there is nothing we can do about it.
: Utility Tree Masteries (Shared Icon/Undefined description)
: Unexpected Platform Error
Also having this, for most of the last week.
: MAJOR - Unexpected Platform Error on LOGIN SCREEN CANT LOG IN
Me too. Even if there is an explanation, if it's an explanation that can only be fixed if we log in and we can't log in, then there is no value to knowing what the problem is for us. Only RIOT can fix it.
: "unexpected platform error"
Was getting blocked out of even logging in for most of the week. Got in briefly and got this behavior yesterday. Now back to being unable to log in.
: [Client] Platform Error when i trying log in
Been going on for me for almost a week.
: login platform error
Been getting this for nearly a week.
: Unexpected Platform Error
Been getting this for nearly a week.
Completely locked out for the past week.
Been locked out for most of the past week by this. Got in breifly yesterday but was unable to play games.
: [Client] Unexpected Platform Error when trying to log in
Haven't been able to get in for the past week due to this.
: same when i hit the profile button a message pops up that says "unexpected platform error" then i hit the ok button 3 times b4 it goes ok
: Will definitely try this! Wanted to use some casters as a Support for a long time. I'm thinking about Lissandra, Orianna, Ziggs, Elise (that has already been pulled off on high levels of play).
I've tried Lissandra and the issue is her slow has to directly hit around minions, and even then it still hits the minions too. It's not a big issue in mid but in bot you end up inadvertently pushing your lane and/or denying your carry. Ziggs only has his minefield to support with (his satchel is crazy situational); everything else he does is pure damage. Elise has the same issue with only having her stun. Good only on kill lane. Oriana support is already a thing. A slow, shield and displace made her prime off-support.
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: Hello void2258! Although i main support, i dont play much Sona. I can see why you might pick tear on her since i have tested it on some ARAMs. But, imo, regarding live servers chalice is just too good for the mid game, u will never be oom plus you have 2 options to upgrade it later ( both of them are support-ish) instead of only one option that u have on tear which is for carries.
You are forgetting that the difference in cost between tear and chalice is a vision ward, which in S3 "as many wards as possible all the time" can be the difference between winning and losing.
: [Client] [Major] Client not logging account in
In addition to adding my "I'm also getting this issue" to this, I also want to point out an issue with the new community system: this thread has only 5 upvotes, despite how major it is and how many people are responding. In other words, this thread is going to sink off the front page really soon, and it should not be. Making the placement dependent on the community rating causes issues like this to happen, since most people simply respond and don't even realize there is a voting option too or assume that responding constitutes an upvote, which is just going to result in many threads being made for this issue instead of one big thread that is easily monitored.
: Long queue times.
There is a login error (Unexpected platform error) preventing people from logging in right now, which is exacerbating the already long queue times with an even lower population than normal.
: Your mostly true i got the same problem choosing masteries that i dont want in order to get the higher tier ones. Although i dont agree with you that Expose Weakness is bad. I think its really good in teamfights, ganks and duolane (3% more dmg from every allie is a lot for one point).
The issue with expose weakness and Double Edged Sword is that you have to be specifically building for them. Generally, having to continually tweak your materies manually every game is a bit chancy, as there can be server issues, teams fighting in lobby, not to mention it takes you away from any strategizing going on in the pregame. Several of these masteries require this kind of game by game tweaking, which I think is not a good idea as it makes masteries a bit too involved. Just imagine taking one of these into game accidentally.
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: {{item:3222}} is a really strong item both on live and PBE. Not building out of {{item:3096}} doesnt make any difference... You usually buy {{item:3028}} on mana hungry supports, which u can later update it to {{item:3222}} . Even if the CDR from {{item:3174}} sounds really good it still is more expensive than {{item:3222}} , plus u can get CDR from other items. Imo, Riot should keep just 2 gp10 items, {{item:3401}} for tanky supports and {{item:3092}} for utility ones since {{item:3069}} is pretty bad compared to the other 2. They should also find a way to to fit {{item:3222}} and {{item:3069}} in a build path so supports could choose for another utility item, later in the game. For instance: {{item:3028}} + {{item:3096}} = {{item:3222}} and {{item:3067}} + {{item:3096}} = {{item:3069}}
I generally use {{item:3070}} on my mana heavy supports, not {{item:3028}}. It let's you completely ignore that {{champion:37}} or {{champion:267}} even have mana pools later in the game, which is very valuable given they have to cast constantly on low cooldowns to be of use after laning.
: Scout Mastery - Do you think it's more useful now?
I like the idea of the mastery. Enhanced placement distance is exactly what a scout should be able to do. But the enhancement is so small that it is almost unnoticeable, kind of like how the S2 version gave an almost unnoticeable enhancement to the vision radius. RIOT needs to either make it significant, possibly moving it down the tree so only supports take it, or they need to just abandon the whole concept of the ward enhancing mastery. This is 3 strikes already.
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: [Suggestion] Move Wight camp on the minimap
Give the wight camp a proper camp area. That will solve the problem. Right now he is just randomly next to the already present wall.
: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
The fourth camp is really dinky. Doesn't even have a proper spot like the other camps, it's just shoved in a corner.
: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
Still don't like the change to the biscuteer mastery. Potions are such a non-factor for supports that at most you get two in the whole game during your initial buy instead of a ward. Having the free healing item was worth it, having upgraded potions that you probably don't want to buy is not so much.
: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
Thank you for finally making the scout mastery do something useful.
: Just checked these out and I have to say I'm on the fence about this change. On one hand, the new health bars are extremely high quality and colourful, but at the same time they just seem a bit "off", I guess. They don't seem to fit with the aesthetic the rest of the in game UI has. I know there's limited resources to work with there, but for me I'd appreciate it if the health bars were tailored to look more inline with the visual style of the UI. They're great looking health bars, but they don't seem like health bars League of Legends should have.
They look very "Techish". I don't like that the EXP circle is gone or how small the mana bars are.
: New Health Bar! (10/31/2013)
Can we please get better differentiated map colors too? Blue and Purple are so close that in champ select you can't even tell which side you are on half the time from the subtle coloring of the team names.
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