: Why RANKED/Flex should back to pbe.
Removing ranked on the pbe was the best decision they have made! People who completely arent interested in testing, were coming, spamming games over and over on low elo stomp champs like Master Yi, just to get to "challenger". These one tricks were extremely toxic and getting to challenger didnt remove them from average elo matchmaking , because on the pbe challengers get matched against silvers. If you need some sort of motivation to win on pbe, try to keep your winrate above 50%, but please dont bring back the toxic cancer, that ranked created.
: Jayce Bug, no particles/effects ingame.
: Doran Shield
How hard can it be to change 1 value in a game. The fact this hasnt been fixed after 3 days is just sad. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Low FPS on PBR
is ur pc by hamilton beach?
: When u select Talon on Champion select
: Login Music Doesn't Stop
same thing happened to me. it keeps playing


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