: flash bug
a little bit of description of what happened before it would be very helpful.
: My thoughts on Yasuo and solutions
I actually like his current design. It provides a lot of mechnics to play with making him high skill cap without having his power ridiculously high. I feel he has good amount of laning usability in his kit. Once you are out of lane you just have to go tanky because you need about 4-6 sec to get your 3rd Q up. as for your changes Q no, the last thing we need is on demand tornados. His Ult is on a low CD because of how difficult it is to have tornados up. This would end up with R CD doubling. W, the long CD is a drawback of how powerful it is. It can block multiple spells for a team so in a great players hands this could become incredibly broken. E, you would end up removing a lot of fun parts with his E in lane/split pushing by changing to longer CD. I was able to kill opponents that had an advantage on me because I was dashing around after hitting them. passive, its fine. If they pop it with a spell that is their well spent CD/mana/etc.This kind of thing could also save you from damage in lane. also your definition of a fighter isn't very accurate. A fighter is someone who is meant to build damage and survivability to stay in a fight and deal damage, providing utility is a plus. This is Yasuo's purpose. He is not meant to instant gib late game, he is meant to get in a fight and keep on the squishy targets till they die after some time. If he was meant to be an assassin he would have higher baase stats to kill instantly with higher cooldowns to gate his kill potential. He functions well as a assassin mid game just because he scales with damage so well.
: Yasuo WInd Wall, and Lucian
much like Lux ult his Q doesn't put a projectile out, it just creates an AoE.
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: Bug on Rengar's Q
yeah, they made a mistake there lol.
: [Client] Spectate Screen in Client: No summoner names and Icons
are you sure it isn't a custom with 2 people? some people do just play a game with friends for fun/testing.
: Riven Changes [Suggestions]
changing one shield to not count resist would be kind of a pain for Riot. It would just be easier to hit the numbers so they don't break the game or make it more burden of knowledge. I do agree life steal does need a bit of a nerf right now though.
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: [Bug] Champions teleporting all over the map (but not in reality)
yeah it does seem to happen more on PBE. Actually got me killed once. Was in enemy jungle saw Yasuo at Wight, tried to steal it, and was trying to run away after he was trying to get me. running up to blue from river side, the edge of my vision a fake Yasuo came from Wight so I went down into him, really sucked lol.
: [replay bug] private game restrictions on my account
Guess it should be noted they rebroke the whole system again. Tried to watch replays from past and can't get past players being at "not connected" as status where champion names should be. Wish they would stop breaking it lol.
: [SUGGESTION] Improving the Information/Warning/Error box
I think they meant it to be a hyperlink but didn't have it working. It would be kinda mean to make people type the URL lol.
: Seems a bit silly for a third party to give us this sort of news. I mean this is Riot's beta environment. They should let us know what they want tested if they are looking for higher quality testing. It'd take them no time at all to compile a list of changes from each team and post them for us with some comments on what they'd like tested most in-depthly, but it would give a big boost to the quality of feedback we, the testers, give.
believe it not half the bugs occur on champions who get no changes, so listing patch notes really isn't much use for bug testing. Thresh hasn't received changes for a while but his Q has bugged before and his W is currently bugged. As far as balance goes, there isn't much to go on. The skill gaps on teams, afks, d/cs, etc all make it hard to get any balance data compared to putting it on live servers.
: Lack of Patch Notes && || Testing Goals
reignofgaming and such sites will usually put changes up within an hour after patch release usually.
: [IN-GAME BUG] I can't see chat in-game
it might be offscreen. go to: "lol file loaction" \RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\\deploy\DATA\menu\hud edit the chat file in notepad or delete it to simply have it return to default location.
: [replay bug] private game restrictions on my account
guessing it is a work in progress that slipped through.They probably want to allow pro players to keep replays of practice private, but introduced it into the client bugged.
: [IN-GAME BUG] Championship Thresh
: @Riot : Any news from Replay ?
would be nice to know when they will release it since they haven't said anything about it for a very long time.
: [SUGGESTION] Fix the toxic community on the PBE as well as encourage more testing.
1)from my experience, live and PBE are equally toxic. 2)PBE accounts are linked to live, they use email to do that.
: [ CLIENT ] Spectate Bug ?
because it is on 3 min delay and the spectate live feature updates every x sec/min not on refresh.
: Player's History bugged
not sure how this happened lol.
: potion particle effects missing?
failed to load particles, sometimes happens. I have had the oracle eye become a blue box due to failure to load it properly.
: Account HAcked *Riot Help Please*
go to support and open a ticket. They can't do much here. Have information on when/where account was created original email address, last game played, etc.
: [Major Bug] Yasuo Not Taking Damage
http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/cdduvJoX-gamebreaking-yasuo-flow-not-decreasing already a thread and they responded quite fast.
: Thanks for the report, we're looking into it!
the fast disable/hotfix is truly needed for this kind of event lol. its acting like high flat damage reduction, broken.
: [3.15] Verified Bug Reports (Updated 12/10)
Yasuo is broken right now. He doesn't lose flow when he reaches 100% and is hit. It is also acting like flat damage reduction rather than a shield.
: [Gamebreaking] Yasuo flow not decreasing
yep they broke him lol. went into jungle and took no damage from golems.
: Fun fact: If you flash in the direction a Double-up is heading, you'll get hit twice! :) A long while ago, there was a reddit post that was wildly popular for a bit, dedicated to MF's double-up! http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1fpzjg/how_miss_fortunes_double_up_works/ Give it a shot :)
The problem is when 2 are in the danger zone it randomly chooses. You can have a 3 enemy line and it will bounce from the first to last, which makes it really annoying to harass with.
: [Bug] Client won't download update.
your firewall/antivirus may be interferring, try disabling those temporarily. Also try running the lol.launcher.admin.
: @Riot on Skarner
I would suggest you change your name, a bit inappropriate.
: Give Sion some love, similar you did to Mundo
: PBE Server problems
you must be new here.
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: Aatrox bug and nautilus spell animation bugs
a replay or video would be nice. Would give a better visual of what may have caused it.
: [draft mode] restrictions
Unless they messed with it there is. They may have messed it up when introducing showdown.
: Yasuo Wind Wall and Turret Bug
It is not suppose to block, ever wonder why the chat said "ERROR: TURRET BLOCK" or something along those lines.
: Anyone else had this issue? Able to point to something specific that might be causing it?
I will try to find something useful within a couple days. I have done the bug 10+ times in the past 2 hours against bots. most recorded and I still have no idea what is exactly causing it. edit: Its not just the ult itself I think, I ulted and hit 2 people and only 1 was rooted. It may have to do with the enemy doing something when hit or during ult. Thinking it has to do with animation interruption of enemy.
: Items for CC
this would cause some weird instances with certain champs. Galio Ult, WW, Malz, Urgot, Yasuo would kinda get weird(now have to increase ult animations or make them just sit there during most of those) or no effects from it. This would make it hard to understand and difficult to implement.
: Armor pen boots? Why do these not exist?
Probably because armor is lower than mr early in the game then becomes large late game. So this becomes it is either OP early and okay late or okay early with useless late.
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: Problem 30
Can't figure out what you are saying. Is it kicking you out of Queue? If it is about being in Queue for 10 min then yea, that is happening right now due to showdown being introduced. The approximation says ~4 min when I had to wait ~8 min to get a match.
: Please make a barrier on 1v1 map
better thing to do is make a different map where the bush isn't right next to the creep wave at center.
: For an older skin like this it usually means the client did not load the assets for some reason, since we have not modified Riven. Did this happen during multiple games?
looking at patch logs the update I did this morning there are a lot of getfile/addfile/removefile for riven. Something in there may have caused the issue.
: Riven 1v1 visual bugs
its not just snowdown that she does it. I just did it as redeemed riven in a custom summoners rift.
: Why is the Snowdown Showdown Mode considered a Custom game?
because people are doing it with friends/"challenged to 1v1 in a previous game" in custom probably.
: The rules between this map and Magma Chamber are the same, save Magma Chamber was a direct copy of the mid-lane layout for SR. Is that the feedback then, that you prefer SR's layout to this?
I would prefer SR mid lane just for the brush to be out of the middle of the lane.
: Showdown (Re-)Enabled on PBE!
I see this mode getting more people banned for being disrespectful. So many people are going to get banned for winning and saying noob/gg nub/owned/baddy/etc. Took me 2 games to get disrespected.
: [Bug][Showdown Mode] Champions dissapearing after bans go through
: Fiddlesticks damage
1)it has a 1.5 sec channel 2)you can get out of range 3)At 400 AP it would do under 900 damage even at max level for 2 sec. Try not clumping up next time fid is mia.Also it seems that since you almost instant died with 1000 damage you should probably not feed him.
: Yasuo's base stats should be improved
a problem you have with your sampling is that you have 2 types of bruisers. Ones that are made to tank and others to carry. Trynd and Yi are closer to Yasuo than Nasus and renekton. Nasus and renekton don't scale exceptionally well with damage items in general. Yi and Trynd scale as well as Yasuo with damage items. Your entire argument also isn't complete when you haven't considered the kits.
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