: Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update
have you considered a lower cd at higher levels to make viktor able to make better use of lich bane and tear, with his new q aa and his mana bonus on his evolution, I think it would give him stronger item synergy to have his q be a 8/7/6/5/4 cd and maybe slightly lower early rank numbers to compensate imo what would be best q - consistant trade in lane and stacking tear quickly w - teamfight utility e - teamfight poke and high lane damage skillshot r - teamfight and lane all in ** tl;dr - lower cooldown on q to 8/7/6/5/4 to make his kit synergize better with lich bane and tear which are both good looking items for his new rework** edit: in teamfights he really is relying too much on q, lowering damage and cd of q but increasing e damage as well might be nice. I feel like viktor would be most fun when using his q every few seconds to do a little damage and get to a good position, and then using death ray as primary damage
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: Atlantean Syndra opinions on appearance
after the changes I like it a lot better, but I still feel the gold looks a little too pale. I think if they added a bit mroe gold coloring to it it would really make it stand out :p
: Braum's shield
unlike yasuo's windwall things still damage you, but they deal less damage, but I agree they should hotfix tower shots like they did with yasuo
: So Braums sheild doesnt actually destroy projectiles...
intercept as in he takes the damage and keep the projectile from going further :p
: Blade Queen Lissandra Q
gotta admit I noticed it the tiniest bit too. like I wouldn't say I noticed it over the top, but it definately felt a little weird and I couldn't place why, going back and looking that is probably it
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: Hey, thanks for the feedback. She is still WIP so we are still iterating on her apperance; I'll make sure the team hears your concerns regarding the model. (And the compliments regarding the particles--I think they're super badass myself).
first direct reply from a rioter yay :D I'm glad to hear it and I understand you guys are still working on it... i just hope that she really feels like syndra after you guys finish :D I do love the skin though, just think it needs a few small changes to be truly awesome :P
: Atlantean Syndra Bugs
also when you recall and then cancel and move, the recall animation on the ground stays
: At the very least they could give her a face. They just covered it with the helmet... again. I agree that the character itself is very underwhelming while the effects are nice. That's pretty much what everyone is saying.
Syndra is and has always been a very strong thematic character.... she always gives off this power about her with how she floats around dealing death on people... and this skin just doesn't give that off.... I think that it just needs a few minor changes to make it pop and such and hopefully it will be much better
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: I'd like to bring in some opinions, some of it my own, a lot of it from people on the General Discussion forum. The gist of it is that there isn't enough contrast and the skin over all needs to be more vibrantly colored and not so dull. Some people don't like the concept entirely which isn't my opinion (I love it yay Syndra) but please fix the coloration. It really does look a bit too uniform. All it needs is to be just a bit brighter, shinier, vibrant, colorful perhaps. Not so dull. I know this treatment has been done in the late stages for previewed and up for testing skins a lot before, including Vel'Koz's classic skin recently. I hope you'll see the need to do some similar work here too. Other than that, I love the core concept and I think it melds with the champion great.
I agree with this.... Syndra's original skin had a lot of darker colors but the bright vibrant purple really gave her a cool look.... her first skin is obviously very bright and vibrant but this skin just feels too monotone and dark... the colors of the spell effects is awesome... but some of her spell effects like her e and r are very light compared to her, and I feel like she could really be lightened up atm I think I will buy this skin for the spell effects and stare at them... and that syndra herself won't be very noticeable in this skin also this is mostly a sidenote but syndra in this skin just doesn't give off that extremely powerful (and imo sexy) vibe that she does in her regular skins.... she is just like a water mage..... it doesn't have that extreme power feel that her other skins have.... and I feel like that is part of her thematic appeal. idk if that appears to anyone else
: If you are fast enough(or use smartcast) you kan hit the enemy easily if you e+w. But I only got to try it in a custom bot game against jungle creeps, cause bots aren't working atm...
jungle creeps don't try to run out of it.... I really feel like it would be too difficult in games to consistently hit the second part of the ability... but it is good for zone control....
: I dunno. I feel like there is already too much counter play to his q, and it needs to be sped up. Rather then just being able to walk forward, or backward to dodge the secondary attack. << There is to much counterplay for it altogether.
yes but the slowing down would give you better aiming of the second bolt, where as now it's rather hard to get it aimed right. so perhaps they could also just make it more reactive cuz right now it's near impossible to hit someone with the secondary bolts other than pure luck
: [Vel'Koz] ultimate direction change question
keep in mind it does have a slow on it.... the idea is to hit an enemy with it initially and then keeping it on them will become easier
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