: journals of justice
u can check league archives, there is one post that has all the journal of justice and keague judgement and evrything, or league wiki, it has all the journal of justice issues. but i want the old lore to come back
: [riven]
too much work for rito for 1350 rp skin. it is 1350 right?
: Meta.
i think the assassins will comeback
: IP Wards?
lol, buying wards with ip, thats so shurima event, the same goes with pro teams summoner icons to be free, thats soo season 2.
: He never said that people were toxic. Spamming pointless things over and over again to fill the chat isn't funny after a while.
: Public Chat is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life.
hey man, when i am wating for q i always go to public chat, and i always have fun while eeing there, and if there are spammers i block them, and how do u know that people are toxic when talking to them outside of the game?my chat experiance has always been fun and i dont like any mods or filters cus sometimes spamminf a joke or something is funny
: [DOOM] vs [U.R.F.]
what about urf one for all, that would be nice
: You are now able to toggle between Bilgewater music and Updated SRU music!
what about the announcer, i would want the old women back, or is the current announcer gona go afther the even ends?
: Thresh Flay
and also his ult, it doesnt appear or do dmg
: All 3 ultimate skins do not have their portrait in the new HUD
i played spirit guard udyr today and i think the portrait was the ultimate skin and not the normal one
: New HUD still needs work before 5.14
why cant we also see the timer of the enemy team summoner spells if u or somone in ur team so them use it, it would be way easier than timing it
: Gangplank Feedback Thread
the new gp passive should NOT apply on turrets beacus that could make his pushing potential too strong
: Mordekaiser Shield - Why not just make it a proper shield?
u should not make it a normal shield cus mord's shield is what makes him mordekaiser,a tanky ap. and it just would look bad if he was running around with a shield around him

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