: I cannot say for certain, there are too many possible outcomes. Contact support and ask them.
: All you need to know to about linking your PBE account to your live account... again!
Im confused, I checked my Online match history, and my first game is in 2014, but i have a a mail in my inbox saying i own one in 2013, Also i didnt get that email at all :c. My Na account was transfered and idk what to do now :S. Pd: My main and Pbe accounts are indeed verified with the same email.
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: He'll definitely have some camps that he clears faster than others now. With the crystals' placement, he clears Red, Blue, Krugs, Wolves, and Crab incredibly well now, and isn't quite as fast on Gromp and Razorbeaks. Also, the stun only takes 1 basic attack to trigger now following a hit E, so the loss of AS shouldn't affect that.
: The movement speed nerf hurts a lot, he is a jungler, you need speed for ganks. those shiny crystal thingies don't help him with ganks at all, do you really want skarner to be afk farming in jungle until lane phase is over so that maybe a team fight happens near a crystal ? I just don't get why MS nerf was needed.
I have yet to test the changes, but This is the first idea it comes to my mind, the as buff might be able to be replaced with the crystals for red and blue, but for applying the stun(now e passive) or cleaning other camps, he doesnt have that nice attack speed buff anymore :P. I would like to see if possible an explanation for this change :). Thanks in advance.
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: Bug Report on Sion Rework
I would like to add, while you are in passive form you cant use actives( Just tested it with hydra. ) *Same while charging . It would be fun to be able to charge and use ghostblade . I still have to try to charge while using ghost. Update: if you use ghost and ghostblade before charging the max speed is still 950 :c
: The Turret Sound.
it remembers me to the Kayle legendary skill sound when she has her E on... But loader :P. I agree it gets annoying quickly. I prefer the actual turret sound because its more smooth and quiet and has the little alarm when you get targeted .
: Summoner's Rift Feedback
Just some points i thought while patching and playing my first game, it would be nice if someone can comfirm this. -The Tower Shot sound is too annoying to hear while last hitting under tower.The spash! it does at the end makes it difficult for me to concentrate. -When you break a tower, the kill tag icon of the tower is similar to a trashcan(I play on windowed mode). -It might be me, but some champs like shivana look tiny on this new "terrain". Now if someone could test this I would be awesome. -Can you at the start of the game tp to ignore the 15s barrier?. No , you just waste your Tp, and it gets consumed . Maybe Riot can add a delay like wards of x seconds before you can use it. -Can you Use tryndame E, katarina, lee ward jump to ignore this barrier?. Nope you cant :c. Thats all i have for now .x


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