: [BUG] Alistar passive scales exponentially
HELP. RITO. The enemy alistar just took 3 towers in less than 30 seconds, then aced us under the nexus towers. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!{{item:3070}}
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: Twisted Treeline spawn bugs now on Summoners Rift
The camps on twisted treeline are also still not spawning.
: Twisted Treeline spawn bugs now on Summoners Rift
Yeah, no jg camps are respawning. Better be happy with that one dragon buff haha.
: All Buffs Not Respawning + No Buff Timers (Summoners Rift)
Yeah, no camps are spawning back in after they are killed.
: Summoner's Rift Camps
Can confirm, camps do not respawn.
: spell bugs
Yeah, lucian r and jhin w are what I have encountered so far.
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: New Xin
I see that 130+ people have looked at this post. But there are no comments. We can't help riot with feedback if there is only feedback from one person. Leave your thoughts on xins changes guys!
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: Unable to load into a game
Same problem here, just says cant connect, check your firewall setting, etc
: Friends list not showing up in client
I have the exact same problem
: Item 3650?
I had the exact same problem. can buy it, but if hover over it game crashes
: Failed to connect
I am having the same issue, although I got into one game today
: Game crash then return to home screen
I am currently having the exact same issue. Get all the way through champ select, but the load screen never loads up and after a few minutes of trying to reconnect I get dropped back at the home screen.
: Failed to connect
I am having the same issue, although I got into one game today
: [Item Shop] - Item description bug
I had the same problem yesterday, dont know if it is fixed or not
: Ahri Friendly Fire Bug
I was going to make a conversation for the ahri bug, but someone beat me to it. ^
: Black Screen when creating game
I have the same problem with custom.
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: Instant Bugsplats
seems like whenever someone attacks inhib turret the game crashes and no record of it exists
: *UPDATED* TESTING WINDOWS: Season 2014 Summoner's Rift + Preseason 2015 Summoner's Rift
there is an issue with the blue buff. shows you still have it around you even though it has run out
: Not being able to finish a match
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: Azir Bug Report Thread
I found that i am able to resurrect a tower using his passive more than once, not sure if that is a bug or not.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
i feel you need to nerf his w damage on turrets, with only an athene's im doing 400 damage to a tower every 2 seconds, or every 4 if you have no w stacks. and im only level 9, just maxed out w. The damage your w does to tower's scales with ap, and ends up to strong. Possible fixes: lower ap ratio increased mana cost when casting on tower.
: When trying to select the skin, thereĀ“s a double "classic skin"
: Ascension Bug Report Thread
keep on getting crashes, disconnects, and packet losses. also the healthbars dont move for me.
: Custom game Bug.
yeah, i cant use vel'koz either


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