: Ivern should NOT have MR per level nor Rylai's Crystal Scepter support
His W applies Spell effects, so its fine. Its like Cho's Spikes, Azir Soliders, stuff like that. On-Hit effect and spell effects are different on a base to base thing. I think the reason he gains MR is becasue he is melee more often then ranged, and even if he is ranged, its still short as heck.
: Nunu Q change context
Another issue is on maps with no Jung camps. Is he just gonna be perma slowed?
: Nunu Q
Can confirm this as well. It sucks
: Yasuo hasn't had any changes this patch cycle. Balance suggestions for Live content should be posted on the [NA](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/) and [EUW](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/) boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). The PBE is for content **currently** in testing.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
> [{quoted}](name=RiotSolcrushed,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=LHJqRO3e,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-23T20:29:55.209+0000) > > 8/29 > Added a background indicator for Q2 that shows Q cooldown > Walkers and Maiden will now only 'push' a lane after they enter combat in that lane > Bugfixes, such as Teemo shrooms now properly deal half damage to minions > > > > > > --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > 8/26 > Added a buff counter to track how many units have died near Yorick > Q cd lowered to 7~5 from 8~6 > E haste fixed at 20% from 10~20% > Maiden will now only advance in a lane if Yorick or lane minions are in front of her > Maiden will actively seek to assist Yorick in a large radius if he is in combat with an enemy champion > Fixed a number of bugs (including pantheon ignoring Yorick ghouls with shield up) > > Keep the feedback coming! Especially the AI ones > > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > 8/24 > Fixed a bug that caused the Maiden AI to respond slowly or not at all to Yorick's attacks > Maiden now responds to Yorick attacks on non-champions/monsters > WIP: Maiden logic that prevents her from suiciding into a turret without other minions or Yorick > > ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > Hello all, as the Yorick update hits PBE I would like to gather feedback as always. > > While all feedback are valuable and we highly encourage you to leave them, personally I am looking for improvements in the following areas and feedback on them will be extra helpful. > > 1) AI > Walkers (the small ghouls) are intended to be dumb and predictable. But if they are behaving in ways that are SO stupid, please let me know! (Think of minion level AI) > Maiden (the wraith) is intended to be much smarter, and it is here where your suggestions can be put to very good use. As you run into issues with the Maiden's AI drop it here with the kind of behavior you want in the situation. (Note: We are never going to give it pro level AI, so she's not going to orbwalk from the enemy jax on her :p) > > 2) Clarity > Visibility of minions, Health bar visibility, General Clutter. These are important points that we've wrestled during the character's development. We would love your feedback in these areas! > > 3) Bugs > Obviously the character is rather complicated behind-the-scenes. Keep up with the bug reports! > > 4) Balance Related > How strong does he feel in a split push vs teamfight? > How strong does he feel 1v1 against certain champions? > Do you find the Maiden split (sending her alone) useful at all? Easy/hard to defend against? Ok, here is my last set of note worthy things. 1: For teamfights, he would be more useful if he passively spawned either Graves or Mist walkers. It would also help if they took less AoE damage. 2: For split pushing, the Madien doesnt feel good. I say have her take less damage from towers, and, only have the turret foucs her after melee minions. 3: For the duo, allow up to 8 mist walkers when yorick and the madien are near each other. 4: For gods sake, give his W either grounded or stop dashes. This will force people to attack the wall. Right now it doesn't feel give. 5: Make his E slow and Haste scale. It just doesn't feel good to use. This isn't yorick related, but how about giving champs like Zyra a small passive number like yorick has?
: The lore is cheesy, the look is too goth (looks like the Ministry of Darkness Undertaker) and there's nothing left of the old champ. Also, the minions are too stupid for this to be considered a minion mage (Malzahar's minions are better in almost every aspect). It's like Riot really just wanted to get this rework done and not give players a viable reason to play it.
Ok wow. Where do i begin. Yoy are so wrong it isnt even funny. The lore is a big deal, as it shows a bit about what the Shadow Isles were like before it became what it is. Hes supposed to look goth, thats the point. His kit is very much the same. Passive: Minions. Q: AA reset, spawn minions. Heal W: AoE ranged CC. E: Speed boost and ranged slow. Ult: Summon something. He has all his old tools, just better. The minions are supposed to be dumb and predictable. Riot has said hes supposed to be a champ you play using the AI, using it to win. He isn;t supposed to be a minion mage. Where the fuck did that even come from? You play Yorick for map control, splitpushing and normal pushing, high sustain in a fight, and tankyness. Play it before u say stuff.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Good changes, but hes still is missing a few things. 1: Either passively spawn graves, or make his W spawn graves. This is to mostly help his teamfight. 2: Make Ghouls have the same AI as Madien where they will only run down a lane if there are no minions. 3: Give his W grounded. Its too easy to get out. 4: I also think the Madien needs to be able to run out of tower range when she gets hit. That way, she still takes damamge, but it won't be as quickly. 5: Give Mist Walkers either Armor and MR, or take less AoE damage. They get blown up too quickly.
: Add AP to Yorick's ult
They won't give him hybrid scaleings.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Feedback round 2: More games played. Loving the rework, but there are a few things to each spell to make it work better. Passive: Lower the unit spawn rate and allow him to passively spawn a grave every once in awhile. This will help in teamfights to summon ghouls easier. Q: CD timer, lower CD. Make Awakening usable with maybe 1 or 2 graves instead. This could make it easier to spawn in ghouls as well. W: Grounded or stop dashes. He needs one of these on his W, otherwise it doesn't do its job well. E: More slow, speed boost. It feels lackluster. Also, state in the tooltip that ghouls and maiden will focus on the target and dash to them. Ult: Give her better AI. Also give Yorick a 2nd R press to have her either follow him or push lanes. This will make it easier to roam. This could affect ghouls too. AI: Make her back away from towers if she gets hit, and to not suicide into them. Also, make the %dmg work on towers and maybe allow Mist Walkers to trigger a weaker version of it to help her splitpush better. Ghouls: I feel they need some Armor and MR or AoE mitigation. They get blown up in teamfights. Other then those, I feel like his kit is in a great spot! Just a few changes to help him out, as I feel hes weak. Also, please fix his skins, they both are just bad. Good job on the rework! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Oh, I guess I just happened to be out of combat if that's the case. I still wish it didn't work like that. Are you 100% sure about this? I felt like it didn't matter if out of combat or not before.
I am 100% sure on this. I havne't always got the movespeed on live.
: Allow us to see Yorick's Q cooldown in one way or another
: I hate the Rift Scuttler change
Um, it's always been that way, it's just a tooltip update
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Feeback from a long term Yorick player: I love the playstlye, theme, and everything about him. Few things though. You should be able to use any number of graves to summon Mist walkers, not just three. Would give him more control. The AI on them serves it purpose well enough, but maybe give them some AoE reduction to help them survive better? The E feels really lackluster, not sure what can be done here. It does do what it needs to. The W is a great spell. The R. The Maiden feels powerful and impact, but her AI still isn't on par. Either give us some control, or make the AI almost like a Champion Bot AI, as she is really dumb. The Q healing might be a bit low, and I think it does a bit too much damage right now. His base skin looks cool, but his other 2 skins, I hate them. So much. I love undertaker right now, but it just looks strange and dumb now. Not sure how you can fix that however. Overall, besides those few points, he is fun as heck to play and has good counterplay.
: Thoughts on the Yorick Rework, from a Yorick veteran
I feel the need to explain this. I to, am a Yorick main, but I feel like they got him down right. Let's get this out of the way. A minion mancer champion just won't work in League. The game's AI isn't the best for it to work, and they can't make it work. His Q, E, and R all interact with Mist Walkers, and his ult is a crazy powerful summon who could hold her own. His W could be a summon in of itself too. And Mist Walkers do deal a good chunck of damage when they leap to the target with the E. Honestly, hes ton of fun. We have a true splitpushing champion back into the game, able to push 3 lanes at the same time. His summons are a big part of his kit, as he is weak without them. His heal, if you combine it with Grasp, is quite good, and he can still hold his own. And never underesdmte the power of the Madien. Him, Yorick, and 8 Mist walkers do a TON of damage if you don't foucs them down. His old ghouls were crap, unhealthly, toxic, and bad. His old kit made no sense, and his ult and passive weren't very good to be honest. I'm guessing you haven't acaully played him on the PBE yet, or you would get rid of half the points you have.
: You can level Q 6 times
Why Q? What if I want a point in the E?
: Ryze Champion Update Feedback and Discussion
So if his ult only has 2 levels, does he gain an extra skill point, or does he just lose out on a skill point?
: > -- Titan bar icon for Crystal Generator will be removed. Ignore this feature. [Source](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Tgsfvs81-new-nexus-siege-game-mode-coming-soon-to-pbe-for-the-rgm-queue).
Ok, still get mentions in the topptip for crstyals.
: New "Nexus Siege" game mode coming soon to PBE for the RGM queue.
Not sure this is a bug or what, but what is a Crystal Generator that gets talked about in game? It shows up on the scoreboard and under the Crystal shards. I have no clue what it is. Is it supposed to be there?
Rioter Comments
: Reconsider buffing Tahm Kench / Tahm Kench should be balanced around support for game health
So, I hate Tahm, don't buff him? I hate to tell you this, but Tahm is weak as hell right now.
: And as jungling marksmen, kindred should be frail early on and not on Graves' level of endurance. As it turns out, even Graves up to this point avoided fighting with them early because of ther dueling power and extra sustain.
She had dueling power? I lost the EVERY jungler I tried to invade. EVERY, TIME. I do see what they are doing with wolf, and I posted that before, and I think that would make good kindreds still able to farm. But they have been nerfed, what, 5-6 patches in a row? I think its becoming too much now.
: These Kindred nerfs cannot go through, here's why
Well it seems like W lowers Monster Attack Speed by 50% now instead. I still think the heal is alot better.
Rioter Comments
: I am not sure, but I think you misinterpreted what I meant with a gradually fading outer wall layer. It would keep its original size at level 6, 11 and 16, but the extra width gained from level 11 and 16 would fade over the walls duration. If i've read your comment correctly it seems that you suggest to have each level up increase the duration, but decrease the width. In which case i doubt any Azir would want to level up their ultimates, as wall width plays a big part in both his combo and pathblock potential. Leveling up could certainly be a hard choice, as it would either be rewarding or hurtful in different situations. However, having a 3/4/5s duration could indeed work, with either a up-scaling or static wall width (either the width at level 6 or 11). I do however think a proper reduction of wall duration is the best way to go if we are limited to number tweaking. I also think a 5s wall duration could be problematic as its quite a long duration for such an ultimate, which is what riot seems to be concerned about. If we they want it keep a scaling duration, i would suggest either 3/3.5/4s or 3.5/4/4.5s scaling patterns. A scaling ultimate duration will help Azir keep his late-game focused identity, but a better static duration could however help him out in the early game, while hitting his late game better. I agree to a certain extent about the turrets. I disagree that Azir's turret alone needs to be tuned up, turrets overall could however be more impactful. But even though turrets are a bit weak it helps for games to last shorter, which can be a good thing. I believe they recently buffed them a little and made them less attractive objectives, unless ive got some corrupted memories or something lol. Please keep coming with more suggestions and thoughts. Though I may not agree with all of them, I think it helps a lot as it can give both us and riot better insight of the topic for a balanced, fair and justified outcome. (Make the Sun Disc great again!)
What I meant with width, is each rank gives 1 more solider. Take 1 or 2 soliders off the wall, thus its smaller. 4s seems good as well. Thogh, maybe 3.5 would be good. The width is imporant, so durtaion is best to hit. However, 3 secs feels too short to me. Maybe keep the width the same could work at all ranks. Maybe his turret would feel better if it didnt have decaying hp, but still only lasted 1 min. So. maybe make his ult 2/3/4 secs and make the turret not decay.
: Hi, thank you for commenting! Nice to get a discussion going! :) I will have to disagree that his knockback is boring, but in a state where his wall doesnt last long enough, the risk of a weqr combo will be a lot higher as it leaves him even more vulnerable after it. Azir does get a lot of attack speed from his w passive, and I do indeed understand that tuning it down can be a fair change. However keep in mind that {{item:3101}} Stinger's attack speed was also tuned down this patch, so we may see a similar loss of power as a w nerf would, for the early game at least. Personally I would actually prefer to wait to upgrade my stinger to {{item:3115}} nashors in favour of an earlier {{item:3116}} Rylai's, now ill have to reconsider that. Another note about reducing/removing his attack speed from Arise is that it would probably mean Azirs would prefer leveling E second. This would give Azir more mobillity uptime, meaning the enemies window to catch him would in some cases be lower. You suggested a static duration of 5s, and a reduced width. How would you reduce the width? Would the width be static, like the duration? In the case where both the duration and width is static, Azir will start considering leveling other spells up instead of his ult. More E/W uptime would likely be stronger than 20s reduced cooldown (this is without any cdr) and 75 increased situational magic damage. Either his ults duration or width should be scaling on his ult to make it a valuable level up in my opinion. So a reduced static width with a scaling duration, could potentially work, but i believe hitting its duration may be better. Or even a change where first level up gives more width and the other more duration or the other way around. Personally i've been toying around with an experimental idea where his ult will gradually lose its outer layers over its duration as it would keep the original knockback width while also tuning down the long lasting safe zone potential. However this could be a bit clunky, as you could some cases either have half a soldier standing at each side or an uneven number of soldiers on each of the outer sides of the wall, unless the change happens rapidly, removing 2 soldiers at once in a 6soldier wall. It could also cause some unncessesary confusion. Soldiers gradually having the sides of their bodies return to sand wouldnt look too bad though. But yeah, i think hitting the duration is the better evil at the moment. Sorry, but even though im quite the hipster and am tempted to go off-stream to join your current one man crew wanting to buff his passive, ill have to disagree. His passive is in my opinion one of the best passives in the entire game. It feels great in every way, and is very strong for a passive. Setting up a turret on dead turret locations is amazing for both sieging and defending. The damage from it isnt amazing, but zones off enemies greatly, and can even be used as a short zz-rot portal, and as we've seen previously, zz-rots passive pushing isnt something to take lightly. If anything his turret is a part of the reason his kit is so strong, it helps overload his allready strong kit, but it should not be removed. It feels great, works great and is unique and fitting for his character. Also, Riot, please make the Sun Disc great again: make it pure gold, and not have the red circle, it looked so much better. The way it looks now disconnects it from the fantasy of the Giant Sun Disc we see in the shuriman concept art. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and suggestions, and again sorry for the wall of text. I seem to have thing for any kind of walls at the moment. And again again: Make the Sun Disc great again! {{champion:268}}
Ok then, this is what I purpose. For the Ult. make the duration 3/4/5. Its lower now but not to low. Size: Reduce it by 1 solider per lvl. As: Keep the same . Turret: I just feel like it needs more dmg. Turrets dont do much in league right now. We see where this takes him.
: Azir PBE Change Discussion
I agree. I feel like in its current state, he just has a boring knockback ult, which doesn't feel good. I think his ult isn't the real problem, but the fact he gets 2.5 attack speed with 1 attack speed item, due to the insane amounts he gets on the W. They should reduce that or out right remove it then he should be fine. But, if the wall needs to be touched, keep the durtaion at 5 and reduce the width, that way it isn't too bad to play vs but is still there. (I also think his turret sucks and needs a BIG buff, but I seem to be alone.)
: "His ult isn't even what makes him good, it's the fact he get a ton of attack speed from the W. " If this is true, then the change shouldn't effect his winrates that much. Personally I think if they are nerfing his ult, it should be a width change not a duration change. 2 Seconds duration is plenty of time to use it to peel an enemy off of you or your team.
While you are right and that shoudn't hurt him, I am saying they are nerfing him the wrong way. Its the fact that with 1 item he gets close to max attack speed. That is the big problem with him.
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: "Definitely Not Dominion" game mode live on the PBE for RGM queue testing.
This should become permanent like this, because this was done right! Bring it back forever now!
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: For Syndra, our dear Dark Sovereign. Please Riot, read this.
I don't see an issue. The changes they made werent even that large. They made her playsyle more like it should be. They gavve her better Ap ratios. WHAT is the issue?
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
Plants have too little HP, and the passive Seeds don't spawn in a good spot most of the time. Maybe make the W seeds allow the Passive seeds to spawn around it, to give it a little more control. Plants don't have enough hp, they have less then they do now.
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: Jhin Bug Report Thread
Jhins traps explode on any object on the ground, its super anyyoing
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
Passive: I feel like his normal autos should either not be able to crit or do even less crit dmg then his 4th shot, becasue with how much ad he gets he does TOO much dmg. Either that, or reduce the amount of ad his passive gives to him late game. Getting a free 300 ad is alot. Maybe even make attack speed reduce his reload speed or give him more movespeed? Q: I like the Q, but I feel like it doesn't always boune to a champ, I think it just needs this change: Target: Low hp, champ, monster, minion. W: I feel like his W could use a tad more dmg, as it doesnt feel really good to use. I also think the root could be longer or make the witdh of his W larger to hit easier. E: I like the traps the way they are, though maybe allow him to have 4 at a time to fit his theme of 4 things at a time? R: I feel like his R is in a good place with good counter play, though I think it might deal a tad too much damage as well. Theme: I love Jhins theme and his looks and his VO. Best walking animation as well. Overall: I like Jhin, but I think hes a tad bit too strong in this state with TOO much dmg and not enough drawback. He does have his defeined weaknesses, but I think he has too much damage without comboing right. This was my play test with him as adc only.
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: Kindred Bug Report Thread
I feel like all their in game quotes don't work when they should, which is a shame since their VO is really great. Hope this gets fixed soon.
Rioter Comments
: Not that I think she needs a nerf, in particular, but shouldn't higher skillcap champions have more potential? She has 1 single target ability and no skillshots. I don't think people would play champions like Jinx, Ezreal, Vel'Koz, etc if they didn't have more potential than the point and faceroll champs.
Her Q and W and Ult are Skill shots....
: Kalsitas W Cd change.
After using it, I take it back, its fine.
Rioter Comments
: Bug-Cham Thresh, some animations are "broken" when he picks up a soul in his clasical skin
You do know that it looks like that on live right? It isn't a bug I don't think, cause its been like that since he came out.
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
I feel like Nexus turrets need something speical. Also, Azirs turret needs to maintain the speical effects of turrets, cause its just weaker then other turrets now.
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: To me, Orianna is the definition of balanced. She's been played in basically the same form for season 2, 3 and now 4. She never gets out of hand in terms of win rate or play %. I can see the argument being made that she's "too well rounded" and represents a bit of a "mendoza line" for the game (i.e. if you can't go even with Orianna then you probably shouldn't play that champ) but those are arguments to nerf/buff her (take a little bit of power from somewhere and give it to her somewhere else) in an attempt to make her slightly more "niche". Simply stripping her of a big chunk of defense seems a little drastic given what we've seen from Orianna over the last 18 months.
Someone gets the point, thank you. There is a reason orianna was never messed with, she isn't op or up in anyway. I don't think she needs a nerf or buff at all.
: The thing with Ori, though, is that she's one of the safest champs in the game as well. Her range is fairly huge and on the off-chance that she gets caught out she has a strong shield and a speed/slow to escape. She can just do everything a little too well atm.
I main Orianna, I do know that. But even if she is safe she has the lowest armor in the game. Idk, I guess I just don't wanna see her nerfed is all.
: The last time it didn't give Armor nore MR, now it only gives Armor. They are nerfing Ziggs and Orianna and the next one will probably be Gragas. But what makes all 3 so strong is the AuG in most games. Spamming every skill while staying very safe. and AuG is OP as an item. It is way too good for the costs.
No last update it did give armor. Ok sure early game that happens, but late game they are some of the squishiest champs in the whole game. She has the lowest armor and low hp late game.
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