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: Add in some AP ratios
Ok first off, giving ap raitos to AD champs is really stupid becaise then their ablities would be weak and so on. They are balanced ar ound having AD ratios not AP.
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: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} <3 But for real though, some Rioters ended up making this change for PBE because players gave a lot of great suggestions and feedback on it. [Link to thread.](
Although there is still the problem of not even getting roles you select and so many people leaving cause they dont get the new champ buuut thats normal pbe
: Why do you do Draft Mode on PBE Riot
I just checked and yea no bans..i feel stupid now
: what? they removed bans in draft on pbe like 2 weeks ago... lol
Wait really? That...i did not notice. I havent been on PBE for awhile...
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: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
So....after some play testing Ive manged to try out nearly all the runes. All the keystones Precision seem to work well. All the smaller runes have a good place too. In Domination, Dark Harvest feels really weak and Preadtior has a bit too long of a cool-down late game. The Item CDR rune just feels really out of place, but the others seem good. The keystones in Sorcery feel good, but maybe make Aerie and Comet stand out a bit more? The others feel pretty good as well, though Celeirty might be a bit weak. In Resolve, Guradain feels a bit wonky to use. The range feels way too small to use correctly. Perseverance doesn't feel good to use, Demoilsh might be a bit too strong. Iron Skin, Mirror Shell and Conditioning all feel really garbage. Overgrowth and Second Wind don't do a whole lot either. All three keystones in Inspiration feel fine, but due to the nature of them its hard to say. Hextech flashtracpion feels like the range for the channel is too small, the biscuits don't give you alot. One rune that i just think sucks and needs to be fixed is the minion demateriazler. It just sucks. All it gives you is up to 9% minion damage which is frankly worthless for anything you need. What do you all feel about this?
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