I must say that I do indeed agree with you my most kind sir er madam. This audacious bug is quite the unfortunate incident.
: I'm in tears.. Why is this happening
Well it's a good thing that in PBE, the dodge timer is 15 minutes instead of 5 minutes in live, so people are less likely to dodge, but this unfortunately does not stop the players from dodging in huge desperation of playing Yuumi.
: Judging from the opening post, seems there's no plans to revisit RP in the foreseeable future.
Well that is really unfortunate... {{sticker:cass-cry}} feelsbadman
: RP in PBE
No, unfortunately not, due to the RP system being broken. Extremely feelsbadman.
: Update on PBE RP and BE Granting
If there is a fix on RP will Riot revert back to the RP granting system?
: Update on PBE RP and BE Granting
Is there a way for Riot to take RP out of the transactional accounting system and fix problems from there without the interference of money ?
: Not even all skins. If they want people to test and still have store being tested give us all champs and then we can use the rp to actually test. though at this rate the pbe is pretty much dead. sorry but i cant speak for everyone but if im going to spend at the least 3 minutes on a que just to grind out be to buy champs with no other incentive to play it then ill just go back to my main account if not play other games. riot truly has done so much to hinder experience these last few patches. first the adc role got negatively affected but hey now there is "diversity" aka playing other champs that do perfectly well in other lanes bot because if you pick an adc thats pretty much inting in your teams eyes. i know the game isnt perfect but its not getting any better by riot refusing to admit or fix mistakes. its a sad day when a company is just ignoring their product as a whole.
oh you are right actually, about the rp thing, i think riot is good to give just only 8000 rp
: Lux portrait bug in game
Yeah sometimes I get this problem during the waiting in between the champion select and game start, but it resolves.
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: Game not loading after champion select
If you reinstalled PBE and deleted files, there must be problem with computer.
: I feel like instead of making every champ free to play they should unlock every champ. If they want to keep rp to test thats fine but if we can only spend on skins/things instead of champs it would get a lot more skins able to test. I enjoy the pbe just find it annoying after owning every champ on the live i now have to buy every champ all over.
Yes i feel like there should be an option to unlock all skins at once and champions, save the hassle of spending 8000 RP everyday.
: No me dieron rp
It is very problematic. it is very unfortunate that we are unable to help the Riot developers. rz1ztz0pz1z5z
: RP and BE bug/Bug de RP e EA
I think that Riot is trying to solve this RP problem, but making it as a last priority because it doesn't really affect the game much.
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: Those skins aren't new. They are old skins that don't need testing anymore.
: They were tested upon their original release and no longer need testing!
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: Health+Mana Bar
Nevermind, it was fixed after that game :)
: Introducing chroma packs!
Damn they look cool. Especially that {{champion:64}} and {{champion:236}} skins.
: I think it's supposed to be that way; it looks *way* more formal. Also; soirée is the french word for 'evening', and pretty formal as well.
Ah okay, Didn't know it meant 'evening'. Thanks so much.
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