: He just has so few options, and so few of them read at all. :<
True :/ His idle 2 shows up during recall every now and then on live though and it looks kinda nice, it's like he is making sure his gear is ok before leaving . *Makes enemy toplaner ragequit, laughs, checks gear and leaves*
: Adding Simple Recalls- Now on PBE!
About Teemo here, I do love the idea of him laughing while backing but having multiple laugh animations in a recall looks really repetitive.. Any chance there could only be one? maybe even with some idle mixed in?
: Again with Akali I get that the removal of spellvamp is to make her less of a sustained teamfighter (looking at you, tankali), and forcing players to be more cautious and go in for the kill instead like an Assassin. But then her Ult damage gets cut in half, so I really want the answer to this. Does the 2nd Passive Proc (and the E damage buff) really makes up for that damage nerf ? If so then i'm fine with it. Also, instead of having her E proc the Q mark again, Can we make her E proc both her passive, since thematically, she spins with her kamas hitting enemies with them. If not it procs one of the 2 effect. It might be asking a bit much seeing that the 2 autos passive proc is to slow down her burst, give windows of reaction/counterplay. On another hand, Is this all the change that we'll see, or is this just a "temporary" update until she gets an actual rework if she does have one planned in the future?
I've been thinking just about that, procing both passives with E makes perfect sense thematically and makes a bland skill at least a bit more interesting
: What bonuses does Rengar now get from The Hunt Is On vs. Kha'Zix?
I don't mind not having a bonus after killing Kha, just let Rengar have Kha's head as a decoration on his model ingame instead $_$
: As a Teemo Player .... (Passive)
Like the name idea, dislike the rework idea. It does sound interesting but currently Teemo has multiple different builds that suit different playstyles and situations, but your 'rework' would limit him to onhit attack speed build. And Guerrilla Warfare really is so out of place >_<
: The Katarina Dagger Damage Needs to be Lowered
What you're saying is true, but that is only if the live server stays the same. However lets not forget that some tank items and some champs got buffs too to counter the 'rise of assassins' so I doubt it'll be problem. At least Riot needs to see more of her performance with all the changes on a larger scale, which will probably be during pre-season, a la PBE 2.0


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