: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
I haven't played too much so I don't want to be too quick to judge, but it's been difficult to fully enjoy. Regardless of objective control, events, or even unbalanced items / champs, if more than one enemy is on fire (or the right enemy is) they either win the game in the next few minutes, or somehow the team from behind makes an insane comeback and buys maybe a few more minutes of gameplay until they lose. So far I've seen when people get ahead and on-fire they play to protect that lead, as they should; however, they can also just play to survive so their team gets ahead. Playing into that situation you're forced to dive in and try to reset that glass cannon, while surviving the rest of the team, and turn around the game somehow. I understand it's not balanced at the moment and there are plenty of changes to be had but I strongly recommend looking at how the on-fire system affects wins because at the moment the games are won or lost in the first 5 minutes, and that can be really frustrating.
: We did some tutorial checks, and I think all Ashe needs to do in the tutorial is learn Volley and buy a Thornmail, so she should still be good on that front. Good question though!
: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
This is a bit short and maybe a tiny bit irrelevant, but is this more complicated version of Ashe gunna still be the tutorial champ? Because the tutorial does teach new players Ashe, and it may need to be updated and now that she's a bit more confusing I don't know if she's the best champ for the job so... Just putting it out there is all.
: Introducing chroma packs!
I love this idea and I hope it keeps growing, just my only concern is that it's putting a lot of work if you guys want to do this to every champ/skin in the game... I know that sounds absurd given there are over 120+ champs with a minimum of 2 skins (including base) and then 3 colorations for most, if not all of those, different skins means **a lot of work.** Of course this doesn't mean it's going to happen this way, but the community loves to rally together and complain about the lack of privileges to one champ vs another. For example, all the people scattered among the PBE and LoL forums who want a new Zac skin, or those who want a new Yorick skin love to voice their thoughts. Of course, there's always the "bring URF back!1!!" people too. So I just mean it's something that I think you guys should be cautious about if promising 3 re-colorations per champ and maybe for skins as well. I'd say, be selective and make it obvious you're not doing this for everything (if you're not).
: (Hi there, I'm the Designer on Bard, just no Red Name on PBE yet! ) I tried a version of Bard, long ago, for like three playtests, that had **Magical Journey as his ult** instead of his E. It had three charges, no cooldown between casting, and a short recharge time. You could go from **blue-side base entrance to Dragon** in **five seconds. ** The issue with this, that applies to a two-charge portal just as much, is that it's made or broken by team coordination. A solo-queue team wouldn't be able to appreciate the extra power that two portal charges bring, and the power taken out of other places on his kit would go to waste. Bard would be "totally underpowered" in normal play. An LCS team, on the other hand, would be able to make full use of the two portals, and Bard would be a sure ban every game. Bard would be "totally overpowered" in professional play. But that's my line of thought on the subject, it's possible I'm totally wrong on how it would turn out. It's definitely a cool idea, either way!
First of all, thanks for taking my suggestion seriously! Secondly, I do agree. Lane rotations and team movements as a group are kinda unappreciated in the solo queue, and that's where I think this idea would thrive. I think just having one charge would already increase the value of team-cooridination though, so great job on that! However I think it would be nice to **make chimes a little easier to collect.** Spawning them a more-densely (is that a word?) and closer to him might help because right now roaming is really dangerous and almost not worth the hassle if you don't time it well with your ADC. Not roaming and playing it safely/passively kinda defeats the purpose of Bard, so finding a good way to reward active behavior would be worth looking in to. Thanks for the feedback though, it's much appreciated!
: This is a general comment on the idea of a roaming support, because most of the comments are on Bard's abilities and their fitness/health. The ability for a support to roam is great because then they can gank mid or deep ward for junglers to counter. However, supports rarely roam, at least in my elo which I'll admit isn't very high although I don't play enough ranked to really find out. The reason for this is because bot lane is super aggressive these days with grave reigning over the land of adcs and crowned prince/princess being thresh and annie being able to zone very well and engage equally as well. Meaning that anytime Bard roams the gain has to equal out the potential of lossing cs and dying by the adc. At this time, I really don't think that Bard's passive and such equals out the loss of leaving ones adc. From what I see, Bard really has to collect chimes in order the scale well into the late game because that's his reliable soft cc and damage.
That's why I think adding a second portal, on a cool down, would help. He'd be able to gain enough mobility to grab chimes, drop off a shrine or two, then head back relatively quickly.
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
Just a quick little note, I think it may be a bit OP, but really cool, if Bard could have stacking portals. Kinda like Smite is now, where he has up to two portals and can use them quickly (not immediately) in a row. So he can go into drag, wait a few seconds so it's not too fast, then get out. I think this (if the cool down is long enough), plus decreasing the speed boost given by shrines can add mobility and allow him to give shrines to other lanes then get back quick. If the heal is increased a little, and the speed boost is decreased, but he gets this, I think it'll add to his power in a healthy way.
: Thanks for the feedback, tinylizard. DJ Sona currently has a [sticky thread](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/T87UOYHf-pbe-bugs-feedback-dj-sona-feature-highlights) dedicated to discussion and bug reports for the skin. Your feedback is best posted there. In the future, make sure you check for stickies that are relevant to the bug report or feedback you are looking to post.
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