: https://gyazo.com/686199f2f822edc7eacac6c6bb3759c1 rofl.
: Getting same. Could reconnect after a while though.
https://gyazo.com/686199f2f822edc7eacac6c6bb3759c1 rofl.
: Bug Splat After a Screenshot (Image Only)
Getting same. Could reconnect after a while though.
: Match Accepted Bug
This is still an ongoing bug. I accept, sit in the accept screen for about 30 seconds then it cancels out saying I haven't accepted the game. LET US ENJOY SOME URF WITHOUT BUGS.
: Ping spikes?
Same thing today. Spiking up to 10k ms. Lol this is too funny.
: Use VPN when this problem occurs. for example = ultrasurf - hotspot shield - zenmate and others... this will lower your ping
Does this actually work though? I'm EU. Pretty sure this wouldn't actually help me by connecting to NA server.. Right?? {{item:3070}}
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