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: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
Awesome new mode. Some things that could be added from most important to less): * Muramana (full stack manamune) Also seraphs embrace (fully stacked archangel's staff) for testing and dps testing ) * edit dummies value (armor, mr, max hp, current hp) the current hp is for missing health abilities like elise q (spider form) or warwick w passive * Set our champion current hp (value or %) to test passive or lifesteal (olaf passive, warwick passive) * Spawn baron option * Level up to 18 (with abilities automatically leveled up) this is mostly quality of life * 5 dummies because there's 5 people in the enemy team * Put our champion hp to a value % (like 1hp or 10% hp) to test life steal * Taking damage (being able to set physical or magical and a value) to test armor and magic resist and * Taking dps (set a dps value in magical or physical) Thanks for the awesome mode riot, you did well. (edited for clarity and and archangel staff, thanks to YI Skilled Champ for noticing me i didnt put archangel)
: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
I think skarl feel way too squishy, i think bonus hp could be shared between skarl and the mount, but not 50/50, but more like 25/75 or something like that.
: Azir & Guinsoo doesn't work like Azir & sated devourer
Tried the same thing and it as you say, the guinsoo's passive doesn't work like the sated passive with azir. I don't know if this is intentional or a bug but i would certainly like to know.
: We will be looking at how this change will affect Kayle and evaluate what to do. Our intent with this change is not to nerf Kayle.
It is indeed a nerf to kayle, but kindred would have also benefited from the old sated devourer. At the same time, i'm not very fond of sated vayne.


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