: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Events seem to be rather unbalanced in this new mode imo, with few instances I would like to highlight. KOTH: This event usually sucks, primarily because it is on the enemy side of the map while they are already ahead. The game should in some way take into account the teams standing or just be put on the center of the map. This would allow the game to be less impacted by chance and more by legitimate skill based exchanges. Also if a teamfight ensues and herald is up while you are fighting at the hill placed by herald, the team that wins that teamfight most likely gets the hill as well as herald and thus another map objective. Push The Cart: If you are already down1 tower and the enemy team pushes it to your 2nd but you make an attempt to turn it around, it is essentially futile. You have such a large distance to walk and within the time you spend getting most of the way to the first enemy turret, they have spawned with full resources and new items. I am probably one of few, but I would like to see events be slightly less impactful to the state of the game overall. Some of these buffs seem a bit ridiculous and last wayyyyyyyy too long. Also "On Fire" stats seem to pose a problem when it gets to ADC's or people who utilize any decent lifesteal item. It seems even though they are taking increased damage that their lifesteal will still outweigh a team that is at all behind.
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: Nexus Blitz Event feedback
KOTH needs to stop being dropped on the side with the team going 20v10, it's ridiculous how many times this ruins a game. Same with the cart tbh, if the enemy gets it at all close to your 2nd turret, you have to walk it a mile back to even get to the first turret. Within the time you can do that they have already respawned. It's fun, but only if you're winning, if you're losing, you want to uninstall.


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