: No I can't play because I can't pick any champions at all. The "free" ones aren't actually available.
As the other guy mentioned you are gonna receive them. If you havent try already logout and login again.
: Can we please play in customs without having to have a certain amount of people?
The problem here is that custom games are actually online so they take a space on server. That means that the more games there are the bigger the traffic on the server is. In my opinion we should be able to held our own custom games offline so that we wont overload the server. And PBE server is a small one
: As a new PBE player without IP, I can't play since all champions are locked and I can't puchase one
Well, you can go play a coop take the win bonus of the day ~200ip, champions costs 1 ip each now you can buy all of them
: Hextech Chests and Keys
Chests and keys are made so Riot can earn more by making you buy them with real money, so if you really want a chest or a key end you want it rght now you you have to buy it . I like the idea of spending ip on that but Riot's policy wont allow that. Plus i didnt like that you can only earn them by winning, sth that is opposite to what riot is trying to do with reducing the toxicity. It;s a good idea but the execution of it its kinda meh
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: [Bug] Unable to start a game
It starts just give it 5 mins and it will start
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: I can help with that, Its Physical damage. if they had 100 armor and you some how manage to farm 80 stacks to hit 100% they would still only take 50% current health. your 2nd auto after that would do 50% of that (25% of max) Also there has been no mention of a hard cap so i think you could stack higher then 100% But personally i find that unlikely.
i think that the best is gonna be around 15 stacks, more that that i feel like it's kinda immpossible
: think blade of the ruined king
So you get 1.25% per stack, at the begging i thought that you take the 1.25% of an enemy healths as permanent damage....now i see...but does this mean that if you manage to hit 100% you can one shot them? or it has a limit you can reach?
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: New HUD Feedback
It looks nice but there are things that could be changed. First of all items on the right side confuse me everytime i tried to check on an item cooldown i was looking on the left side and distracting me from the game, so it could be nice you place it back to where it was or give an option of place it either left or right. Second skill leveling and skill level arent very clear it mash up with the whole UI and you cant see if there is actually a point to level up and the skill level circles are so small, make them bigger or a little bit more brighter Third shop isnt also clear items are far away from each other and i there wasnt enough contrast between items and background last i had an issue where the FPS counter was missing. thats it for now generally it looks good and change that cursor plz


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