: Kind of sad that none of Rioters saw my almost 16k VIEWS thread about 2 REALLY TOXIC PERSONS
You can't report people on Forums, you have to report them IN-Game or Mail riot support. They won't do anything here. Also someone told me, calling out people, like you are right now, is not allowed.
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: There is only one global PBE. The nationality of people you come across varies depending on when you play. At time of writing, for example, NA is asleep (night), EU is at school/work (it's around noon there now), and for Asia it's about late afternoon/evening. Basically, this is the peak hour for Asian people: it's after school, work and dinner. As time goes on the amount of Asian people will decrease, and EU players will come online. Fast forward some more time and NA comes online whereas EU people start going to sleep, etc etc. Reporting and name-calling people through boards is strictly forbidden and boards-bannable, which means I have to recommend you delete or censor the name in your image. That being said toxicity is toxicity so keep reporting people, because it does work. The description box also does wonders.
I'm playing PBE morning, afternoon and evening, for like 3 games of ARURF. Every single time I get queued in high ping Asian servers, so that can't be right. Also I didn't edit the name because I didn't care to call out anyone, but there you go it's censored now. I just want to know how to go back to old PBE ping, where I had 140ms. I still have same internet speed, and nothing is downloading. It all started when the massive join of Asian players on PBE happened.
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: Well TFT seems fine, just finished a game and everything is woking properly. I thing "relog" is your only option now :( But check out my thread before it disappears: It can be your solution ;)
Traxiu I am confused, can you send me screenshot of your config. Also I'm not sure if this is legal/allowed by Riot Games.
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: I have been waiting for 48 Hours + and I aint fucking complaining, stop whining
you know, it would be really nice if someone actually cared about others. and like you can see in title, I've "whined" to Riot Support, and not some random dude. for all i care, you can be in queue for 890 hours. with 100.000+ players waiting in queue, it's every man for themself. i was looking for respond from Riot. now please, go away with your toxicity, and have a good one!
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