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: This is a tough issue to resolve. One of the damage sources has to come first. If magic comes first, Morde loses On Hit effects (primarily the ones you've noted above; an interesting exception is Sheen, which he actually saves for the next target). If physical comes first, Morde loses shield generation and OnSpellHit effects (like Rylai's, Spell Vamp).
Or you could go the Cho Gath way and make it a spell bound to his auto attacks.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Ok the more I think about it the more the W changes bug me. Let's look at all the champions who can not use one of their skills without another champion : Shen (R), Soraka (P), Leona (P) and Kalista (W and R) * Shen : uses his ult to protect an ally and teleport to him, fits thematically with his protector/tank role * Soraka : her passive allows her to come to the aid of her allies faster, fitting her role as a dedicated healer * Leona : her passive needs to be activated by an ally, rewarding efficient use of her initiating ability * Kalista : not going to teach you this, the character was thematically designed to play in conjunction with a team mate. Her W passive and R reward good coordination since both players play half a role in the use of the 2 skills. Now let's look at Mordekaiser : his W can't be used without targetting an allied champion. Reasons and themes it fits : 0 (zero). It's just there to say "I don't want you to play Morde in a solo lane and if you persist in doing so you'll have to do it without your W". There is no thematic reason for Morde to be playing in a duo lane, and there is no strategical advantage for Morde to stay close to someone. This new W is only there to limit the options of Mordekaiser players, it's artificial and poorly thought. And since there should be no criticizing without proposing an alternative : * W is a self buff again (let's say it can't be used on anyone but Mordekaiser) * Movement speed buff and heal removed (or not, whatever) * While the dot of his W is active, a certain percentage of Mordekaiser's shield generated spreads to nearby allies There you have it : it does everthing you want it to do (make team mates want to help Morde keep dealing damage) while fitting his theme and not gimping his solo laning. And on top of that you give him utility without giving him mobility or CC, what more could you ask ?
: The MS on his W has been a thing for awhile now. Remove the ability to heal from it if used on a minion. Other than that, it'd make Morde solo not dead. You know.. The thing he's been doing for 5 years now.. Being in a solo lane. -____-
Actually the recent AP item changes helped him in lane, especially the Rylai buff. It's brought him up from "deadest" to situational pick.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Additional info from what I could test : >Attack Frame improved, but no longer scales as well with Attack Speed (Attack Frame should feel more consistent across game time) The attack animation feels way more clunky, if we can even call it animation. It's barely animated at all compared to his live attack. I guess it's a bug. >Q changes The attack is always single target now. It still has its AP and AD ratios and they get multiplied. with a full AP build (one 80 ap item, three 100 ap items and deathcap) the third attack dealt between 1k3 and 2k magic damage. If you use the spell to AA reset the first attack animation doesn't display (the damage is still applied). >W changes Can be cast on Drake/champion ghost, if the ghost disappears it can still be self cast but has no effect. >E changes Still has its AP ratio, nothing else to add. >R changes Drake replaces champion ghost, Drake procs Rylai and probably other spell effects too lmao. Personnal thoughts : * Stunned by the changes on W and really wish I'd be able to cast the skill on a minion or myself (let's say it would remove the MS/heal component to make it not broken). * Morde is even more reliant on Rylai's now that his "burst" relies on being able to land the third hit of his Q. * If built support I fear his damage can't scale into the late game, and since the only things he brings to a team are damage, limited utility and the situational strenght of his ult his worth as a team member will go down dramatically as in game time goes on. This makes me think of support Fiddle in a sense. * If built AP he has the choice between going solo lane and playing with only 3/4 of his skills until a gank or mid game happens, or go bot and take the place of the ADC which means that his team has to put the "safe turret damager" role that ADCs fill somewhere else in the team composition or hope to snowball. All in all I've got mixed feelings about this, I'll test it much more tomorrow but there are both positive and negative points.
: @RiotJag Can we have an actual discussion on Runeglaive for once?
You missed an important point : what Riot wanted to do with that item is allow AP junglers to have some sort of scaling through their jungling item, so that it isn't OP early nor useless late. They did it with Cinderhulk, they're redoing it with the new Devourer in a way that can be controlled, they had done it with the spirit stone items in the previous seasons and they will probably do it with the Warrior enchant next. The error with runeglaive was to decide to make it a pseudo Lich Bane instead of a pseudo Luden's Echo. Cinderhulk and Devourer both give their dedicated champions the main stat they want (health/attack speed), some fixed damage boost (immolate passive/on hit magic damage) and a way to scale into late game (%bonus health/phantom hit). Runeglaive doesn't do that. It gives a little bit of every stat an AP champ could want and a passive that, like you said, only a few can use. It would make much more sense for Runeglaive to give AP, mana sustain in some way (simply boosting the mana regen of the jungler passive could be enough) and a tweaked Luden passive since the thing that all mages want is burst spell damage and not auto attack enhancement. Take the 10% CDR out because imo they are out of place and prevent the item from getting better AP/mana stats from a cost efficiency point of view. With that said I love the new runeglaive passive, turning an autoattack into complete magic damage has a lot of potential but it doesn't belong on a jungle item. TL;DR : make the Runeglaive a non jungle item and give the AP jungle item a Luden-like passive.
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