: Clash PBE Test - Game flow Changes and the Clash Management Tool
Hey, Rapwnzel. With the next couple of clash testing you guys will be putting out I have a feeling that participation will be a little lower than the first round of testing, so my question is - if there were just 2 teams (as an example) participating in the testing would that be sufficient enough feedback for the CMT? With regards to feedback, I absolutely love the layout and fluidity of it all, I think the people who worked on Clash did an amazing job. If there's a suggestion I would make though, is there a way you guys can implement some sort of tab in the client during the scouting phase and have the ability to add champions to ban onto there. While this isn't absolutely necessary I feel this could be a nice QOL addition so you don't have to type down champions on notes, Discord etc... much less even remembering. I made a really shitty mock-up to visually show you the concept. Thanks! edit: word https://imgur.com/a/ZyuoDYB

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