: Easy question that I didn't find an answer on your entry... how do you know that they were cheating and not that they are really good at what they do? In other words, how do we know that it was not a case of "He was better than all my team combined!"?
They move in a rectangular pattern. That's how I knew. No human can reproduce precise rectangular movements over and over again. Also, when they try to dodge near a wall, their script stutters and causes them to do a 360 turn (which cannot be done without packet manipulation). League makes it impossible to do a full 360 spin without a 10-20ms delay between each rotation.
: League of Legends does have an anticheat. I think in their engineering blogs they said that they are banning people using cheats/scripts only slowly in LoL. Also its just pbe so it didn't harm anything except your mood for one tiny game.
OF course they'll say that. But I've never seen any scripter get banned. I knew a friend who scripts, he was challenger. He doesn't play anymore but I don't think they're good at detecting scripters. They probably only ban the obvious of them all (after a report). But the ones that have dodging scripts disabled, rarely catch a ban. Saying "it's only the pbe, it didn't harm anything" is a stupid excuse. If this happens in the pbe, it will happen in the live game as well. Their anti cheat is worse than valves.
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: URF without random will be on live servers very soon, thats why it got renamed in pbe. But after announcing this, they dont want all palyers to play on pbe.
Why though? The purpose of PBE is to test things. What if something went wrong? They should enable it on the PBE for testing. I've already found a few bugs with the current ARURF selection screen. What makes it so sure this doesn't exist in the other one too? It isn't like it matters too much if people get an extra 2 weeks of urf to test (not everyone will want to play with high ping).
: Queue dodge - need a longer timer
A fine example why this is a bad idea is because of the Neeko bug that happened 2 days back. Everyone was dodging when they saw a Neeko on any of the teams because they knew it was an insta loss. Why penalize them for escaping a very boring fate? Besides, after the Neeko bug was fixed, I haven't seen anyone pick Neeko. Nobody has dodged when I picked her as well.
: I mean they give you a timer when the event will show up, it is YOUR decision whether or not you decide to recall and regain back your hp to fight. Bardle royale is based on forcing teamfights, before it you have to find a good time to recall. That's on you. not the event. They give you enough time to decide. The dueling is based on your player skill, learn your ways to teamfight/engage alone and think about when using your abilities. imo I think it's fine, it makes me think and say = "well maybe if I kite enough away from [their ability] I can have enough time to do [this ability]" = in a way it makes me have fast decisions or we'll lose. It forces your mind to know when to use your abilities at the right time. You might learn better from it.
The timer on the top right is useless. When there's so much going on, you can't keep track of it. In all honesty, they need to have it say it out in voice that it'll start in X. I don't understand how it's based on players skill, if they can't use all their abilities while the others could? I still don't get how refreshing your ultimates is a bad thing. Also for example, you just won a fight and then are put back into the ring, you have 100hp while the other person has full heatlh. Do you think that's a fair fight? Do you think he is "skillful" enough to kill the guy on 1.5k health while you're on 100? I just think, after an event is forced that requires PVP against others, your health and skills should just automatically refresh. This will allow you to have a fighting chance. When there's so much to process on your screen, you sometimes may not realize "x or y" event is going to start. Refreshing everything would just give everyone an **EQUAL** chance. You can't say "Oh, it's your fault for not backing before the event started". This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard because there are so many different situations you have to account for. Not everyone can keep track of text on screen when trying to run away from people or when fighting people. The dueling part is fine, just needs to refresh your abilities including your ultimate.
: Cant play a game without team?
I asked the experienced PBE players and they told me ranked flex is basically normals for PBE. Don't worry about your ranks, you also can still invite 4 friends to join you! There is no invitation limit but I'm not sure if the elo restrictions still apply there.
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: plox bring back the new skins for 1 be and rp!
I'm new to PBE and I have no idea why they even charge so much for the skins. Shouldn't they make all skins and champs 1BE & 1RP? What's the point of making a skin such as Victorious Morgana 9999999RP? Maybe you might encounter a strange bug with one of those skins in a patch. It's always best to allow people to test all possibilities in order to mitigate bugs.
: The cause to Neeko's summoner spell bug
You don't need ultimate hunter, only cosmic insight.
: Neeko unlimited actives (with no items except hunters talisman)
Oh yea, I just tried it and it's crazy lol. For some odd reason, he ult also is affected by it, allowing you to spam it constantly ( I was just spamming ult). Needs to be disabled asap. However, I cannot lie that this is the most fun I've had on this game in YEARS. This is what URF should've been.
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Yea, I got nothing either and I just created the acc yesterday. I don't understand why they don't just add 99999 rp to everyone's account? It isn't like you can use the account outside of the pbe.


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