: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
Almost all his sounds are global, like recall, death, spawn, joke, dance, in a 40 minute game it really starts to be annoying. I dont know if it's the same for every skin, but it seems like it.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SKT T1 World Championship Skins!
Hi, I can't buy the kkOma ward in shop. Is it intentional or is it a bug ? @Riot KateyKhaos
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: I can confirm this... my last game enemy reached 5 drags, with no indication anywhere in the scoreboard... Hope RIOT will update the scoreboard to show which "TYPE" of dragons any team has...
yeah would be nice to know which dragons types they have {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I am simply trying to be helpful and informative. I would recommend frequenting [this website, Surrender@20,](http://www.surrenderat20.net/search/label/PBE/) to keep up with PBE changes and avoid confusions like this in the future.
You don't understand the difference between 20 mins and whole game do you ? man READ what people write because what you say has nothing to do with anything in this discussion
: When you say URF buff, you are implying they have "Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing" Which is a big deal in a normal game. But instead you conveyed that as "THE BUFF LASTS TOO LONG" In no way is there a bug, this is how it is designed. I would recommend more careful wording when it comes to reports and feedback.
you have some serious probs bro
: Are you positive? Because this seems highly unlikely on many levels. 1. The actual gamemode "Ultra Rapid Fire" increases the CDR cap compared to Normal SR. It was easy to see when URF first came to PBE and was missing the buff. So without that, I can't see how you would have 80% CDR. Was it applying any of the other effects? 2. If this was a thing, why would it only happen a few times, rather than 100%? 3. Now Riot has messed up in the past, especially on PBE. Yet this seems quite major of a slip-up, even for them Are you sure you didn't mistake it for the new buff they made to Rift Herald called "Void Superbuff" giving these effects: * Lasts 20 minute and persists through Death * While alone, you gain damage reduction vs champions. * While alone, attacks build corruption charges: * At 100 stacks, your next attack discharges all Coruptions to deal bonus magic damage (works on minions and towers too, reduced damage for ranged attacks) * Corruption stack rate and discharge damage scale with champion level.
Dude what are you talking about, the thing is that in NORMAL MODE herald gives a buff that last the entire game, what do you don't understand ? PS: "urf buff" is just an exagerated image, like a joke. I think you got some problems dude, srsly.
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: i had that too and it takes too much time to find a match
yeah i wonder why they disable normal queue :(
: It has already been reported. Please check for similar threads before posting, helps to avoid clutter.
No it hasn't other threads are about long queue timers, mine is about the incorrect indications of the queue time... "12778:46" matchmaking time -> look at the screenshot
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: By the way how am I getting runes?
You have to re-launch the client many times, play a game then restart the client again (close client then open again) You should see you'r RP and IP afterwards, aswell as runes, but you can buy runes in the shop.
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