: [Suggestions] Xerath Ultimate Brainstorm
"P.S. Please don't comment that one of these ideas would make Xerath OP. A champion can always be made more powerful or less powerful by changing the numbers on their abilities. These ideas are intended only to change the feel, and to a small extent, the playstyle of Xerath." This unfortunatly isnt always true. Karma was changed because she couldnt be balanced by numbers alone.
: [INFO REQUEST] "Unexpected plataform error"
: [Bug][Major] - Inhib/Nexus hitbox issues again
Only inhib that was able to be hit was blue's top inhib. Lee Sin was able to get it around the ~30 min mark. EDIT: Was also One for All.
: Thanks! Will take another look this morning to see if I can find the reason this is happening. Edit: The issue appears to be that when Inhibitors respawn they do not grant protection of the Nexus Turrets. Thanks for helping us track down the problem. :)
As a note on it for me, Pantheon could not attack the inhib or the nexus, while ranged characters can.


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