: and look at how fucking broken it is, you are so delusional lmao
Yeah probably is broken to the very silver ass balance team , I bet you're part of that club. Anyone with any brain cells and that can rub two cents together knows how to counter singed easily. First iteration wouldn't have been broken to lower elo scrubs if it got toned properly. Now they're planning on nerfing him what a fucking joke. He can't do jack shit in Diamond Plus. Fucking people need to learn how to play, so annoying. So glad I didn't waste my time on this game all year long. See you fools next year, get it right next time. If you're capable of getting it right. Worthless changes are worthless, worthless nerfs to worthless changes a complete joke.
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: Get good{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
sorry, I'm not into building righteous g-shitty every game just so I can catch a fling. And I'm also not into auto cucking someone into goo just cause I can press some buttons really fast/know how to turn quickcast on. Too skill. I'd probably have more fun slamming my junk in a door than building RG over and over for 150 games. Oh, and on that note, woo hoo to pbe reversion of those godawful changes!!!
: Minishcap1 video on recent Singed "Balance Changes"
I agree with everything that he said in his video. I am so disappointed and disgusted...
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: Vladimir Q damage are terrible (some maths)
You guys have no idea how op he actually is now. His early game got much stronger and he has windows of being op now to burst someone, a good vlad will be able to exploit this aspect to perfection and its imbalanced as it currently is. I assure you he is not nerfed, but massively buffed, the new mechanic is very strong it is op cause his numbers need tuned. He will be permaban in no time if he went live like this. Your math can't take into account the power he gained early game with the new mechanic and how it allows him to breeze into his late game godlike state where he can 1v5. I have seen enough of vlad now that i will never allow him in my games, he is my number 1 ban with this mymu patch hands down. I even had one reverse a winning game on me just because once he gets a certain power lvl hes unstoppable with anything less than 4-5 people.
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: Ranked queues on the pbe
I'll be back to playing ranked on pbe when i can get a game within half hour. Impossible to get games at, im doing blind pick :)
: Also consider a lot of PBE players are in school of some form, so the PBE is usually much more active later in the day (eastern time zone) from my experience.
Spent 6 hours in que last night (while i played hearthstone ;)), I reset the que a couple times since sometimes in the past if it went too long it seemed to get stuck in some way. After 1 and a half hours one game poped up around 6:30 pm est, but didn't get passed the ready check so didn't even go to champ select lol. Stayed in que for an hour and a half longer, then reset the que and let it sit for 3 more hours. NOTHING! Did similar stuff today for 7 hours, not one game. **It is officially dead.**
: Ranked queues on the pbe
Ya pbe ranked is dead since new que was instituted. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/uJiTEI5m-ranked-on-pbe-is-dead
: If you care what your rank is on PBE, or expect anyone else to care, then you're playing PBE for the wrong reason.
Such a snide comment, it isn't about whether I care about my rank or not that mode is still part of their testing. I prefer a more competitive environment for my games, and that is the most competitive mode. I love playing this game and I enjoy that i can be part of the testing. I only referenced my rank so that others can compare my experience with theirs in the que.
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: Sated devourer is like Feral flare 2.0
It is very broken, the power of it ramps up too fast. Stacks need to take longer to build. I predict within a week you will see no junglers but devourer junglers. It probably isn't worth playing live currently unless you are already a devourer jungle main before these changes.
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: Game freezing up during match loading
looks like we have a problem with last nights patch for some of us, dang, i was looking forward to testing the new changes today.
: Cant play
having exactly same problems, can't alt tab can't launch into game after loading to 100%
I can confirm this is a problem for me as well, played fine before last nights patch. Just tried a ranked game and client hung and wouldn't load into game, also could not alt-tab out. Tried loading up a custom game with just me in it, same thing except this time when I alt-tab it did let me out but when i went back in it was just a black screen. I waited for a while but it didn't load into game. Then i tried alt=tab again and it seemed to kind of bug out and be half on my screen but i could click on my windows bar at the bottom of the screen.


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