: PBE Ticket
Wtf? A post from a year ago?
: Galio
His AP ratios apparently got broken... FeelsBadMan...
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: Rune descriptions in runes page has a little '}' at the end.
This bug is cute though {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Purchasing Rune Pages doesn't increase number of pages
This messes up ARAM. The time you have before the game starts, since you dont know what you are going to play, allows for some tweaks on the pages, but you cant create a new one from scratch.
: ---We've heard what you've been saying. We're in talks about what we can do here. See SapMagic's post above.---
What about a blind pick mode where you can select beforehand your roles? I think the code wouldnt need that much configuration and everyone would be happy. The mode would serve the potential mirror patch ups, without the chance of champions who need testing being banned. And players would be happy because they wouldnt have to deal with the frustration of having people argue about their role in champion select.
: Bring Draft Pick Back Plz!
A middle solution would be the best imo. The bans on Draft pick kill the point of a beta test environment, since strong champions would be perma banned and no one would have the chance to test them so RIOT can fix them. On the other hand, blind pick brings toxicity to a degree, since players argue with each other for a role. Probably the best thing would be to have a blind pick where you can pre-select your role, similar in Draft pick. This would solve much of the issues.
: Blind pick only is bad
I read it. But still, having a mode where bans are available kills the idea of a beta testing server.
: Blind pick only is bad
I disagree with draft pick. But it would be nice if you could preselect position before queue, like in draft pick. It would stop some messing around.
: The notication about PBE changes in front page in the client will be lit .Also about negative attitude it is a good method for banning people that are not here for helping leage to get better and they are only here for taking free skins and stuff .Also i wonder about runes they will stay like the normal tha we have on live servers or will it change ?
I highly doubt people go on the PBE solely to find the bugs and help improve the game. Most people are here for other reasons, as banfhammer said, one of them is me. Its just that, for the "privileges" you have as a beta tester, you'll also have a job to do and that job is what you already said. I came on the PBE because i prefer the community here and i like trying new stuff, that in many cases would cause your team to go berserk in the live servers, and because i want to make things better game-play wise. I got the opportunity to do this by getting a PBE account. Reporting bugs and giving feedback on the changes is just a part of being a beta tester and nothing more, and im happy to do it.
: Or you can change his name to "banfhammer is da boss" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Wait.... My sticker doesnt show! What am i gonna do? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: U wanna fight? I'm going to go change your summoner name to, "banfhammer is always right" (jk, player support would kill me, don't report me)
Or you can change his name to "banfhammer is da boss" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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