: Gifting bug
Yeah it must have had something to do with the official closing of the old client. I had 117 the first time, and they just kept coming every time I logged in for like a week! And I couldn't even 'X' out of them had to individually click on them all -.- Guess that's what I get for gifting myself every icon and ward skin a month or 2 ago lol!
: Can't play flex anymore
: Instead of changing the global volume of pings /w the sound sliders, you can individually select individuals to ping mute, just like the regular mute. There will be separate buttons on the scoreboard and chat commands to support this. You won't hear, see, or get chat messages from any pings coming from ping muted players.
: does clicking on the notification not make it disappear? this is what i've been doing on the live client, but i might have just been imagining things...
No, it does disappear on it's own eventually. Sometimes it's just a few seconds, and other time its stuck there until I click around. it's more annoying than anything, not a huge deal...but it does bug me when they are still up after finishing a game and exiting back to main screen.
: Unavailable skins on PBE
it's frustrating. I'm glad someone else noticed it, and I wasn't the only one going through all the skins trying to figure out which ones weren't available! I guess these particular skins just got disabled from store after they were tested, and for some reason or another were never made available after that? Also, Victorious Maokai is available, but Victorious Morgana isn't :( makes me sad.
: Trivial But It Matters
Yes, this drives me insane too! Why can't we just exit the box, ugh?!? BOTH of these things are irritating! I used to ALWAYS use the 'recently played' tab!!!!!!! It was super useful when playing back to back games!
: Błędy z pobieraniem.
(translated) Download errors Hi, I have a problem when I turn on a new client I am getting back to you please help in advance thank you. After downloading, did you move the PBE client folder to a different location from your normal client? (maybe translated?) Po pobraniu przeniesiono folder klienta klienta PBE do innego miejsca niż zwykły klient?
: Ping Muting now enabled on PBE
I normally do this by turning the volume of pings off? How will this be different? Will we be able to single out specific player pings? Will it also disable the visual icon as well?
: frost queen's claim
I agree. I am very happy with Relic and even though I don't, I find myself wanting to use it on any support. I'm not too thrilled about FQ though. I feel that relic, which I tend to use more b/c I prefer tanky supports, has a better buff overall. I don't think they're comparable, in that, I don't think a 'fair' buff was given to spelltihief when compared to relic. Maybe I just need to use it more? But true about the mana regen, that would be nice...I built straight mana regen runes lol, which really come in handy for poking! As for ancient coin, I honestly haven't used it in a long time. I guess it would be fair to try it out though?!
: How to get 2015 SKT Skin in MSI Capsule?
They're not available, like at all. Found out the hard way by unlocking mystery skins over and over until my skin pool now says '0.'
: i'm glad you replied, but it didnt work. really sad
check the threads, i think i saw someone else post a pic similar to this...maybe there was fix posted on theirs ? and you made sure put the pbe folder is in a different location from your normal client??
: need help! i can't Access anything except the store and home
I assuming you've tried turning it off and back on again xD ? This has happened to me a few times, but it only lasts a short period of time...like after scrolling through tabs a couple of times or attempting to purchase or actually making a purchase it goes away. Try buying something ? I honestly don't know what would help if reinstalling didn't effect it ?!
: Have been wanting something like this for so long! And if I may suggest, perhaps a Summoner Icon gallery with event filters and names for each icon? Just for the average players with OCD. Thanks!
omg yes, names for the icons =D I go through them sometimes on Live, and try to remember how/what I earned them for hahaha
: Help I Can't Play
honestly, that's not all that extreme...I've waited upwards of 15 minutes sometimes...and sometimes it's been less than 5.
: Jungle Monsters walking backwards
: mystery skin buy
You have unlocked all available skins. There are quite a few that are not available to unlock...by hextech crafting or mystery. Some victorious skins, last years pool party skins, the wresting skins, and the newer skt t1. And maybe others?
: I'm Japanese,live in China,these country not use English
Well it made perfect sense, so nice work =D
: Champion Master points do not increase
yes, champion grading just sits at loading around the grade circle after Poro matches, and points not being added to champion mastery after matches. First noticed last night on beta client, happening currently as well. I've only played Poro King matches though http://imgur.com/dHCBSyd photo shows that grading system on Poro King was working prior to last patch http://imgur.com/a/oTuuA grading stuck at loading ?
: English not good,because I dont use it in my country
: Hextech Crafting and 2015 SKT Worlds' Skins
Yeah, I noticed the 2016 Pool Party line and the Wrestling line are completely unavailable too. Through any crafting and mystery skin purchase, it even tells me that my skin pool is at 0. From what I've found from going through champ skins, I think it is just those 3 skin lines that are unavailable, and of course the 'victorious' skins (but at least it makes some sense for those to be unavailable?)
: Champion Skins Tab
Had it happen only a few times, but after rotating through all the tabs it went away.
: Orianna Ball Visual Bug
I thought it looked kinda outta place, I was wondering if this was supposed to be happening ?!
: Yes. It had an issue getting through the PBE whitelist, but should be working appropriately tomorrow morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Active still didn't function properly tonight either.
: Try using the legacy client. I was having some hextech issues, and mystery skin issues as well...opened up with legacy client for the first time on PBE, and all the mystery gifts started popping up. I also haven't seen the random bugginess with hextech chests like I was seeing either.
actually...first time having this issue. Guess i just jinxed myself?! http://imgur.com/pkcSUGD 'unable to unlock skin'
: Hextech box error
Try using the legacy client. I was having some hextech issues, and mystery skin issues as well...opened up with legacy client for the first time on PBE, and all the mystery gifts started popping up. I also haven't seen the random bugginess with hextech chests like I was seeing either.
: I really like this skin but I have to say it really looks like a karma valentines day skin(Reds and golds with white hair) It really fits into the Sweetheart/Heart seeker line more then the Conqueror/Challenger
Yep. Definitely reminds me of the Heartseeker skins, white hair and all.
: Help Me Fix My Desktop! (PBE)
just delete them and start over. delete the entire zip file from your downloaded folder as well.
: Use the description box, so that the Tribunal knows what to look for.
Gotcha. I always put something in there, so hopefully it's been beneficial so far. Thanks guys!
: Just report them. It's still toxic behavior and they aren't hiding themselves by doing it differently.
Ya, will continue to do. Kinda just curious as to if that sort of behavior even gets reviewed by tribunal. I mean I personally feel it's toxic, but I wasn't sure how it is viewed when reported.
: Time to clean up pbe
To add to this, I'd like to say - Ping abusers - People who offensively and disrespectfully use in-game pings to harass. I'm referring to those who are pinging non-stop out of rage, who ping 'enemy missing' or 'warning pings' over and over when they die, or someone on their team dies, as a way to say screw you or you screwed up or why weren't you there and blah blah. Of course these type of players are on normal client too, but it is much more prevalent in PBE! I am assuming this is done as way avoid getting reported for negative attitude/verbal abuse? tbh, I think I'd rather be cussed out and called names then have a ping spammer on my team. Other than being frustrating, it's distracting, and more importantly...makes true useful pings useless and overall just interferes with gameplay.
: I just got the same glitch.
Just today? That's weird. I played with someone who used him last night, and every thing was fine. ALTHOUGH...he wasn't the Rainbow chroma. Did you use Rainbow or a different one?
I like playing it. Actually, I think I'd rather play ARSR now. I don't really go into a SR match hoping to play a specific position or champ. And since I play as 'fill' almost every game... and 90% of the time get filled as support, I just assume play this mode for a little more variety.
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: Champ Select
ok, i don't think it is their picks...it is showing the lasts games enemy teams' picks. AND it is auto choosing ally teams selections too lol.
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: [3/21] Bard's Charged Heal needs some lovings
I agree. I find that when I am using his W in late game, I don't even bother dropping in a spot where it will be able to charge b/c it's pretty much pointless. Instead I just drop right on champs. Shorter time could eliminate this strategy
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